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11/13/2015 Ryan Homes cannot be trusted. NVR has employees
Ryan Homes cannot be trusted. NVR has employees working for them that don't know what they are doing. They lead you on thinking you are approved for an loan. Take your money and them decide oh you can't qualify for an loan and you can't get your money back. 2008 all over again with them.

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9/16/2015 Ryan Homes - My vinyl siding on my home purchased in 2010 is wavy turning up at the ends
My vinyl siding on my home purchased in 2010 is wavy turning up at the ends and looks like it has had a fire. It looks terrible. Ryan had no interest in seeing the siding they had installed or to replace the siding. This lets me know that they did not care about the products that they used. A builder with a conscious would want to see it so that other customers don't have the same problem in the future. They completely washed their hands of it. The house is in Maryland. I would not recommend them as a builder.

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4/2/2015 Ryan Homes - I recently purchased a Ryan Home in Signature
I recently purchased a Ryan Home in Signature Ridge Charlotte. Recently I encountered a very spiteful Sales Agent who was upset with me for parking in the Ryan Homes customer parking space. In protest she took her personal car and blocked my driveway thus keeping me from entering my home. When approached, she became nasty and even more spiteful threatening me as the homeowner. I wrote a formal complaint letter to the district manager. To this day, four weeks later I have yet to receive a response from that manager or any type of apology from that agent who should in my opinion be fired for her unacceptable actions toward me as the customer and homeowner. Ryan homes is a most disappointing company to deal with. I am still awaiting repairs promised prior to closing in January. While I love my home, I really would think twice before purchasing a home from them in the future.

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10/29/2014 I have mixed reviews about Ryan Homes. The
I have mixed reviews about Ryan Homes. The quality of the home is not the best. I had a sewage back up problem 3 weeks after I moved which flooded into the kitchen and morning. I had to deal with contractors and a restoration company in my home for two weeks. The first six months I found many things wrong included the furnace not working when I initally tried to use it the first cold night of the fall. So my family and I froze all night. They did not consider it an emergency. It took two days for the contractor to call to set up an appointment. At which time they informed me they only had an opening @ 2:30 pm two days later. At this point, I would have to go four days without heat. I called to complain to the Regional Project Manager. He came that day to fix the furnace. I had to continually be inconvenienced, taking off from work to accomodate the contractors schedules. Their contractors do not work evenings or weekends. With this said, Ryan Homes failed to inspect the work of the contractors and delivered a home to me that was not move in ready. Ryan Homes also needs to accomodate their customers by hiring contractors that work evenings and weekends. On the upside, other than the delay with getting my furance fixed, Ryan Homes project managers provided excellent customer service by promptly responding to my request and fixing issues in a timely mannter. This justifies the 3 star rating, otherwise I would give them 2 stars

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9/23/2014 Ryan Homes - I am in the First stage of building and I have to
I am in the First stage of building and I have to agree with all of you. I also saw all the complaint and still went ahead of buying with them but beware.. Please please please don't buy with them. Don't make the same mistake like us and don't get fooled with all the options that they are giving you for free. eventually you will pay for it. They just care till the sale....

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7/14/2014 Ryan Homes - The worst ever! The project manager let the subs
The worst ever! The project manager let the subs do a horrible job! The list is too long...
Ryan does not build a quality home...far from it.
Liars and cheats. Run from anyone named Dan!
Worst PM ever! His bosses are even worse!


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2/8/2014 Ryan Homes Review 2014 - This company is DESPICABLE
Ryan Homes,
This company is DESPICABLE…TOUTING of Superior Quality and Workmanship, when in reality it is a Company of the lowest quality, workmanship, and false advertisment and sales. This Company builds homes to the MINIMAL Standards allowed or required, and believes that is acceptable. Ryan Homes only solution to customers complaints is to tell them “the home pasted all tests and inspections", so we will no longer take action on warrenty claims, when in reality, Ryan Homes should tell their customers “the home is built to minimal standards, with low grade materials, which pass inspections to the MINIMAL Standards required. My complaints are real it is unacceptable that I can hear everything that the owner of the the unit above is doing, walking heavy, opening/closing doors and drawers, cutting/chopping food on countertop, flushing water as it is going to flood my home, the garage door every time it is opened or closed, and then there is the road traffic and air traffic which Ryan Homes Sales and Site Manager told me I would barely hear it inside my home, and the fact that the inside of my home looks like it is crumbling and about to fall apart, every baseboard, crown molding, door jam and wall has either pulled away from the walls, cracked or split, the panting of the walls and trim is of lowest quality and as if painters just painted over dirt. I paid an OUTRAGEOUS amount of money $345K to be this unhappy, and it will cost me thousands of dollars to fix RYAN HOMES MISTAKES AND LIES, when in reality RYAN HOMES should be responsible. What is even more UNBELIEVABLE is that RYAN HOMES EXECUTIVES, LEGAL TEAM, PRODUCTION TEAM, SITE and SALES TEAM of this company actually beliieve that this is acceptable. I will be sending complaint letters to as many entities possible to include the BBB of VA, Veterans Administration, News Stations, Building/Housing Commissions, City, County and State offices involved with approving residential/commercial building, every one of my neighbors, and State/US Congressman, until my voice is heard.

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11/12/2013 Our bathroom tub faucet will not turn off in our Ryan Homes
Our bathroom tub faucet will not turn off! We have not even been in this home two years. I need some one to come fix it today.

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9/24/2013 Ryan Homes - I work in springboro,hamiltion oh for 4,5 days and
I work in springboro,hamiltion oh for 4,5 days and not got paid,and there is more then 10 workers that have not got paid.Hes name was Eager Hager ownes a mason company we were laying the brick to a new home and i just want payed for my work .Hager tells me its rhyan homes not paying up my money so i write this to you so i can get my money,before i get my lawyer,and put a lean on the rhyan homes,but i hope it wont go that far so please get in touch jesse been 7 days of waiting.If not my lawyer is going to file the papper to the court house.I will give one more day to get back to me thank you.jesse

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6/25/2013 I got a new house from Ryan Homes in 2007 that was
I got a new house from Ryan Homes in 2007 that was constructed poorly. Subpar painting (interior and exterior), electric and plumbing. Ryan Home's customer service was extremely unhelpful and seems to not care.

Exterior painting peeling after less than 6 years. I would not recommend purchasing a Ryan home property.

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6/4/2013 Ryan Homes - I’d like to express our thanks to one of your
I’d like to express our thanks to one of your company’ Sales Represantative – Ms. Jill Wootten.

We are in process of selling our house and moving to a new home. Mu husband did find about the Evergreen Commons II from the intranet. We met Jill when we went to check out the site. She was very knowledgeable, friendly and answered all our questions. We liked the community and started thinking about buying the house over there.

Since that first meeting we signed a contract for a lot #2 and had numerous meetings with Jill. It is not very easy to find a young professional like Jill. Her work ethics is outstanding: Jill stays late in the office to accommodate our work schedule. She didn't miss any single question we asked. If Jill doesn't know the answer she always get it and provide it by phone or email. I can’t thank her enough for her help and patience. She is a great partner in creating the house we want to build and it's very exiting process. I hope that everything will work out and we will buy a house in that community but regardless of that fact my husband and me can't praise enough this young lady.
I think that Jill Wootten provides an excellent customer service and should be reworded for her knowledge and job dedication. I’d like to wish Jill the best in her personal life and career as well.
If you have any kind of reward then Jill Wootten surely earned one.

Thank you.
Margarita and Leon Turovskiy

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1/26/2013 I got a new house from Ryan Homes in 2009 which
I got a new house from Ryan Homes in 2009 which was very expensive. I loved it dearly, however, I am VERY disappointed now. My toilets began overflowing less than a year after I entered the house, but I thought it was due to thick tissue paper. As of last year my entire plumbing system began backing up. Today my house is full of waste. The toilet and bathtub are overflowing and sewage back up. It is so frustrating.

I know I am no longer under any warranty with Ryan Homes, but to have such a major plumbing problem for a new house totally frustrating. Are these common problems with Ryan Homes?

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