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2/9/2011 Redcats USA - REference Invoice # Mchds credit #Since you are
REference Invoice # Mchds credit #
Since you are not going to refund my money, would you please send me another catalog so the wife can pick out another Chinese item and use the credit?
Thank you
Lacy Jones

LacyRead More
8/24/2010 Redcats USA - Since you purchased or took over lane bryant's
Since you purchased or took over lane bryant's catalog, i believe your customer service has went down in caring for your customers.
in previous years i purchased things and if some thing was ommited to prevent shipping i received a call to fix it. now you just return the money and say resend. you have phone numbers plus emails. it is a shame you can't take the time to be of service to your customers.

cathyRead More
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