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3/27/2017 Saab USA - I am driving a Saab. I am writing about my car
I am driving a Saab. I am writing about my experience about driving a Saab. The Saab I am driving is a 1996 Saab 900s and it has roughly 170,000 miles on it. I believe my ex-spouse purchased the vehicle and it new German step-wife drove it before our daughter turned 16, got her license and then drove it. When my daughter emancipated, the car went back to her father who had it before our son decided to drive it from 2009 to 2014. My son drove it from Pensacola, Florida to Crookston, Minnesota where it would not start in the winter due to cold temps. The battery was replaced, however, the Saab would not start if the temperature got below 32 degrees. I believed this to be very odd since it is a Swedish car designed by Swedish aeronautical engineers who should have knowledge that cars have to be designed to start in cold weather (Sweden is a cold country, is it not?) Since my son needed a reliable car to get to work he bought another used car and since my car 1996 Dodge Stratus with over 300,000 miles on it just went out January 2015 and was scraped (a car I solely purchased straight from Detroit, Michigan from the AAFES Military Sales Department in Augsburg, Germany.) I started driving the Saab January or February 2015. There were a few times the car would not start for me neither because the air was cold. I took it into a shop and the mechanics not only got it running but also got the secret-coded radio to turn on (something that we are not able to do - it will not accept the code. That is why I am on and at this page to find out how to get the radio back on after the battery was disconnected to replace the frayed wires leading to the battery with a brand new cable.) I also replaced the distributor cap after numerous cold winter days when the car would not start and that made it run a slight better after we got it running. How, the car is plastic - cost efficient, so cost efficient that piece by piece breaks and each piece has to be replaced one right after the other until an entirely new car has been rebuilt into a classic car. When it runs, it drives like a jet airliner - in pieces. The other problem we have is the hatchback lock. It seems something is jammed in the lock where we can not open it however the mechanic was asked to fix it. We got it open one time and then it would not work. we discovered if we attempt to put the key into the lock but not because its jammed while simultaneously pushing the driver side interior trunk button, the hatchback will open. however, the struts also need to be replaced because they also do not work. It is like a golf putter car - I call a clown car or parade car - a SHOW car, however, it is extremely an economical car for driving in town. When brand new it was highly likely it was a magnificent, economical car that drove like a jet flies. I like the little car. I want to paint it this summer and put new emblems on it. I just paid to have all four windows and doors to work and that was costly. And now I need to fork out for struts and new upholstery fabric for the ceiling along with one new driver side visor - we just replaced the passenger side visor that was also costly. I do not know why original replacement parts have to be so costly since the car is not even manufactured anymore. It is a classic and there is a huge CLASSIC CAR club in Crookston, Minnesota, however, I just drive it because I can not afford a new car and its the only one at my disposal. How do I get the radio to work, please? I use the secret code but it does not work.

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4/14/2015 Saab USA - Can't figure out how to turn on navigation, so
Can't figure out how to turn on navigation, so that I could use the Bluetooth abilities.

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8/1/2012 Saab USA - I have a 2007 Saab 97x 4.2i with 56,700. I had
I have a 2007 Saab 97x 4.2i with 56,700. I had trouble last Friday, came home and called Saab, no answer. Called fox Chevy where I bought it, no answer. called Saab again on sat. still no answer. On Monday I called Fox Chevy again and they just blew us off an would not even look at it. Called Saab and they said that the warranty ran out on Friday July 27th the same day I tried calling them. They told me to call GM customer service. They just said it was to bad for me that no one would answer the phone and I should have known to call them. No one informed me that GM had taken over the the warranty work on the Saabs. and the only place that would have taken it is in Ann Arbor. I just started a new job this week after being out of work of over two years. I will probably lose it if I can’t get this car fixed. I need help Please

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