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9/10/2014 Rooms To Go Inc. - Recently moved to the area and wanted to buy new
Recently moved to the area and wanted to buy new furniture for a bedroom and living room. I do not recommend that anyone use RTG for their purchases. Five of the 15 items that we purchased were damaged and had to be replaced. RTG was slow to respond to replacing the damaged items. I wrote two letters to RTG the express my concerns and never received a response. RTG is a sham and a scam. Spend you hard earned cash where you are appreciated and you can get value for your money.

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7/14/2014 Rooms To Go Inc. - I bought over 4 thousand dollars in furniture,
I bought over 4 thousand dollars in furniture, paid to have it delivered, dinner table chair was with a cracked leg, 6 mouths later I had to call to get it replaced. Now the drama to deal with uneducated delivery appointment operators talking to me as if there doing me a favor from Florida and I live in Houston. I demand the same respected I give! I will not be spoken like I am a bother to them are spoken to in a disrespectful way. I will be taken my business elsewhere if rooms to go can not greet customers better.

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6/25/2014 Rooms To Go Inc. - In short, GO SOMEWHERE ELSE. The Myrtle Beach
In short, GO SOMEWHERE ELSE. The Myrtle Beach store and manager are the worst. RUDE, RUDE, RUDE. Delivery and customer service COMPLETELY unacceptable! I honestly think they make up the prices as they go along.

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4/1/2014 Rooms To Go Inc. - This company is awlful-the product we recieved is
This company is awlful-the product we recieved is all ready falling apart so we were told we cant return it(read the fine print)and to pick something else, well now that makes no sense or you would have pick it in the first place!so the new stuff shows up after 2 months!Damaged-we wait for three days an no followup! so we go to the store- they say they didnt know about the problem -suprise!(good customer service)They say oops new stuff will be in a month from now? we say we dont want any of your products. they say you have no choice. I say we will stop paying for it! they say they have already been paid by the finace company so we would be hurting ourselves. Store mgr has never called us, they will not let you talk to a regionial mgr he can only be reach by Email even by the store mgr???? This is corporate policy!!!e The corporate customer service will not help you-they put it all on the stores-so since they already have their money no one wants to help.The no return policy is bull and should be in large bold print and like the car lemon law -you should be able to get what you paid for not be forced to pick something else.After reading so many complaints on line about room stores quality and service tells me they they have a systemic problem that they wont deal with because of the no retun policy and they get their money up front-that in turn fosters poor customer service.I will no longer deal with them and since we are very active in our are well certainly pass on personal experience with all the people we can.. Shame on you RooM Store i feel feel sorry for your sales folks!

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1/28/2014 Rooms To Go Inc. - I will NEVER purchase from Rooms To Go again
I will NEVER purchase from here again! I bought a $3000 bed and matress to be delivered. First, the 4 hour time frame they give for delivery is insane. They were very late in delivering and when they set the bed up, it was missing key parts of the head board. The bolts holding the frame together were stripped and missing parts of the wood. I called to ask for a replacement, as this was unsatisfactory. Customer service was extreamly rude and hung up on me twice! This is the first and last time EVER to buy from here!!! Do Not WASTE YOUR TIME!!

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11/27/2013 Rooms To Go Inc. - Complaint Roomstogo Frisco, TX 7660 State
Complaint Roomstogo Frisco, TX 7660 State Hwy. 121 Frisco, TX 75034 972-712-5816
From yelp.com:
I just got back from visiting a friend of mine in Frisco for lunch. She told me of her recent experience with this particular RoomstoGo store....and the way she was treated was borderline criminal and has the characteristics of harassment in a racist way. She is Vietnamese, so her English is not perfect, regardless of this fact she didn't deserve this treatment. She simply wanted to cancel an order when they tried to ship her furniture that didn't match. She called and made the cancellation within 48 hours...and her salesperson (Corey) said he would cancel her order. He did not. She continued to get no response after a few days of calling, so she finally went into the store to speak with the manager. He actually threw her invoice on the floor when she told him what the purpose of her visit was. She attempted to explain, but he continued to be rude and threatening. She stood her ground for about 2 hours, as Corey (the salesperson) backed her up into a corner (physically)...and told her he wanted nothing to do with her. She got a woman in the customer service waiting area to be a witness to the physical threat, as the store was now already closed...and the woman agreed. Now, with a witness involved, the manager thought twice and came back over to her ....He told her that if she smiled really nice...he would see what he could do. WTF???? He finally gave her back the money ($1400) after haggling over a 20% penalty. Wow!!!! This warrants the attention of an attorney. After she gave me all of the details (many of which were not even mentioned in this complaint/review due to the sake of brevity)..I have an obligation to stand up for her. Hearing what happened to her makes me want to tear the store apart. (Legally) This is only the beginning. This is one of the sweetest women I have ever met. She has lived in the U.S. for over 25 years and said she has never before been treated this poorly....anywhere!!!. It really, I mean really, pisses me off when I hear about the absolute level of ignorance that was used towards her by this salesperson, and the manager. I know this sounds cliche....but Roomstogo...you mistreated the wrong person.

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11/9/2013 Rooms To Go Inc. - Shop somewhere else besides Rooms to Go
I first shopped online for my living room and dining set. Then I went to the store to actually see the product I was thinking about buying. I spent about $2000 on the furniture and paid about %200 more for delivery. I waited all day and they finally arrived at about 9pm. They could not give me a specific time and told me only that it would be 7am=10pm. Three men arrived to deliver and set up my items. The dining chairs came wrapped in clear plastic. They used a pocket knife to open them and slit one of the leather seats. It was raining and the men acted afraid to get wet. In an attempt to miss the light rainfall one of the men scratched the corner of the leather ottoman against the brick outer wall of the apartment building. In an attempt to take off some wood pieces screwed under the chase lounge which acted to protect the assembly gadget for the main sofa one of the men became annoyed that it was taking so long and decide to reach around the guy actually unscrewing the piece and yank it off. This caused the underside of the chase lounge to be split off. Also he held the chaise lounge up in a way that made all the weight to be on one leg. I feared the leg would either break off or be loose. I was able to sign a statement showing dissatisfaction with the delivery and to note the damage items which I was told would be replaced. When I called RTG customer service I was told the items would be replaced but had to wait three weeks for this process. I had to work so my adult daughter was there to relay what happened their next visit. They arrived to "repair" the damage not replace them as was the agreement. When I got home I was livid to see that they had stretched the leather on the seat to essentially pull the fabric down and re-staple the underside so that the slash made by the pocket knife no longer was visible. The tear would have only gotten worse with time and it now looked puckered from being pulled so tight. They used some type of plastic goop to fix the issue on the leather ottoman. The patch was ugly and raised and color didn't match well. Very poor job and very noticeable. I was so mad. I paid almost $2000 and another $200 for the very delivery that damaged my new furniture. So again I called customer service. I was told that I could get new replacements for those two items. But I would have to wait for three more weeks. So here I sit waiting for yet another delivery. I got a phone message the other day saying they would arrive between 10 am and 3 pm. I just called customer service and was told my time was actually 12 pm to 4 pm. I feel like I have wasted so much time with this company. I have taken off work and waited. I have spent a lot of money. I do like the furniture I purchased but feel that issues I have had and the time it is taking to resolve these issues is beyond reasonable. Customer service that makes you feel unimportant is proof that a company does not care about its customers....just how much they make. Time will tell if the furniture I purchased holds up. I am really worried about that now. What I thought was good furniture may be a guise by a company that doesn't really care about the service they provide.

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8/23/2013 Rooms To Go Inc. - Rooms To Go customer service review 2013 - A nightmare
We purchased two separate sets from rooms to go. I don't have the energy to tell you the nightmare we went through with the first set, however let me explain the NEW problem we are having. Second set purchased was a living room set with TV package. Okay, no problems there. 8 months later our love seat frame broke. Service tech comes out 8-18-2013, attempts to repair but can not. We left the love seat as is upside down the way he was working on it. He advised us that he could not fix it and customer service will call us in 3-5 days to replace our love seat and if they don't have the same love seat that we can get something else as the same value. WELL, customer service never call, so I call today 8/23/13. Amber, the customer service agent, advises me that the technican stated he FIXED our love seat. NOT!!!!! So, I have to send in pictures of the love seat to verify that it is not fixed. First of all, I never signed anything that said he fixed it and it's still upside down where he left it. NOT GOOD for Rooms To Go. Will not shop here again. We have spent over $7000.00 and get poor service. I rather go to Ashley's Furniture. Yep, other furniture stores will have our business and I will tell people about how Rooms To Go does not need your money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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8/9/2013 Rooms To Go Inc. - Do not buy from Rooms to Go - They are not worth it

To whom it may concern in regards to the King size bed that we got from Rooms2Go. Putting the bed together we noticed that the bed was not lining up. The side rails were not lining up with the headboard or footboard. That is not the only issue. The other issue is the side rails are not matching in color with the headboard and footboard. The color difference is VERY noticeable. I took pictures on my cell phone and took the long drive to the store to see if I could find a manger to take care of the issue. The people there were no help telling me they don't deal with issues just sales. On my way out the store in katy/hempstead , I went to the outlet center you guys have there and to my surprise there were like 4-5 of the same headboards in queen and king sizes and side rails and footboards on SUPER CLEARANCE. The problem with those is the same problem I am experiencing mismatching side rails.

So for $500 or less I can purchase the exact same bed there at the clearance Center.

As I left the store I called the 1800 customer service number and the gentleman I spoke with told me that he was sorry and he was going to send a replacement bed since this one was still under warranty. So he gave me a date of like almost 2-3 weeks from the date I called to send the replacement....... I called again to confirm the date and the lady I spoke to gave me a sooner date of like 1 week. So here I go missing a whole day of working to wait for this replacement.

The guys came today on 08/08/13 @ 4:15 pm and as soon as they walked in, they were out in less than 10 mins. They told me that all the beds are like that and that the one he had in the truck was not going to make a difference. I couldn't believe he didn't even try to take it out his truck to see if it would work. A whole day wasted waiting for this and only to be SUPER LET DOWN FOR THE 3rd or 4th time by ROOMS@GO

the whole pick up delivery was a super night mare. This whole rooms2go experience has been such a let down and I will make sure that all my friends and family and blog followers NEVER SHOP there.

After the guys left I called the number and the lady I spoke with told me she could send a service tech next Wednesday to come out and see the bed. Honestly I don't want to waste your time or mine. A service tech will not be able to fix the mismatched miscolored side rails unless he plans to sand and restain the whole bed. And my other choice of being able to choose another bed is totally going to throw off my set that was purchased.

I really think the fair thing is to re-emburse the difference that was paid for what it is being sold for at the clearance outlet.

Atleast I wont feel so ripped off.

I really would like this resolved ASAP since it has taken this long. I have been patient enough.

I have attached the pictures that way I don't need to waste my day for the technician to tell you what you yourself can see in these pictures.

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7/29/2013 Rooms To Go Inc. - WOW, after reading these comments, I can only be
WOW, after reading these comments, I can only be happy that my situation turned out the way it did. I was told by a recruiter "Steve Johnson" that if I would like I could have a driving position delivering your furniture...it is contract work and was told to get a mvr, and background check at my cost. Once this was done I would start on the following monday or tuesday. The following monday I received a call from Christopher Robinson telling me the process takes at least about a month. He said he would need to get a background and an mvr report and finally a driving test...what? You have those things, I already emailed them to Steve Johnson. Well low and behold, he started telling me how behind he is and thats what it all amounts to. Thank God I won't be accepting anything from this company in the future. I wouldn't feel good about excepting money for service and product that appears to be far inferior then the rest of the industry. Seems like they have some deep seated issues with management. Recruiters that lie, an enept customer service. Employees that don't know which end is up. They are going to force themselves right out of business by their own doing folks. That can be your solice, once that happens!

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7/18/2013 Rooms To Go Inc. - Wow! This would be our seventh room of furniture
Wow! This would be our seventh room of furniture from RTF, WE have always had very good service. The delivery team, great! Furniture set up, great! Customer service called right after furniture was delivered to see how everything went. As for me, love RTF! No complaints!
If you know quality furnishings when you go into the store you'll be able to tell the difference; just look at the fabric and cushions.

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4/1/2013 Rooms To Go Inc. - i would not recomment rooms to go to any one.they
i would not recomment rooms to go to any one.they slashed my chairs and told me they had to reorder.then after my 10 days was up.i called to inform them i have not recieved my chairs.they began to tell me.they could not order the custion.i had to wait for them to come out and do an exchange.if i wld have not called.i wld not have known...very poor concern for the custmer.they have very bad attitudes and display very poor concern about how they unpackage funture.you would think for the money you pay they would deliver your things w/proper care.i wish i would have found this site before hand.

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