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1/25/2017 Radio Shack - Bought wireless indoor helicopter last week
Bought wireless indoor helicopter last week (1/18)- It sits on floor and turns in circles but will not fly. Returned to store. The clerk on duty (who refused to leave her seat behind the counter) said sorry that item was on sale-so not guaranteed to work-no return. My question is if an item is not usable for its stated purpose is it marked down and sold to unsuspecting customer anyway?

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8/8/2015 Radio Shack - I am writing you to complain about the inaccurate
I am writing you to complain about the inaccurate website information and waste of my time. I looked online specifically, to find out if the local store here in Clinton, CT had a particular item in stock. The website showed there were FIVE in stock and a sale price of $5. I travel all the way there from the next town over to purchase what I wanted. I have to park in the handicap parking spot, as I have trouble walking. I get there, only to find, the store had NONE in stock. The associate who helped me told me the website is ALWAYS WRONG AND I SHOULD ALWAYS CALL FIRST. That is ridiculous.

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4/14/2014 I went into Radio Shack in Scotts Valley on
I went into Radio Shack in Scotts Valley on 3/7/2014.
I asked for a cord to go from my lap top computer to my television.
They provided me with a lovely looking 8' cord.
On 4/13/14 I tried to connect my computer to my TV.
The cord they gave me does not have the appropriate plug to go into my
lap top.
I drove the fifteen miles to return the inappropriate cord. I was told
I needed to come back when the manager was present because my receipt was
more than a month old.
I am old. Seventy one to be exact. I have finally found the time to try the
cord these young men gave me. They gave me the wrong cord.
To return it and get the correct cord I need to come back two days later when the
manager will be there. It is about fifteen miles from my home to the store.
I tried calling customer service and was unable to talk to anyone. The advice I was
given was to call the store that is telling me to come back two days later..
The first two efforts I made to call customer service resulted in mixed voice
transmissions. The third effort was successful in giving me directions to go to
other sites that are even further away for advice. Nothing about whether they would
give me the proper cord.
I thought $30 was extremely expensive for the cord. It doesn't work.
In detailed small print on the back of the receipt there is a detailed explanation
regarding your return policy.
I am used to good service and companies standing behind their products for years let alone months.
It is disappointing to realize that your company feels it is necessary to limit
product service to 30 days and to not trust its' employees to use their own good
I have purchased items from your company for over twenty years. I have no intention of
wasting my valuable time again.

Jeff Breen

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1/9/2013 Radio Shack - do you have Amazon gift cards
do you have Amazon gift cards

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2/20/2012 I left my credit card in the Radio Shack store
I left my credit card in the Radio Shack store through my own forgetfullness. Obsaldo held it over night for my return, which I remembered to do. Great comfort in knowing that young men of that character work for an organization that may be over priced in some items still have salespeople of high integrity.

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11/29/2011 Radio Shack - I own a Radio Schack cordless home phone Model
I own a Radio Schack cordless home phone Model 43.229 after a year a decided to change the battery and I found out that your store charged 23.00 for one battery made in China.After returning the battery I purchased the same battery for 6.41 from amazon. I dont care if the difference is two or three dollars but four times the value of the items this is a rip off. I don't think the webmaster will approve my comments.

oscar vasquez Read More
8/7/2011 I always go to Radio Shack first for anything.
I always go to Radio Shack first for anything. I've bought my laptops there, wireless routers etc. I have always had very good customer service & everyone is very knowledgable & helpful. I too am 56 & technology doesn't always come easy. I'd rather go to Radio Shack than anywhere else!Glad they are selling Verizon products now!

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7/20/2011 Radio Shack - I wish you would still sell the AM/FM Headset
I wish you would still sell the AM/FM Headset Radio you used to carry. I've bought over 100 in the years you carried this product. I've tried other AM/FM Headphones but none could compare with your product.

Rick Goode Read More
6/17/2011 Radio ShackTo Whom it may concernI am writing
Radio Shack

To Whom it may concern

I am writing today to thank you for an excellent customer service experience.
I am 54 years old woman and my knowledge of technology is zero. I mean two tin cans tied with a string are over my head. I take care of my 95 year old mother 24 / 7. Since I have been taking care of her I have decided I need a hobby. That hobby is technology and the clerks at the Ennis store are paying the price. I have bought a lap top, tablet, e reader , 2 rokus and 2 switchers. I also and have a new LG Optimus S phone .To tell you how savvy I am I brought my Gateway laptop home and it took me 15 minutes to figure out how to turn it on. No buttons it’s on the side, you push the end of the round barrel. Have had similar problems learning to use other items. Each time I purchase some thing the store staff always tell me to let them know if I need any help and they mean it. I have gone back with questions or problems and they are always patient and kind . It is always a delight to deal with people whose knowledge, patience, and sense of humor made things easier. They take time to explain things and answer all your questions. In my case sometimes more than once. I always appreciate good customer service. I had a problem with not enough memory on my phone ( went a little crazy with all the apps) had to go to sprint store to have them transfer card to card. Had a few problems with my phone after that. I called them and dealt with two people on was nice the other one need to get that stick out of there butt. I was frustrated so I went to Radio Shack even though it was not something they did. They were wonderful and they actually helped solve the problem.
I worked in customer service and I know how hard it can be. I have always tried to treat people the way I would like to be treated and that’s what everyone in the Ennis Store does. You go in and store clerks don’t wait on you friends do and believe me that makes all the difference. Julia and everyone at the Ennis store need to be thanked for the great job they do.


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