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Quixtar Inc., a subsidiary of Alticor Inc., is a business opportunity company that offers entrepreneurs the ability to have a web-based business of their own. Through the Quixtar Independent Business Owner Compensation Plan, individuals are rewarded for product sales resulting from their business-building efforts. Since 1999, Quixtar Independent Business Owners (IBOs) have generated $6.8 billion in sales at Quixtar.com plus more than $500 million for Quixtar Partner Stores, earning more than $2.2 billion in bonuses and other incentives. Their efforts have propelled Quixtar to be named the number one online retailer in the Health & Beauty category based on sales, and 20th among all e-commerce sites, according to Internet Retailer's "Top 500 Guide."

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800-253-6500Hint Needed - Please Comment


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11/30/2011 Quixtar Inc. - im interested in starting my own business with
im interested in starting my own business with quixtar but i was wondering, did quixtar change there name to amway products or did quixtar go out of business. another thing is it seem as though that amway only have very little products. is there more than what they show on the computer or do they have a wide variety of products etc. that i have not scene yet. do you have a specific website address for all the products that amway has to sell?

howardRead More
1/15/2011 Quixtar Inc. - This is Amway.
This is Amway.

DebRead More
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