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7/24/2013 My visit to Rite Aid in Milton-Freewater Oregon
My visit to Rite Aid in Milton-Freewater Oregon was the worst time i have had... Two friends assisted with walking me in because i have chronic back pain with severe nerve damage and lost most feeling in my right leg... We get to a wheel chair and my friends wait with me while my meds were being done.... After i received my meds a cashier chased us at doors telling to leave the wheel chair without any consideration or anything just being rude... I ask if i can be wheeled to the car that was right infront of store and she said no.... My friends helped me out with getting up from wheel chair and pretty much dragged me to the car and the lady didnt care.... Everything is on video and thats not how someone should be treated i didnt want to get my cane i wanted from Rite Aid because i was so disappointed in the service..

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8/27/2012 Rite Aid - i have been trying to purchase magnalife restlerss
i have been trying to purchase magnalife restlerss leg cream for five days now. it was advertisedlast week but after going to five rite aid stores they either tell me they are out or never had the product. why adv ertise if you do not carry the product. what can i do to locate a store that carries this product as per your ad.

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3/29/2012 Rite Aid - I LIVE on Cookevile, Tn the add in the paper of
I LIVE on Cookevile, Tn the add in the paper of Mar. 26-29, 2012 did not carry the NOVELTY EASTER SOCKS- I was told that not all that is pictured in the adds gets send to all the stores. THat is NOT RIGHT I wanted to guy them for my daughter ,which has a collection of holiday socks abd she does not have as EASTER pair. O am very mqad that the Cookeville store and surrounding areas did not get them!!!!!!!!!

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11/27/2011 I went to Rite aid in Walterboro to buy a ipod.
I went to Rite aid in Walterboro to buy a ipod. They told me they only had one and was holding it for someone.So i went back home and called the store to talk to the manger.He told me they didn't have a layway plan .Well the manger told me that they were holding it for another store.How wrong is that when i am willing to spend my hard earn money with them .But i will take my bussiness and my money some where else.Hoew many people do they do this to.

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8/28/2011 Rite Aid - My recent experience with the Centralia, Wa, Rite
My recent experience with the Centralia, Wa, Rite aid, has caused me to move all my business to Walgreens. I looked up on my Credit Card Statements from December to June, 2011 and I spent $1200.00 at my local rite aid. I would consider this a good customer.
However, on my last visit i purchased $104.00 worth of products and when I got home I noticed that I did not have one of the items, I checked my sales receipt, and I did pay for it. I returned to the store several days later, and told the clerk my situation She called the manager over, i told him my story, he said that the product I mentioned had not been turned in, so therefore, I was out of luck. I told him that I did not have it in my bag, he said sorry. The item was a $15.00 item, which cost them probable 7.00, and for this $7.00 he lost a customer. I work at a nearby restaurant, and when a customer is not happy with his meal, and has a legitimate complaint, we take care of it, and take the item off. Customer satisfaction should count for something. I have managed this restaurant for 35 years, and I do not lie. My position in the communnity counts for something, when I say I did not get something, it means that I did not get it.
So for a 7.00 item, he has lost a potential 2500.00 a year customer.

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3/30/2011 Rite Aid - Really an unfriendly, incompetent pharmacy in
Really an unfriendly, incompetent pharmacy in Littleton, NH. No live customer service help is possible - that number (1-800-748-3243) is merely a RiteAid location finder: you are disconnected if you don't press or saying anything. A dangerous mistake was made with my prescription and it seems there is no way to get this resolved - pharmacist refuses to discuss, only suggests that I repurchase prescription at full price because my insurance will not cover replacement. How wonderful is this for a senior?!!
Where can I turn for help? Report to Better Business Bureau?

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3/25/2011 sorry to say i live in wayne wv and wayne rite aid
sorry to say i live in wayne wv and wayne rite aid is a very hateful place to get your prescriptions filled ...some times they dont even have the prescriptions i need and i have to wait for days to get them plus i have been talked to mean over standing at the desk waiting for my prescriptions thank you

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2/13/2011 Rite Aid - I hope this reaches the correct management
I hope this reaches the correct management employees. I was impressed by the help that I was given by Jordan, a manager at store #11099 in Huntingdon Valley, Pa. I lost my wallet after making a purchase. Jordan searched the store and helped me look in the parking lot. He was courteous and eager to help. We did noy find the wallet in the store or parking lot because it fell into a side pocket of my son's bag. Nonetheless, I wil not forget the way that I was assisted by Jordan. From this point forward, Rite Aid store # 1109 will be the pharmacy for my family. MD

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1/18/2011 Rite Aid - I recently came back to RiteAid since they have a
I recently came back to RiteAid since they have a new program. My first experience was that the manager don't know what he is doing. Last week I went to get the Colgate with the ups and it didn't work. The manager told me I was suppose to buy $10 worth of Colgate for it to work! All of us know we didn't have to buy but two which would have been $5. OK so I was going to buy the toilet paper this week. I got one pack, paid and got the UP. I bought some Hall's cough drops and pine cleaner, paid with my up and $'s out of my pocket, got an up. Got one more pack of toilet paper and the Hall's up didn't work. I was told it was because I had already got a pack of the toilet paper. Well, last night, there was no limit but I had to pay our of my pocket for the toilet paper (didn't want them to have to put it back). I called the manager back when I got home and cooled off. She said she would make the up work today so I went back today. I tried to buy a pack of toilet paper and it would not give me an up today becuase I bought one yesterday when there was not limit! A mess to say the least. Today they had put a limit of 1 on the paper. No store should change the rules after the ad comes out. There was no limit on them in the ad. I didn't buy but a few and I know a lot of people bought 20 at a time but I didn't. If they wanted to limit them, they should have a least started with what you bought today which would have allowed me to get the one today! There should be limits mentioned in the ads if there is a limit. Of course, the limit should be enough to bring the customers in, just not large enough so that one person can buy them out and not leave any for the other customers! I don't know if I will go back or not.

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1/11/2011 Rite Aid - macrobid: I have been on macrobid for several
macrobid: I have been on macrobid for several years. Without the medication, UTI in fections are a known. when I went to pick up the medication I was told it would be in after 2pm the next day! When I went the second time the macrobid was still not available.I was told they could not get the medicaTION and it would not be available, from the company, for one month. It is now Saturday in a rural area. How can you have medication not available on such short notice. Who is taking responcibility for my UTI that could cause kidney failure???? I should not be responsible for finding medication that is completely out of my hands.

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1/7/2011 Rite Aid - Instructions "Dont press or say anything" don't
Instructions "Dont press or say anything" don't work. Here's what worked for me:
First prompt (location?), pressing 2 or saying no.
Second prompt (subject?), say "rebate"
Do nothing, and you will get to a live person, though they will probably have to transfer you. In my case, after explaining my situation (rebate check that I need reissued) I am currently on hold for another live person.

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