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2/20/2016 Safeguard Soap - Where can I buy Safeguard Original Soap?
I live in Rockland County, NY, zip code 10901
My husband likes only Safeguard Original (beige) soap and lately I can't find it in nearby stores.
I do most shopping at a Shoprite, in Ramsey, NJ; Walmart in Suffern, NY
Please advise where I might find it

GailRead More
2/23/2013 As above I have used Safeguard soap for decades
As above I have used Safeguard soap for decades without incident, however I now have a partially used bar of saopa with something solid embeded in it.

Where can I send it so that it may be examined to find out exactly what is embeded in it?

AndrewRead More
1/10/2013 Safeguard Soap - Hello there,For the two three decades, I have
Hello there,

For the two three decades, I have been using the Safeguard soap (classic beige in particular) as my bath soap. I stood for tide and valleys just to use it wherever I go. Now that I got my own family, they too are using the same soap. Lately, I’m wondering how on earth had its smell smells like a detergent soap and what makes it melts easily. When I told my wife about it, she told me that she was even more surprised because the Tide bar, our laundry soap, smells like Safeguard soap. Out of curiosity, I used the Tide in my bath one day, and, indeed, it really smells like Safeguard. Now, is the varying of smell on both products intentional? I know for that fact that Tide and Safeguard soap are under P&G but their being under one roof would that necessarily affect and alter their smells?
My family and I would still love to take a bath with the Safeguard as our bath soap and not the Tide bar. Can you do something about its smell?

Thank you

Best regards,

Prof. Edgar R. Eslit
St. Michael's College
Quezon Avenue, Iligan City, 9200 Philippines

Prof. Edgar R. EslitRead More
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