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7/24/2014 I visited Quiznos this afternoon 7/23/2013 I found
I visited Quiznos this afternoon 7/23/2013 I found the manager to have been very rude and obnoxious. I would not recommend this establishment to anyone, there's no customer service or respect for the customers.

Ma. Gloria Read More
6/13/2013 Quiznos - On May 21 2013, I ordered lunch for myself and my
On May 21 2013, I ordered lunch for myself and my assistants to be delivered at our office. I was given an estimated delivery time of 12:50pm. At 1:50pm, I was called by the local manager and told my food was still waiting for pick up. I explained that I had requested delivery because we were having a busy day. I was told he was busy too and that I already paid for the food, pick it up or not.. it was my choice. I called the 800 to request a refund.. I was told I will get a call back within 24 hr. It is now June 13, 2013.. I have called numerous times as a follow up and still not one call back. Its not even about the money at this point but the poor customer service.. I wasn't expecting a lot coming this type of business but this is completely unacceptable. No wonder the internet is littered with poor reviews for Quiznos. It is safe to say that I nor my company nor my family will ever order/dine at a Quiznos again.

IrisRead More
11/28/2012 Quiznos Soup Review: Watered Down and Thin 11.28.12
purched large brocilli soup get home soup was watered down so thin i could suck it through a straw. i called to the New Bern Avenue location to talked to the guy on duty to tell about the soup and he hung the the phone up on me. i called back again to ask for the (8oo) NUMBER and he told the cashier to hang the the phone up on me. wow this is really good customer service no wonder there were no one else in the store. with employees like these to be in charge of your business you are certainly going to be out of business.cashier didnt care she was leaning against the counter eating an apple in front of me ,if not an issue for me as a customer it certainly would be one for the local health department. you know i was really pissed about how i was treated as a cuutomer,didt have any thing for dinner but hey it seen to be o.k. with QUIZNOS. I WONT BE A RETURNING CUSTOMER.

MARYRead More
2/10/2012 I asked the quiznos near me for a nutritition fact
I asked the quiznos near me for a nutritition fact page, they told me to go on the internet, luckily I can do this in my spare time at work, but what about those who do not have computers, yes there are those of us out there that don't have computers still and or can't afford such luxury even though we work. So I looked on your website and low and behold I find the menu and no nutrition facts. This is life and death for some of us, I do like Quiznos but I can no longer go there until I have a nutrition fact sheet. Please respond in kind. Thank you

kathleenRead More
7/21/2010 Today at our local Quiznos I was told that there
Today at our local Quiznos I was told that there would now be a charge to get extra tomatoes. Is this a new policy for the franchise, or was I just dealing with someone who doesn't want my business?

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