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12/1/2015 Rodeway Inn - We had a terrifying experience at the Roadway Inn
We had a terrifying experience at the Roadway Inn in Santee SC,. Room 207. My wife was preparing to go to slept after a long 8 hour drive. .As she stretched out on the bed she saw bed bugs crawling on the sheet. She jumped of the bed in utter horror. She was frantic they may have infested her clothing or hair. We immediately packed out cloths and report to the desk and said we were leaving. The desk clerk showed no real concern for the situation. I will be telling every one through social media about this location and tell them to avoid the Rodeway Inn in Sante SC.

MichaelRead More
10/13/2015 Rodeway Inn - On October 30th we stayed at a Roadway Inn in
On October 30th we stayed at a Roadway Inn in Paradise, Pa. We had a small pet which we paid the extra $10 charge bringing total charge to $77.69. Upon arriving we were taken down the corridor to view the room and it smelled so badly of smoke that I mentioned it to the owner. My husband has lung disease so we are very particular. She said there was a person staying for 4 days that wasn't following rules of no smoking. We took the room. We went out for dinner and when we returned there were hundreds of ants in the dogs dish! We took a picture and told owner. They moved us across the hall in a different room. Around 11:30 the was a loud agrument from room next door. Yelling for about an hour. Needless to say, we did not get much sleep. Told owner next morning and she said she was going to tell the man that he had to leave. Same man that was smoking everywhere. Another, thing to mention was that the back corridor door was not locked at all which made us apprehensive. There was also a broken dusty old air conditioner when you entered back corridor.
All in all it was a very bad experience as we told the owner upon checkout. We will never recommend or stay at Rodeway Inns again!

GaryRead More
10/5/2015 I stayed at the Rodeway Inn South in Sandusky Ohio
I stayed at the Rodeway Inn South in Sandusky Ohio on October 3-4, 2015. I rented 2 rooms. The first room I entered had a unpleasant odor in it. I went back to the front office and informed them it smelled like fuel or something and was moved to a new room with no problem. Once moved to the new room everytime I tried to turn on the heater it set off the smoke detector and smelled like something was burning. Blankets and sheets had stains on them as well. I did get a discount on my room rate. But I am not happy that my daughter and I had to sleep in a nasty hotel with no heat.
Room # 2 beds were very broken down and uncomfortable. Tub had a hole rusted in it at the drain. Ended up being moved out of this room as well.
Also the ice machine was covered in bird feces. Seems like the health department would have a problem with this.
The hotel staff was very polite and understanding. But I have never stayed at a hotel that I needed to speak to the front desk so many times in 1 day. my family was very upset and disgusted by the conditions of the hotel rooms.

Heidi Read More
8/29/2014 Rodeway Inn - Come in opening the rod way inn. Market downtown
Come in opening the rod way inn. Market downtown Omaha Nebraska at
Hotel research at rod way inn market downtown Omaha
Their three new rodway inn hotel downtown Omaha Nebraska they
Please at come soon at setup the
At rodway inn hotel downtown Omaha Nebraska at
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Three step the new opening the rodway inn downtown Omaha neb. They
All for rodway inn market

Daryl trasterRead More
3/4/2014 Rodeway Inn - onaha Nebraska setup all new opening at are down
onaha Nebraska setup all new opening at are down town Omaha neb. at
all opening at new rodway inn & civic convening center hotel down town Omaha Nebraska at steep at riser money program at run foudtion $899,000 & $9186.000
steep one and steep two at built at are down town for sale old building at
remond at old building are down town Omaha Nebraska at staring over look in
rodway inn are down town Omaha Nebraska
all hope will soon

daryl trasterRead More
12/18/2013 Rodeway Inn at 14817 Aurora Ave. N, Seattle, WA
Rodeway Inn at 14817 Aurora Ave. N, Seattle, WA 98133

Requested queen/smoking room. Got room 201. Entering room, tools all over along with dry wall,could tell that it was under construction. Went back to the office,told them we couldn't stay there. There weren't any queens/smoking so gave us 2 beds and smoking. Entering room 105, was disgusted. Pubic hairs in the bathtub, multiple holes and rips in covers and the beds were double instead of queen. NO coffee maker, which we were looking for in a motel. NO remotes for TV. Microwave filthy. Got 2 remotes for TV saying he had no more rooms to move us. Maintenance left so he couldn't get a coffee maker. Holes in the curtains for people to look through from the outside. Afraid to sleep in covers, got a small blanket to cover spread with and covered up with a beach towel. Took pictures. Awful way to spend points gifted by my sister. Should've never stayed at this motel. We're disgusted and very disappointed. Counted 8 cars, 2 being workers vehicles, hard to believe that they didn't have another room for us to stay in.

EmilyRead More
6/28/2013 Rodeway Inn - Went thru to get a room at the Rodeway
Went thru to get a room at the Rodeway Inn in Harding Montana, was quoted a price for $109 for the 23rd of June and $179 for the 22nd of June. On arrival was told this price would not be honored, the new price was $169 for both nights. I feel this is down right fraud on the part of Rodeway stating one price and then on arrival finding a much higher price. I can send you confirmation numbers and the reservation sheet if needed.

PatrickRead More
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