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8/7/2015 RyanAir - I am going to Europe soon,, I have an injured back
I am going to Europe soon,, I have an injured back & need to carry a cane, is that classified as an extra carry on? Will be using Ryanair a few times also do they allow a cane,or is it an extra bag?

RayRead More
8/22/2013 Trouble booking a flight on Ryanair - booking refused
I have tried 5 times to book a flight from Las Palmas to Bristol. I keep having my booking refused and I have more than enough money in the bank. The problem seems to be the address. Do I use my home address or the address for my Bank, I have flown frequently with you and never had any problems. There are 5 people ..3 adults and 3 children. Can you help me please. I am using a debit card vbut would it be better to use my visa.? Please help as we want to go to the family for Christmas

MaryRead More
7/9/2011 RyanAir - I am Trying to Find my sister she was ment to come
I am Trying to Find my sister she was ment to come home from Marrekesh to stanstead on 7th july and she is not back,she has been missing for 2 days now,dose anyone know the police number or hosital telephone number in Marrekesk,she has not phoned and we are very worried,she has long black hair,5.7.thin ,she has been under a little mental stress lately.Please let me know if anyone know where she [email protected]

lisa lamprellRead More
4/29/2011 RyanAir - Please call asap! usa
Please call asap! usa

lisa marciaRead More
9/4/2010 Trying to contact RyanAir with a problem is very
Trying to contact RyanAir with a problem is very exhausting.So many avenues come to 'Dead End.'I am frustrated.

scottyRead More
8/23/2010 Here are all of Ryanair's phone numbers:Ireland
Here are all of Ryanair's phone numbers:
Ireland 0818 30 30 30 National rate
Great Britain 0871 246 0000 10p per minute
Germany 0900 116 0500 - Festnetzpreis 62c per minute mobile charges vary
Austria 0900 210 240 61c per minute
France 0892 232 375 34c per minute
Belgium 0902 88 007 - French speaking 74c per minute
Belgium 0902 88 009 - Dutch speaking 74c per minute
The Netherlands 0900 20 22 184 45c per minute
Italy 899 67 89 10 80c per minute
Spain 807 220 032 67c per minute
Sweden 0900 2020240 - English speaking 4 SEK per minute
Norway 820 00 720 - English speaking 4.03 NOK per minute
Finland 0600 16010 - English speaking 50c per minute
Portugal +353 1 249 7791 - English speaking
Latvia +353 1 249 7743 - English speaking
Poland 0300 303033 2.06 PLN per minute
Czech Republic +353 1 249 7745 - English speaking
Slovakia +353 1 249 7746 - English speaking
Lithuania +353 1 249 7748 - English speaking
Hungary +353 1 249 7747 - English speaking
Rest of the World +353 1 249 7791

EricRead More
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