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7/6/2017 Rock Auto - All I can say is be very careful when ordering
All I can say is be very careful when ordering from Rockauto. Everything is automated and wouldn't be surprised if only robots work there.I ordered a front sway bar link for a 04 crown vic. It showed several options and I picked the better one that was heavier duty that had grease fittings (not like oem non greaseable ) It was the medium priced one and I ordered a serpentine fan belt . Parts came and the cheaper link w/o grease fittings was shipped. With human to talk to and explain problem to made everything harder with the generalised questions the program was asking because I was unable to explain the part sent did not have grease fittings. It would ask was the part the same as the one took off and YES it was but I was ordering a new and improved part. But the program would say whats the problem and give 3 options that did not pertain to my problem. Back and forth I went until I seen a small box that allowed my to say in very few words that the "part sent had no grese ftgs" I had to abbreviate because it wouldn't allow any more letters and cut them off. I set up pick up for package from fed ex and had to take a chance on leaving it on my front porch. and about a week later I got the correct part. Re-made appointment with mechanic to instal link. 3 weeks later the other side started rattling. and that started the process all over . I have a real bad feeling that the serpentine fan belt I bought wont fit and Im passed the return date so I bet I'll eat that. Now I have a coolant leak at my plastic intake manifold and Rockauto is like $50 less than auto parts store but I figure I'll just pay the extra and if there's a problem I can talk to a human
It says Customer Service but it's just a complex bunch of generalised questions . And if a human from Rockauto ever reads this I would like to inform you that part number K80140 ULTRA-POWER
Sway Bar Link Or Kit; FRON covers both the link with grease fittings and the one without. Its just a crap shoot which one you get.

EarlRead More
4/21/2017 Rock Auto - Terrible customer service not there.Computer
Terrible customer service not there.Computer services are terrible also.No phone #s or email,last time I buy from them.

vinnyRead More
3/20/2017 Rock Auto - I have been buying parts from for a
I have been buying parts from for a number of years, and had good results until recently. They sent me a message indicating closeouts parts for my 2009 Pontiac G8 GT. I went on the web site 4 times to try and order the parts I wanted. Could never get past the "Place Order" page. This was over the course of several weeks!
All I see each time is the parts in my cart. Cannot place the order. I've attempted to contact them, but can't find an email address or a phone number on their site. Very frustrating!

Bob NRead More
3/16/2017 Rock Auto - Ordered power steering gear box for friend for
Ordered power steering gear box for friend for Christmas. Part arrived in beat up shipping box. My friend did the replacement work. The part failed immediately by leaking fluid past steering wheel shaft seal. Since my friend has to drive the truck for work and could not lay it up. I had to basically pay for two of the same parts and wait to be reimbursed upon failed part return. Once my friend replaced his Christmas present for the second time its failure of the same cause was realized. Frustrated, my friend just went to Pep Boys and purchase a good steering gear for $22.00 less than I paid Rock Auto and did the work yet again. Mean while I'm out of $24.00 shipping and manage to anger a good friend.

I had to internet search customer service number because it is not available on site. When reached, at least they agreed to give me back company credit for cost of the failed part. Rock Auto would not provide discounted shipping label thus UPS final return shipping cost to me was yet another $32.00 via UPS. At a minimum I'm down $56.00.

The real cost is what you can't get back and that is time.

MarkRead More
11/27/2016 Rock Auto - Don't know if they would even read this by reading
Don't know if they would even read this by reading all the poor reviews something in their house has to change, Ordered in advance to make the job easier but, the radiator was out of spec wider at the bottom then it was suppose to be had to modify condenser to fit. Alternator had the wrong shape plug installed in it had to go to a local supply house to buy another one and saved about 100.00 for the same item. This might be my new go to place for parts. Rock Auto needs to do better, this was not the first time I have had problems with an item not fitting right or being the right one. I have been repairing cars and trucks for almost 50 yrs.

MikeRead More
11/18/2016 Rock Auto - what customer service?? no one ever answered the
what customer service?? no one ever answered the phone and I tried two different numbers. The computer answered with a blaring rendition of their jingle, but I never got to speak with a real person. disgusted with this company already--won't be using them at all

DannyRead More
11/16/2016 Rock Auto - NEVER AGAIN WILL I USE THIS PLACE! Bought a

Bought a caliper upgrade kit for my Jeep Grand Cherokee. $120 core charge. I told my shop that I needed to return these. They put all of the factory calipers in one box and threw away the Power Stop boxes. Didn't know I needed these boxes(wasn't informed til I tried to send the core back). Rock Auto won't take these back now.

Do yourself a favor and use your local parts store or someone that is less poorly ran. Their site looks like a 5 year old wrote it. Getting answers is near impossible. Wasn't easy to find their phone number.

NEVER again will I buy anything from Rock Auto.

BrandonRead More
11/16/2016 Rock Auto - Customer services is null and void. Cannot reach
Customer services is null and void. Cannot reach anyone to find out the delivery method or date. This company needs to have better response and better customer service.

BettyRead More
11/14/2016 Rock Auto - your customer service sucks!!!! I can't believe
your customer service sucks!!!! I can't believe you don't have live help; how are you still in business???

katieRead More
11/5/2016 Rock Auto - wow what a awful company. costumer service is the
wow what a awful company. costumer service is the worst. I will never buy anything through them ever again. I had unopened parts witch where incorrect. I wanted an exchange for the correct parts but since I was past 30 days I was out of luck.400 dollors in parts that I have no use for. you suck your costumer service sucks and I nor anyone in my family will never order anything though them

davidRead More
10/25/2016 Rock Auto - Your customer service "sucks". Trying to talk with
Your customer service "sucks". Trying to talk with someone about a purge valve I ordered weeks ago without
any luck. Talking with someone is impossible!

JoeRead More
10/20/2016 Rock Auto - No customer service that I can see. Ordered a
No customer service that I can see. Ordered a radiator was very happy came in 2 days. Ordered a coil pack that was supposed to be here tuesday and this is thursday logged on clicked on tracking looks like it went to the wrong country then went to my new address which I don't have because I live in the same house. Other than internet their cs phone number is only available 2-3 hours a day guess I'm out $52

BrentRead More
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