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11/4/2009 I had a terrible experience in the Radisson Los
I had a terrible experience in the Radisson Los Angeles Airport on ocotber 17. When I was checking in, my dauther tripped with the line separators an a pole came down and hurt her finger pretty bad. I asked for a dr., there was no dr. They sent me a guy with some firt aid kit which he didn't even know how to use it or what he had in there. I tried to go to an emergency place people told me was a block away but there were no taxis, and of course nobody tried to help or even ask. Finally the guy in the valet parking lent us his car with a guy who helped in the valet parking, of course they were mexican, a little human touch. We got to emergencies where we spent 8 hours. My 3 year old daughter got 4 sutures and had to inmovilize her finger since she had the bone broken. The hotel people never asked how she was doing, but the check in lobby was full of blood. I placed a claim with security so I could get a refund on what I spent in emergencies, Craig Careon told me he would get in touch with me after one week, I never heard from him. I have tried to call but never got an answer, and I don't have his email address. I have one from Mytzia Garcia but I never got an answer from her either. The way the people from the hotel reacted is far from human behavior, I am pretty mad at the radisson chain, and still I want my refund since I had a terrible experience with you. I hope I get an answer finally from somebody. Thank you

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