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7/22/2012 River Island UK - HelloI have seen a bag at ebay but the seller does
I have seen a bag at ebay but the seller does not send to Switzerland. The bag looks like a cat with ears, a zipper and it leoprint. Where can I buy these lovely handbag? It would be so kind if you give me the chance to buy that bag.

BabsRead More
5/1/2010 River Island UK - Dear Sir or Madam,I would like to bring to your
Dear Sir or Madam,

I would like to bring to your attention some problem which I believe can be resolved after your involvement so:
I bought a leather jacket as a New Year gift for my daughter in Bulgaria in dec 2009.
Unfortunatelly the size has been not the right one and I returned it back to River Island shop in Aberdeen in Jan 2010 for reinbursement but it is appeared that the claim period of 28 days after purchaese has been expired. A voucher for seel price of 140.00 GBP was issued. Later on we decided to order some goods from the shop but when I showed the copy of voucher I have been told the the only original is valid. I looked all around to find original but could not find it and afraid origianal might be lost.
I hope that with your understanding and assistance the proble can be resolved. Voucher copy can be submit at request.
Petar Goshev

PetarRead More
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