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12/4/2016 RuneScape Help - I played this game back around 2010 maybe 2011 but
I played this game back around 2010 maybe 2011 but my buddy brought it up an said lets get our old accounts back but they keep denying me of a account reset which is bull crap they should sent a password reset to the email of the account it was setuped most SMART companies would.

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11/16/2016 RuneScape Help - ive been playing runescape for 8 years now , just
ive been playing runescape for 8 years now , just got back on the old ruenscape and made an account. ive never had a problem with jagex/runescape. i went and bought a 3 month member ship and a day later i was banded for using a bot. which in fact i did not, ive always followed the rules of runescape and never went against them. im very upset with the fact runescape accused me of something ive never done. and the fact that i spent 25 dollars on a member ship and got banded. i sitll love runescape but i woild like my account back and the days of member ship i had back. im not a happy customer of jagex right now. account name iga98

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4/12/2016 RuneScape Help - hi my runescape account has been perm banned and
hi my runescape account has been perm banned and the evidence they claim is not even true, it says I fake anti lure or item scammed and I never done that in the game. I was working hard building up my account, I log out for 20minutes and I when I try to log back in I was banned. I was simply training woodcutting before I got banned so I don't understand how that is considered item scamming and I should be perm banned for it. I spent a lot of money on this game and I am not willing to start fresh I was basically maxed combat in the game almost and I will not start over. this is unfair because I didn't commit the offence they said I did. I also spend 100s of dollars on memberships and buying treasure keys to help build my account and it isn't fair that I got it all taken away from me. I have been playing runescape for maybe 8 years now, and that's a lot of money to spend on membership to be banned. I would like my account back or refunded for all the money I have put into this game. my runescape name was brushes. please reply and unban my account please.

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3/22/2016 RuneScape Help - I need help with my account I have password and
I need help with my account I have password and user name but the email registered to this account no longer works I cannot access it. plus I also have authenticator which is why I cant log in. as I just got a new phone but it goes to the email I cant log in too. so I cant disable this either. so I'm not happy as I would continue to be a member but I cant play. please help me with this.

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3/20/2016 RuneScape Help - I logged in and a) found my player settings were
I logged in and a) found my player settings were not the way i left them and b) found a warning that i would be banned for using a macro. i've not downloaded any macros and think my comp may have malware on it. i've been trying to find a means of contacting customer support to see if they can tell me if my account has been accessed from any other ip address than the one i'm using and if they can freeze my account until i can get any malware purged from my computer. my old email no longer works and i can't get an email change because the instructions to change my email are sent to my old email. what is your customer support email so i can get these issues addressed?

cima_g Read More
1/18/2016 RuneScape Help - I thought EPICBOT was an official bot for the game
Hey Runescape/Jagex

I tried to log on today and found out I was banned I have barely played for almost 2 years and i come back play for a couple hours here and there then try and pull an all nighter and get banned I will admit I had a bot on but I have used that bot a long time ago as well for longer times and you guys said nothing about it and I was told it was an official bot for the game I had no idea it was not allowed. I would greatly appreciate if you could unban my account I will not use that or any bot ever again. As I said before I had no idea and was under the impression EPICBOT was an official bot for the game. Please unban my account I have had that account since I was 10 and worked hard to get a lot of stuff done this was the first time I have used that bot in over 6 years

sirdar10 Read More
12/24/2015 RuneScape Help - Runescape banned my pure account for no reason
I've been playing Runescape for 6 years and they banned my pure account for no reason. This made me very upset because this is making me think on how Jagex treats their customers and players. I haven't played my account for 2 months, I try to log in and it says they banned it they didn't give me no reason, no explanation, nothing. And the fact that I put a lot of my time and energy to get it to where I want it to for nothing.

mageroc Read More
11/28/2015 RuneScape Help - Give me back my account that I have had for 12 years
dear Runescape,
On thanksgiving, I had made an appeal to get my email switched back to my email because the account had been locked. As well as me making the appeal for the email I had also needed to get the password for the account switched. I had no access to the account as well as the google authenticator and also the bank pin was disabled. Now was in trying to understand if all this was done at one time wouldn't it ring a bell that not only is the account coming from an unknown IP address which you are able to check but all the security on the account had been disabled. You guys put in the evidence your a non-appealable ban on macroing. Also another thing is you guys say you don't want to ban innocent people and yet I was banned your evidence is faulty and if somebody had did some further research I wouldn't have been banned maybe you should allow to rebuttal so I can prove you guys are wrong and give me the account I've hade for 12 years back to me

Flyboii GOD Read More
9/6/2015 RuneScape Help - Dear Runescape/Jagex,I have stopped playing
Dear Runescape/Jagex,
I have stopped playing for a while and I would like to get back into the grind again. I remember my username and password for the account. But the email I used is no longer working like I have tried everything I could to get back into it and still nothing. Anyways is there a way you can help me out here like i have tried contacting yahoo like i know the email but not the password and they have locked me out of the email completely i have made too many incorrect attempts and now i am still trying to change the email on file so i can change the password for my character like i cannot do anything i have made a new account with you in the mean time i have bought numerous things from your Runescape store: bonds and keys and such equaling at least $700 is there a way you can help me out here id like to eventually trade everything over to my old character that i have worked way harder on and had stopped using a while back I'd like to become a member on my old account with the email problems and start back where i have left off. I would like everything I have on my new character exoticzur transferred over to b baby cakes. please help me your back into runescape loyal customer who funneled over to you months worth of rent.

andrew Read More
7/26/2015 RuneScape Help - My account name is Xygorr. I have tried multiple
My account name is Xygorr. I have tried multiple times to recover my account yet the website denies it because I do not know enough information. The email the account was created on, is no longer valid. I don't remember the passwords used either. Is there any other way I can recover my account to play?

Jerry Read More
6/8/2015 RuneScape Help - wow WTF I MADE MY ACOUNT A COUPLE DAYS AGO AND
wow WTF I MADE MY ACOUNT A COUPLE DAYS AGO AND SPENT OMOST 2DAYS STRAIGHT doing quests and building up money and getting my archery up and today i logged in and i was baned saying i used a bot to get all of it even know i remain active and actualy talked alot and ave at least 30k to random noobs to help them

jacob Read More
4/26/2015 RuneScape Help - my account is banned please unban it. I check back
my account is banned please unban it. I check back on my account for a year and still banned.

Jeremie Read More
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