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What began forty years ago with a collection of ties has grown into an entire world, redefining American style. Ralph Lauren has always stood for providing quality products, creating worlds and inviting people to take part in our dream. We were the innovators of lifestyle advertisements that tell a story and the first to create stores that encourage customers to participate in that lifestyle. RalphLauren.com takes this participation to a new level, as a rich and exciting interactive destination. When you're transported into the world of Ralph Lauren online, you can shop for great products for yourself and your home, learn about adventure, style and culture in RL Magazine and RL TV, find one-of-a-kind vintage pieces and exquisite gifts and much, much more.

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9/3/2015 Ralph Lauren Media LLC - I bought a Ralph Lauren memory foam jell pillow
I bought a Ralph Lauren memory foam, jell pillow. My question is my camp closed for 6 moths during the winter. It gets to 35 below in winter, will it freeze.? anxious for you reply soon, I am leaving soon

Yvonne M. Martin Read More
8/1/2012 Ralph Lauren Media LLC - I bought a full-sized Ralph Lauren 300 thread
I bought a full-sized Ralph Lauren 300 thread count sheet set at TJMaxx. I was extremely disappointed in the quality when I opened the package. The fitted sheet, fits loosely around the mattress, and the stiching on the corners of the fitted sheet look like they are coming apart aleady. I have not even slept on them. The sheets were from Ralp Lauren's Durham Santeen collection and were a product of Pakistan. Needless to say, I am putting them back in the package and returning them to the store. Terrible quality for the money I paid.

Dee Read More
7/27/2012 Ralph Lauren Media LLC - I bought 2, 8 piece place settings of Ralph Lauren
I bought 2, 8 piece place settings of Ralph Lauren silverware at TJ Maxx for $99.99 for each place setting. I washed once in dishwasher and it looks already rusty. This was $200 worth of everyday silverware. I love it but it looks terrible. It was only used a few times. Everyone that sees it, says I should return it. I will try to return to TJ Maxx but do not have the boxes anymore. Bought this silverware for my 2nd house in Arizona and had no idea it would do this, so tossed original boxes. I do have the receipt.

Please notify me by email or what can be done about this. Have you had trouble with your silverware. This looks like good heavy silverware but can't believe how all the grooves look brown and rusty. Did not leave in water, just rinsed to clean from box and it was rusty.

Please advise.

Phyllis Read More
4/25/2012 Ralph Lauren Media LLC - hiI have been wearing Ralph Lauren Purfume For Now
I have been wearing Ralph Lauren Purfume For Now 5 years This is My 5th Year Wearing
it i absultly Love it
iam almost out
cant run out so i guess i will try to give these people a call to order????
and i Really Love This perfume
its Not to strong
But Not To Light \i Spray 2 Sprays and I love It
I really enjoy This perfume.
and I really receomend This Perfume For older People and
So Thanks so much
going to order it tomroow


katie Read More
4/18/2012 Ralph Lauren Media LLC - Loved RL line, but my parents are the one who have
Loved RL line, but my parents are the one who have for decades wear the clothes, they travel all over the world on business, he is a senior excecutive and well respected person in many countries for his expertise in his area. Mindless to say he travels as a VIP (which is not the point) we stopped at the outlet store in Castle Rock, Co. We first went into the RL store, unfortunetely no one was there to offer a hand to bring some stuff down from top racks, so we continued to shop around the outlet and while I went to put all the stuff in the car my mother (they are older) went to get that white blouse she really liked at RL, unfortunetely she found a lazy, rude and unwilling person to help her out, by first saying the credit card didn't work ?, when my father went in and try 4 other c cards and non work, paid with cash. I go in and ask her if it didn't occur to her to try a different machine? of course not! in her words, is a currency issue. Are you kidding me? do you thing people come to the USA with a foreign currency card? This is RL not the 7-11 they should know that better. She was ignorant and don't think my parents will ever wear the RL the way they used to. Via Condotti, and Milan would have to do. I'm still waiting for a word after I filed a complaint as soon as I got home that day. But not a word.

Pia Read More
2/26/2012 Ralph Lauren Media LLC - We are a "Ralph Lauren" family, my children, and
We are a "Ralph Lauren" family, my children, and grandaughter have been wearing RL forever, also my husband has the polo and golf shirts in every color. I wear the jeans, and many shirts. (the polo shirts in dark shades do not hold their color, fade and look old after a few washings) but this is not my complaint now.)
I received 2 long sleeved LRL Lauren Jeans Co shirts for Christmas, purchased near Chapel Hill, NC, at a Dillards or Macys store, I believe at Southpoint Mall.
They were size XL, I am a size 12, but I like to allow for shrinkage in cotton knit shirts.
I washed them according to directions, and the fabric is the "goffiest" and poor quality, I have ever seen. I have RL shirts that are 5-7 years old and look better than this
I washed them in cold water, dryer, low heat, removed when partially dry, hung them on a hanger and they stretched all out of shape. I put them back in the dryer, they are now short and wide. I tried to wear them, but by the time I get them over my head, they are streatched out even more, and they shrunk in length.
Stores have a 30 day return policy, and I have no receipt, and Dillards was very rude to me. So what do I do with 2 New shirts I cannot wear?
One is yellow, 3 buttons on the shoulder,number on tag inside, supplier#00000240, PO#1272307. The other is same style, 3 buttons on shoulder, is dark blue and white stripe, supplier #00000240, PO#1272308.
I like the style of the shirts, the workmanship is good, but the quality of the fabric is inferior, They are not I feel RL quality. Thanks.

Carolyn (I live in FL) Read More
1/26/2012 Ralph Lauren Media LLC - Hi..my hubby purchased a Polo bag from a polo
Hi..my hubby purchased a Polo bag from a polo store in ssandton city about 7 months ago. The straps are now cracking and Polo South africa refuses to exchange it as I don't have proof of purchase. Who keeps a recepit after 7 months. The manager was absolutely rude and should not be working for your company. I love your bags and I am very dissapointed and I will tell all my friends and family to tell their friends and family not to support polo because of the bad service.

vasantha Read More
9/8/2011 Ralph Lauren Media LLC - My grandson is 6 and loves camouflage. I purchased
My grandson is 6 and loves camouflage. I purchased a set of your twin size camouflage
sheets for his bed. I have washed them several times and the sheets remain very stiff.
Can you help me? He askes all the time when is he going to get his sheets? Please help a
grandmother make her grandson happy.

Nanna Read More
10/15/2010 Ralph Lauren Media LLC - I have a pair of Polo Ralph Lauren olive green
I have a pair of Polo Ralph Lauren olive green military pants RN 41381 95% cotton
5% metallic dry clean only. After dry cleaning, the metal fibers were on the inside of
the pants sticking you. I would like to know how and where to purchase this type
of pant. It has two snap pockets on back, zippered leg with elastic ribbed cuff, two
normal pockets with two front cargo pockets,one cell phone pocket, 2 front snap
pockets at bottom of pants, elastic rib cuff with snaps to adjust lower leg and
reinforced seat. It also has stitching at various places to make it look like
it was torn and stitched up. I love these pants and have only got to wear them one
time because of the metal rubbing your legs. Please give me a idea of what to do
or where to purchase more. Polo pants usually do better than this. I paid over a
100.00 for them.
Thanks Patti

Patti Read More
2/22/2010 Ralph Lauren Media LLC - Hi my name is MSG (ret) Kevin m. Finn, Im looking
Hi my name is MSG (ret) Kevin m. Finn, Im looking for the opening ceremony hat which I heard you were selling and was sold out rather quickly. Being a retired solider and very patriotic I was wondering if more hat were going to be made available to the general public. I would really like some info on this subject. Any help in this matter would be great. My e-mail: [email protected], Phone: 555-555-9057.

Thank You

Kevin M. Finn
MSG retired
US Army.

Kevin Read More
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