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1-800-747-8155Press 0 at each prompt, ignoring messages.


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5/13/2011 RBS Credit Card - Dear Sir, I Savio has been using the credit card
Dear Sir, I Savio has been using the credit card since 5 years, but recently there has been a major issue. I had done a balance transfer from my other credit card to RBS card and RBS was supposed to send me the DD for the remaining amount after deducting the card payments and charges atleast 12 days ago but it has not happened as yet I have given complaints to the customer service department but they have not done anything abt it infact they disconnect the call whenever I cal them to ask about the DD. I have 1 of the complaint# 11050600125 spoke to Ruhina, she sd that the DD has been sent on 11th May 2011 and I would receive the DD on 13th May 2011, when I did not receive it I called RBS and spoke to a supervisor named Omi and I was informed that they have still not sent the DD. They have also said that there was a Rs.1000 charge made on the card but I did not use it, they do not even have the merchant's name. Please look into this matter and reply back as soon as possible (via e-mail) as I need this money urgently because one of my family member is hospitalised and I have to pay the hospital bills.

savioRead More
4/27/2011 Dear Sirs, I Azeez Ahmed J with RBS Credit card
Dear Sirs, I Azeez Ahmed J with RBS Credit card No. had issued a cheque amount for Rs.276/- only against the card payment which had returned and the amount was paid immediately on information. For the cheque return the following charges had been levied on my card.
1 Return cheque handling fee 500.00
2 Late fee 350.00
3 Finance charge 20.89
4 Service Tax incl Education cess 89.70
Total 960.59 My humble request is to waive the above amount which would be very difficult for me to repay. Let this be for the first and last time. Kindly do the needful and reply at the earliest.

Kind Regards,

AzeezRead More
4/16/2011 RBS Credit Card - my card no is is not used abd got bill please
my card no is is not used abd got bill please contect immidiately on mail otherwise the complent will be lounge with RBI ABUNDSMAN

arvindRead More
7/27/2010 RBS Credit Card - Dear Sirs I,Abhimanue sabharwal. is a
Dear Sirs

I,Abhimanue sabharwal. is a regular user of your credit card from the last so many years. but without any reasons known to us; my limit has been reduced to Rs 4000/- only which is not acceptable. I would like to know the reasons for this reduction in Credit limit as i have never ever made late payments to you. Your satisfactory reply is awaited.

Abhimanue Sabharwal

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