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10/4/2015 Pyrus Electronics - Who is Pyrus (epyrus)?They sell over 200 items
Who is Pyrus (epyrus)?
They sell over 200 items on Ebay and Amazon,
but I am not having any luck finding anything about the company.

SarsquarchRead More
5/5/2014 Pyrus Electronics - I cannot find the hours of play the Pyrus mp3 mp4
I cannot find the hours of play the Pyrus mp3 mp4 mp5 plays without needing to be charged. Will someone answer this. I have the player on the way. I'm worried about this. Please email me with the answer.

ivyRead More
12/7/2012 Pyrus Electronics - Pyrus MP3 players not working: 12.10.12
I bought two Pyrus MP3 players two months ago. In the last three weeks both of them quit working. It does not seem right to me the life of these players should be so short. Is there something that can be done about this?

AnnieRead More
9/25/2012 Pyrus Electronics - I got my Pyrus PMP-2080 to listen to audio books
I got my Pyrus PMP-2080 to listen to audio books in my car. But every time I pause the book and turn off the MP3 player, it starts all over again. How can I pause, turn off the MP3 player and start again the next day from the point I left off?
Thank you.

LarryRead More
6/8/2012 Pyrus Electronics - Hello. I got my Pyrus 8 gb touch screen music
Hello. I got my Pyrus 8 gb touch screen music player for christmas. when I first charged it I noticed that it would make a noise. The noise was a almost humming noise going to the picture on the screen. I also noticed that the speaker was very fuzzy sounding and unclear when music played. Now it keeps having to re-boot itself. I keep trying to make a favorite list and every time i finish it it automatically restarts and then I loose my calibration and all my favorites. at first I thought that it was supposed to make the noises but now I realized that it is a glitch. Is there anything you could do for me. My girlfriend bought it online before christmas. is there a one year warranty. I do like the music player and I really like all your products but I'm just having a hard time with this one. Thank you
-Zachary jensen

ZachRead More
3/27/2012 Hello Pyrus Electronics,My name is Raymond
Hello Pyrus Electronics,
My name is Raymond Neztsosie. I bought one of your MP3 Player : Touch Screen 4GB 2.8-Inch TFT MP5 Movie Music Personal Media Player on February 10, 2012 for my daughter. She was very in love with it until this morning, I guess she drop it and didn't notice it. I guess it went under the car and we drove over it. During our trip. She was saying she miss placed somewhere in the car, until we came back and something black in the driveway. Came to find out it was her player. Right now, she so upset that it's damage. It still plays but the screen is smashed and the back plate all beaten up.
To me, it looks like it's not going to last long. Is there something you can do for us? My daughter is really upset. Please respond back ASAP. Thank you. Ray.

RayRead More
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