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Ralphs Corporate Office Headquarters
1100 W. Artesia Blvd.
Compton, CA 90220
Corporate Phone Number: 1-310-884-9000
Fax Number: 1-310-884-2601
Customer Service Number: 1-888-437-3496
Ralphs Rewards: 1-800-660-9003
Check Approval: 1-800-917-6484
Gift Cards: 1-800-443-4438

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1-888-437-3496 Review Needed Please Comment


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12/3/2016 Ralphs - Rude Cashier/Edith H.Time: 12/02/2016 at 2:59 P.
Rude Cashier/Edith H.
Time: 12/02/2016 at 2:59 P. M. #2095216123
Several employees at 8824 Sepulveda West Way were very helpful and friendly. During checkout I placed my items on the belt and waited. The customer in front had left to look for some batteries. The cashier Edith H. hadn't started ringing up the customer grocery. The customer return and informed the cashier Edith H. that she could not find the batteries. Edith H. left her register to help the customer instead of calling for a Service Clerk. She had a smirk on her face as she walked away. To make matters worse the cashier in the next register which was male helped the lady behind me; I had 11 items and no assistance was offered or any acknowledgement. I'm 60 years old and I felt mistreated and disrespected.

M. Lee Read More
11/21/2016 Ralphs - I tried to call the Ralph's store at Beverly Blvd.
I tried to call the Ralph's store at Beverly Blvd. and Doheny Blvd. and they don't answer the phone (ever).
What's the problem? I want to place an order for Thanksgiving and I can't.

What a way to run a business

Leon Read More
6/3/2015 Ralphs could care less about you, me or anyone
Ralphs could care less about you, me or anyone else! I ordered a birthday cake for my mothers 100 year birthday party. It was to be a very special cake and I went to 4 locations before the Ralphs at Chapman and Euclid Aves in Southern Ca told me they could handle it.

I went to pick up the cake the day of the party and they decided they didn't have one...or could not find it or about a dozen other excuses.

Store management is horrible and district management is even worse. I even called corporate and am still waiting for a call back.

Do yourself a favor.......DO NOT SHOP AT RALPHS.......they don't care about you and they are the worst grocery chain in all of CA!

Jim Read More
3/13/2015 Ralphs - I jut had a bad experience at the Ralph's market
I jut had a bad experience at the Ralph's market downtown. I used the auto check out and opted to take $40.00 in cash and a bag. I went to get the bag from the employee to bag my groceries, a distance of about 15 feet and the money was gone. While I admit it was my fault for walking away for a few seconds all the employees, and the manager cared about was making it clear, very clear, they are not liable for such. The stolen money was my problem not theirs. When I asked for the direct phone number to Corporate Office I was given some bogus 800 number. I stipulated that I wanted a direct phone number but the guy told me there wasn't a direct phone number to Corporate. I called the 800 number and a fast busy signal is all you get. I then called the downtown store back and was given a direct phone number. The employee actually lied about the phone number and I guess I can see why as when I got on line there are no accessible phone number to contact anyone. It is obvious the corporate culture there is one of distance and greed-Ralph's will take your money and that's about it. They could care less about anything that happens in the store as long as they don't have any liability for anything. I am dismayed by this situation and I presume any complaint to the hidden corporates would be met with the same manner. I'm not talking about the money I lost and take full blame for. I'm talking about the attitude of the manager and the people around him. THIS IS A DISGRACE TO THE STORE AND TO ALL THE MANAGEMENT WHO WORK THERE! There is no dedication to excellence and it appears to come from the top down which makes it okay. The lack of integrity of the management at this market is astounding. I also just noted the email address has to be printed to submit the comment. I hope not to get any emails from anyone at Ralph's, ever.

Danilo Read More
2/25/2015 Ralphs - On 2/04/15 I was getting out of my car to enter
On 2/04/15 I was getting out of my car to enter the Ralph's store at 135 North El Camino Real in Encinitas, CA. I prefer to walk into the store from my car with a shopping cart. Just as I opened my car door Jay came up to me with a cart and asked me if I wanted a shopping cart. Amazing! I have seen Jay doing a special cart delivery to another person before in the parking lot. The date of this event was in January 2015. A Ralph's customer pulled into the disabled parking lot. She opened her car door and there was Jay making a cart delivery to her. I saw that and intercepted her just as she was entering the store. I told her that I was amazed at what I saw Jay do with his cart delivery in the parking lot. She told me that Jay does this all the time for her when he sees her pull into the disabled parking. Thank you for the great customer service from Jay G. who gets a five star employee performance rating from me.

Eloquent Energy Read More
8/28/2013 Ralphs - Ralph's Store on Carmel Mountain Road near Stoney Peak Drive
I recently moved to San Diego from Chicago and have been delighted with the service at Ralph's Store on Carmel Mountain Road near Stoney Peak Drive. I have been especially pleased with the assistance I received from Jason in the Deli and Salad Bar. The freshness and quality of the items on the salad bar are the best I've seen in Chicago or San Diego. He does an exceptional job. He is really an asset to the store. Too often customers are quick to complain, but not often enough to we make the time to offer praise when it is so well deserved.

Donna Read More
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