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QBE Insurance USA Corporate Office Headquarters
Wall Street Plaza
88 Pine Street
New York, NY 10005
Phone: 1-212-422-1212
Fax: 1-212-422-1313

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1-212-422-1212 Review and Hint Needed


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10/4/2016 QBE Insurance - ...provided you have ALL of the necessary
...provided you have ALL of the necessary information on hand when you call the correct customer service number...using the QBE Autopay is very easy to process..I turn transactions via my mobile device, and it takes about 4 minutes to process payments..simple to understand and very thorough...I'm very pleased with the service QBE offers..

Phil Read More
4/8/2016 QBE Insurance - I called 1 (800) 660-4539 and it answered "Thank
I called 1 (800) 660-4539 and it answered "Thank you for calling, good-by" WTF!!!!!!

S. Read More
2/11/2014 Why does QBE Insurance not allow online payments?
No online payments allowed!!!?

steven Read More
12/19/2011 QBE Insurance - I have to admit that after being hit by an insured
I have to admit that after being hit by an insured customer of QBE's, my experience with them has been reprehensible. The accident was 100% the fault of their customer, they recommended and paid for a very poor auto-body shop for repairs, and eventually denied any financial assistance with an additional $1000 worth of damage I had.

I will NEVER use this insurance company and strongly recommend that others do not as well.

VERY Unhappy with QBE Read More
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