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4/22/2015 Qhemet Biologics - Terrible customer service . Rude and unresponsive.
Terrible customer service . Rude and unresponsive.

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1/8/2015 Qhemet Biologics - Placed an order for the full product line and
Placed an order for the full product line and received a email notice that my order shipped that connects to USPS for tracking. The USPS info said that a label was created but no status change or ETA for several days. Emailed the company as there is no telephone number to call for help (huge alarm bell). I outlined the problem and directly asked if the order had actually been picked up by the shipper and I received a response that they would get back to me the following day when their shipping department was open to verify. After having to email again to get an answer after another business day came and went I received a evasive answer about all orders placed the same day i ordered had shipped and that my card had not been charged. WTF?! How could a shipped order have not been charged and ironically the charge was on my card prior to this. This is not a professional or trustworthy company.

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