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Rayovac Consumer Services
3001 Deming Way
Middleton, WI 53562
Hours: 8:00a.m. to 4:00p.m., Central Time

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1-800-237-7000Hint Needed - Please Comment


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It seems obvious that this company has so many product problems it is incapable of dealing with it's customer complaints.

I have placed 4 phone calls to 800-237-7000 and never was able to talk with a real person. I have left 3 messages as directed and still waiting for the first response.

What the H--- do I need to do?

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1/11/2015 rayovack products from walmart and rayovack
rayovack products from walmart and rayovack replacements absolutely are contemptable. I have three of them and walmart took back one and gave me another nonworking one. rayovac took back one and gave me another non working product. I was a big fan of rechargeable batteries until recently. I have an old rayovac recharger at it is superior in quality and still works compared to 2015.

the other scam of batteries is the guilt trip they use on the customer to conserve the enviroment and the danger of keeping your old batteries. Engineers get out their and save the consumers from world greed. Figure out a way to reuse old batteries and refurbish them at the fraction of the cost that current producers of them do it. I am surely not going to give for free a battery back to a company who just charged me$10.00 so they can reburbish it and resell it as new at an increased inflaction price. Does the product industry think the consumer is that stupid and gullable to fall for that trick. Car batteries are even worse. Here is $10.00 for your old battery which barely covers the tax on the which goes to the state for your new $100 dollar battery. give me a break. Who are you kidding. There comeback is every thing goes up. Here is a fact every thing that goes up must come back. That is a natural law.

I will never ever buy an electronic product from walmart again ever. 3 times is a strike out. The only thing I buy at walmart are disoable items at a steep discount. That way I don't feel like I just got ripped off again.

Rayovack happily took the product that didn't work which I had purchased at Walmart. Rayovac provided a prepaid label and provided what appeared to be a new and improved product. It doesn't work either. I will take the $12.00 loss and frankly will stop using battery operated equipment if I can help it at all. Since batteries themselves are just another american ripoff scam for american greed.

so after the complete and utter lie from the company and walmart customer service satisfaction guaranteed policy, the guilt factor is played, then the bully factor. The bully factor, which is now become a crime and always has been, it was called verbal assault, malicious malignment and defamation of charactor, but now it is called bullying. go figure. If you a consumer complains, raises their voice about standing in line for 15 minutes, time wasted in returning a product, loss of money, they will immediatly be bullied on the internet behind their backs and then promptly denied service by the company and gossiped about to all the employees as they wisper to eachother, we are to denie her service. If that is not the empitomy of a abusive behavior and a control freak towards a customer, I don't know what is?

Probabaly one of the most sinister events in american history, is to produce a cheap, non working product, and sell it at a 100 times the cost of what it costs to make it, push it through how many vendors at least 3 to 4 all getting a cut from this cheap product sold to the consumer. Which by the way has little or no choice in a product or company, because one company owns all the companies and makes the all the same shoddy products under different names and different disguises. The consumer is persuaded by guilt, gluttony and any other vice the media can get away with on television to buy the product. After the consumer loss of money, and time enduring frustration and disatisfaction from a product they are tormented more by malicious malignment, gossip, and covert bullying which is indeed abusive behavior from the store that sells this companies product. Truely and utterly the most insidious, sinister and contemptable consumer experience since the beginning of time.

No I will never buy another rayovac product from walmart or the company itself presently until this country turns itself around and produces and instigates integrity, and a quality product backed by honest, respectable and genuine customer service.

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