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8/25/2015 How do we order used mens rolex jewelry online?
how do we order used men's Rolex jewelry online? (watches, necklaces ,rings, bracelets?

missy Read More
4/30/2015 I have a good idea for a Rolex ad....To whom
I have a good idea for a Rolex ad....To whom should I talk? The time is ideal for this!

Gene Read More
4/6/2015 Pls give me address rolex castomar care ln
Pls give me address rolex castomar care ln bangladesh.

monir Read More
8/5/2014 Rolex - My name is Cristina Dima and work and live in
My name is Cristina Dima and work and live in Bucharest,Romania.I am looking for a job in your appreciated company.I am willing to relocate abroad anytime.I worked in the past for Rado,Longines and Tissot company of watches.My work fields are:sales,customer support and teaching 3 foreign languages:English,French and Italian.For more Informations about my work experience,you can visit my profile on LinkedIn site.
Kind regards.

Cristina Dima

cristina Read More
6/17/2014 Will Rolex do a custom face in the Explorer 1
Will Rolex do a custom face in the Explorer 1 style? Looking for a silver face

Arianna Read More
6/4/2014 Sir,I AMA proud owner of a Rolex GMT - MASTER,
I AMA proud owner of a Rolex GMT - MASTER, purchased in 1975 from Jeddah. Regret cannot give you the number of the watch as I amount of the country. It has given me good service so far. Presently I am in Singapore and a few days back while out noticed that the outer dial ( 24 hr red/ blue dial) of the watch was missing with the spring. It must have fallen off while outside. Now I would like to get the watch serviced if possible and get the missing parts put back as the watch presently . Looks nacked without the outer dial. Would like to know the cost of the original strap steel for the watch, as the present strap is a temporary one. I am here for a further two weeks and would like to have a quote for the servicing / replacement of dial and spring.
Hope to hear from you
Rajan Isaac

Rajan Isaac Read More
2/21/2014 Rolex - crapy service and disrespectful attitude after
crapy service and disrespectful attitude after purchasing a $10,000.00 watch ! Schilbers Jewlers in Murrieta ca is TERRIBLE !

Ken Read More
2/4/2014 Hi. I have been wearing a Rolex mariner for many
Hi. I have been wearing a Rolex mariner for many years. I am a professional artis
Living in the Boston area and I am well represented by major galleries
All over the country as well as NYC. I am widely collected and have been included
In a. Ariety of museum exhibitions. I also conduct painting
Workshops and throughout all of my painting activities as well as painting at my easel, I always wear my Rolex.
I thought it would be a wonderful idea to do a small commercial or testa minimal for your Ads showing me painting at the eas or outdoor painting
Creating a landscape painting. I enjoy your ads for the watch depicting famous people.
Please check out my website. I think you will like my work and I know that we can make this work.
I have not seen a visual artist Ad yet.
Here is my website and contact info. Thanks Rolex. I wear your watch all the time.
Sergio Roffo. Artist.
Also on Facebook

Sergio roffo Read More
1/31/2014 I have had a rolex for the last 9 years - Paid $6,000
I have had a rolex for the last 9 years. Paid about $6,000.00, it has never kept time very well. I have sent it in to certified rolex dealers to be fixed several times. Just got it back a week ago and already its running 6 mins behind. All my family members have Rolex's that keep good time. The cheap watch I wore while it was being repaired kept good time. Would like a Rolex that keeps good time for the money!!!

Amber Read More
12/15/2013 I bought a Rolex submariner blue basil watch some
I bought a Rolex submariner blue basil watch some 9 years ago from an authorized Rolex Dealer in North Carolina brand new and it has a gold and silver bracelet. I have had this Rolex for 9 years and had it serviced about 3 years ago which cost me $800. Last month a pin fell out of the bracelet and I brought it in to the Rolex Retailer to have a pin put in, and they advised me they have to send it off to Rolex headquarters because they don't have a correct device to put the bracelet pin back in. I was told last week that Rolex will not repair the watch unless I get a new bracelet. The new bracelet will cost $4000 which includes the trade in for my old bracelet that is on the watch. My bracelet is fine it just needs a new pin as there was nothing broken. The pin fell out of the watch band. They also said I needed to service the watch again and I told them I had it done 3 years ago. They told me they would service the watch but not repair the watch because it was warn out. They said that if they put the pin in the watch band and the watch fell off then they would be liable for the watch. You got to be kidding me. I have homeowners insurance under a floater policy to cover my watch if I lost it. Why won't they repair my brand as it only needs a pin to connect the brand to the watch. Nothing is broken just need a pin.
Should I tell them that if the watch is covered under your warranty then go ahead and replace the bracelet and I will pay $4000 for the new band and then with in a short period of time I will go back and tell them I lost the watch diving and now want a new watch? When did Rolex get into the insurance business. That is a bunch of bull -hit!
They are terrible for customer service and can't wait to mention this to my PGA Golfers that there service is terrible. What a rip off and also a sign that this mighty company is now on the downhill slide because once the service of a company goes down hill then there goes the company.
I have bought three Rolex watches in my life and based on their customer service and repair record I would never buy another one. I live in North Carolina and I bought the Rolex watch from a authorized Rolex dealer brand new 10 years ago. Watch is still in great condition but can't get repaired by Rolex.

Chris Read More
12/3/2013 Disappointed with the services of Rolex authorized retailer
I’m truly disappointed with the services of your authorized retailer, Cortina Watch Sdn Bhd which located at Malaysia capital city Kuala Lumpur along the Jalan Bukit Bintang. I’m believe that describe every conversation that we had would be good for you to do judgment how much humiliation I undertake in this particular shopping experience.
The incident took place on 30th Nov 2013 around 2:30pm, my chauffeur and I walk-in boutique watch shop and intend to find out more on one of the displayed Rolex watch merchandise. We were entertained by female cabinet sales person and she offered a 10% discount on top of the selling price, she added on that we could get better discount rate if assistant boutique manager counter-offer. Trey Ooi Poh Hong, the manager walk to us and asked whether how much discount rate I’m satisfied to buy, with a very unfriendly tone, I tried to asked what is the best rate he could offer but he did not answer me and repeat asking me how much discount rate that I want, and the tone is getting annoying. I’m provoked by the childish act of him and answered him that how about 30% discount? The manager shouted it is impossible and the best offer he could provide was 11% only. I’m frustrated after I heard the counter-offered and questioned him why asked me something which couldn’t promised at the end and why no voice out early it is little discount he could offer only, there was no need to bargain like the street stall and I’m here to buy watch, not to let you vent the anger on me. After that, the manager looked angry and did not bother to explain anything and call up security guard to sent us out immediately.
I’m most humiliated by the act of Manager who call security to walk us out, what sort of things in a shopping event deserved I being escort out by security officer? I believe the whole incidence was captured by surveillance camera and I’m seeking a satisfy explanation regarding this bad experience before I move on with next act.

Karen Read More
11/27/2013 I have a odd Q. I own several Rolexes and have
I have a odd Q. I own several Rolexes and have been very please since 1970. In 2000, I bought a ladies SS/gold Datejust with mother pearl dial, diamond bezel and the same SS/gold bracelet like on my Submariner. I bought it on a weird barter of sorts but am now trying to see what Rolex's suggested retail sales price was for that watch in Texas, USA in 2000--not now's value. How can I find such historical data? Thanks

william Read More
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