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1/14/2014 Purolator (Canada) - Purolator Truck on Hoylake Crescent Orleans
Purolator Truck on Hoylake Crescent Orleans Ontario at 2:45 pm Jan 14/2014.
Called your 1 - 888 number to report a young woman driver on our street but was put on hold while I am paying out the $$$ for this call ....... She was a young girl driving with one hand on the stirring wheel and a muffin on the other. That is how close she came towards us on a narrow street because of snow banks. She was speeding smirked at us when she saw I was taking down the plate, she rolled her stop. This is not the first time a purolator driver speeds on our street, but this time she came very close to us. I feel I have to report this don't know if it's going to amount to anything but before somebody gets hurt I feel it's an important matter. I hope you will take this seriously.

DeniseRead More
9/10/2013 Purolator (Canada) - Bad behavior of Purolator delivery driver
I would like to bring to you attention about the bad behavior of one of your delivery guys.

I was coming out of a parking area in a Medical Plaza this afternoon and this driver drove came in the same plaza quite fast. He turned towards where I was coming from, too close I would say an inch that I thought he would hit me. I was trying to reverse to make room for him but he moved so fast that to attempt such a move may even cause more

After that I heard him shouting (could even be swearing)at me. Your employee exhibited a senseless behavior and irrational behaviour. He has caused Purolator a bad name and he should be reprimanded.

I was not able to get his plate number but this happened around 1:00 -1:15 pm this afternoon, Monday Sept 9 at 6633 Highway 7 Markham ON (Highway 7 and Ninth line).

I hope you do something about this guy.

GigiRead More
4/9/2013 Purolator (Canada) - Worst courier, unhelpful, rude, and i wish they
Worst courier, unhelpful, rude, and i wish they dont exist. My parcel delivered feb 2 and unfortunately i wasnt home. It will be hold till like feb 11. I was trying to call them if they can hold till feb 12. Before 1 bec its only the time i can pock it up. Im working mon-sat and usually done by 5pm and 1 and 15 mind travel. How would i be able to catch their closing time. I called many times but they just forwarded the machine message..damn assholes.!!!

MarRead More
2/18/2013 Purolator (Canada) - I ordered a bedroom furniture from JYSk, their
I ordered a bedroom furniture from JYSk, their promotion was free shipping. The furniture were shipped from Montreal to BC. The delivery was through Purolator. I made a note in my shipment that I don't have a buzzer and that they have to call me before delivering so I can make sure I am at home and take a day off work. The purolator customer service rep (Kajari ID 0055 ) and their team manager "Denise" were rude on the phone and said that my shipment is delayed and I have to pick it up myself. They can't guarantee the day of delivery and that if the driver fails to get hold of me since I don't have a buzzer number I have to come pick up the furniture from their depot center. They said they can't call my cell to arrange a time for delivery (they said its my responsibility to have a buzzer, and if I don't then I have to do a pick up). Now I have to rent a U-Haul truck to go pick up the furniture and I have to get help from friends to carry it. I don't understand why they are called a shipping service, they are more like a pick up service! It is a pain in the but to ship with Purolator and I don't advice anyone to use them.

NajRead More
2/1/2013 Purolator (Canada) - We have ALWAYS had problems with them.....The
We have ALWAYS had problems with them.....The Worst....Don't use them !!!!

disappointed customerRead More
1/29/2013 Purolator (Canada) - I don't normally complain online... but in this
I don't normally complain online... but in this case, I'll make an exception. As most of you are already aware, Purolator's service leave much to be desired. In my case, I received a delivery notice indicating that my package can be picked up by 6pm on January 23rd. So, I gave them a couple of days to get it off the truck, and showed up at the depot on January 25th to pick up my package. They told me that the package was still on the truck, and will re-schedule a deliver for January 28th. So, I hung around all day today. waiting for someone to show up... nothing! I just phone their tracking service number, and not much more help. If this was the first time, I would be willing to overlook all the time I've wasted with them, but it's not the only time. Yes - "worst ever courier"!

KimRead More
1/5/2013 Purolator (Canada) - What part of door to door delivery does Purolator
What part of door to door delivery does Purolator not get?
I can get Pizza, Ups, Fedex, Dhl delivery, but not Purolator. The driver "doesn't have enough time" so she drops parcels off at the local depot. I have phoned head office, and my postal code shows door to door delivery, but the local manager refuses.
This week I was getting a TV, and the local depot was "too small" so I was suposed to drive 40km to the central depot, It would have been closer for me to drive to the store to pick it up. I just had them return it to vendor. What a joke of a "delivery" company. I will just stop buying from companies that only offer purolator as a shipping company. Its not like puolator is any cheaper than any other. You pay too much for the service you get.

MaebunRead More
12/21/2012 Purolator (Canada) - I will never use this company ever again
I will never use this company ever again

ashleyRead More
11/27/2012 Purolator (Canada) - Puralator Canada (Ottawa)They are irresponsible
Puralator Canada (Ottawa)
They are irresponsible and have no sense nor understanding of what has or could be done nor their delivery service adapted nor have a process to communicate with people using online shopping. In the case at hand Puralator returned a package to Toy's R US after claiming that they could't deliver the package. The reason provided was that there was nobody to receive the $33.00 package. First its not true. There is always somebody at the adress given; second why don't they leave a message of their visit on the door handle, third robot call could be made fo pick-up so call undeliverables since their tracking system does not work. Personally I will ask in the future that any future delivery be handled by UPS and UPS only.

GillesRead More
11/26/2012 Purolator (Canada) - Purolator Customer Service Review: No Help 11.28.12
I was transferred 7 times when I called the customer service line. And still nobody seemed to be of any help. Eventually I decided to say the hell with it, keep my damaged parcel and order another one. :( grrr

TanisRead More
10/16/2012 Purolator (Canada) - Never seem such a bad cx service , cold ,
Never seem such a bad cx service ,
cold , unfriendly , unhelpful .
Worst cx service !!!!

Cherry Read More
10/11/2012 Purolator (Canada) - Yep they suck balls. They told me that 1 24,by
Yep they suck balls. They told me that 1 24,by 24,by 36 inch package would be 300 dollares. And when i asked why, it was because they had to deliver it using special equipment on my end and that i could not pick t up my self. """"rip off""". Any company that is this large and does not have any logistics from the courier service to the freight is unreal. This company is not at all interested in customer service and is big enough to not really care if u go with them or not. The only leverage and power that we as customers have is where we spend our money.

georgeRead More
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