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6/20/2017 Quality Inn - I tried to join choice privileges and it wouldn't
I tried to join choice privileges and it wouldn't let me, your site stated I had an account, if I do I never received a card and I don't Rembember my password, please check it for me and send me any necessary information in regards to my account.

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9/6/2016 We stayed at the Quality Inn in Hastings,
We stayed at the Quality Inn in Hastings, Nebraska, rented 2 rooms at a cost of 200.00, dead bugs on both bathroom floors, sheets were so terrible you couldn't even sleep. Spent the next 3 days in a hotel that was much cleaner and didn't cost nearly as much. Will never stay in Quality Inn again!

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12/16/2015 I stayed at Quality Inn in Ottawa, Il. in November 2015
I stayed at Quality Inn in Ottawa, Il. from Nov. 10th through 11/13 and went to the hospital on the thirteenth and was treated for a medical condition for three days. When I received my bank statement I discovered I was charged for three additional nights even though I was not there. The manager told me my backpack had been left behind and so they could not check me out. They waited three days to call the police to pick up my bag instead of just putting it in the lost and found and renting out the room. This is obviously not right and I need my money refunded for those days.

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10/8/2015 I Stayed At The Quality Inn Hotel In San Bernardino
I Stayed At The Quality Inn Hotel In San Bernardino at 1750 S Waterman Ave The Hotel Didn't Have A Refrigerator Working In The Room Also The Ice Maker Was Not Working At All From Other That Have Been Staying Here Said The Ice Maker Has Not Been Working For Over A Month They Need To Have Somebody Work On Getting Some One To Service It Quick So Other Persons Don't Have The Same Problem Please Make Sure It Gets Taken Care I Ask The Manager When It Would Get Fix She Did Not Know When If You Need To Contact Me Please Call me At

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10/8/2015 I stayed in the Quality Inn, Rome NY on Oct.4,
I stayed in the Quality Inn, Rome NY on Oct.4, 2015.Since I needed a pet friendly room I was assigned to a SMOKING room. This was disgusting AS I do not smoke. Besides having a stinky room, the condition of repair was deplorable. The walls and ceiling had numerous patch jobs poorly done and covered with paint that didn't match. Needless to say a very disappointing visit and be assured I will avoid your motels in any future travels.

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9/8/2015 Quality Inn - I would like to say the hotel in DeRidder
I would like to say the hotel in DeRidder Louisiana has the absolute BEST employees!!! My husband is there for work and I think they are WONDERFUL!!!! I visited him on Labor Day. They were so nice. The rooms are wonderful. Breakfast is wonderful!! I love the care they show to customers!!!! Please Please Please give the upmost praise to this hotel!!!!! Especially Thomas!!!! He is the BEST!!!!!!! I could not ask for better!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE this hotel and employees!!!!! 505 East 1st St. This is the way all hotels should be run! We travel the United States with work and this has been the absolute BEST!!!!

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9/4/2015 Reservation directly with Pismo Beach CA Quality Inn
Made a telephone reservation directly with Pismo Beach CA location in late August for September 1, 2015. [have stayed there before with good results and service]. I provided the phone attendant my debit card number to "hold" the room. At that point, my credit card was charged; and refunded. Subsequently, my account a second time. On 9/3, my debit card was charged a third time.
On September 1 - the date of my reservation, I attempted to call the motel probably 25 times.- to cancel the reservation as I was going to arrive in Pismo Beach very late. There was a rote response that if I was checking on a reservation to press 1. There was never any type of response. I went to the motel later that night and explained my situation and I had been calling all day with no result. She told me she had used the phone many times during the day and there was not a problem with their phone. She later told my friend "they were having phone problems all afternoon". They now owe me for two incorrect charges of $111.07 each for a total of $222.14. I will stay there again when I happen to be in town. I called the motel today asking to speak the manager; however, I was informed there was no manager. And that is how I have come to you for assistance.

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4/10/2015 Quality Inn - Very unpleasant experience ,was given a room card
Very unpleasant experience ,was given a room card key don"t work,reprogram, still don;t work,nephew going up and down to talk w/ front desk given another room card key doesn't work ,no wonder because the the said room was occupied,even though I already told her the A/C is running and somebody is in there. So she gave us back the room w/ broken lock and said she'll transfer us to another room the next day.This room don't have bath towels,only hand towels and bar soaps are already used only slivers left.You ca only experience this in a 3rd world country not in America.Bathroom is dirty.We have no choice, it's late 2:00 A.M. We drove 12hrs.and we don't know the area.Was thinking of bringing this up to BBB.

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9/19/2014 Quality Inn - Bed bigs in your motel
Bed bigs in your motel

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12/10/2013 Was customer service experience at quality inn
Was customer service experience at quality inn hotel in ramuols Michigan the general manger made my stay there unpleasant I felt uncomfortable with my stay bad cultus timer service bad room service was charged for towels into my credit card they claimed I ruined a towel and my sheet with hair dying

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