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6/28/2017 Samsung Canada - I didn't have to wait long for an operator (11
I didn't have to wait long for an operator (11 seconds) and "James" had my problem all sorted out in short order. I was on the phone for 4 minutes and 20 seconds. Done! Thank-you "James"! Good work!

Buzz Hed-Rush Read More
6/19/2017 Samsung Canada - -1,000,000 HORRIBLE SERVICE!I've been bounced
I've been bounced around like a pinball.
My phone service is still not working!!!!

Styles Read More
1/11/2017 Samsung Canada - I sent Samsung customer service a letter (via
I sent Samsung customer service a letter (via mail) a couple of weeks ago as of today I am still waiting for a reply

Fred Read More
12/16/2016 Samsung Canada - I have no rating but if I did it would be -10.
I have no rating but if I did it would be -10. Listen people, there are/is a Class Action Lawsuit in Canada that you can add your name to. I did. I had purchased a top loading Samsung washer/dryer set. What a mistake. Yes it's one included in the Recall. I was given the same "Band-Aid" repair on less than a year old appliance. I'm a first and last time Samsung customer. That being said, use your computer skills and search for Class Action Lawsuits Lawyers for your area (province) add your name. No money involved and no obligations. Yes, it will take time but what have you to lose? Be patient, the more the better. My Lawyer is Matthew Baer in London, Ont. I am not, I repeat NOT trying to get business. I am involved in this and like the Americans I will not just let this go. I am going the legal route. Hit them where it hurts is my thinking. Absolutely ridiculous!

Sherry Read More
12/10/2016 Samsung Canada - Samsung is clearly having major issues, many, many
Samsung is clearly having major issues, many, many of their products appear to be badly manufactured. Samsung 7 tablet (danger of battery fire). The recall of their top load washers due to the danger of the top coming apart becaurse of violent shaking. In the news it states in the US, they will get a full refund to use against any manufacturers machine purchase in Canada you must apply it against a Samsung. Its time for people to start demanding better results. Take the time to write and complain to EVERYONE, call the company where you purchased it, call the Better Business Bureau, contact your MP in government, they allow these companies to operate and sell in Canada, they can put pressure on them. Research and ask questions in ALL purchases, the cheapest isn't always the best AND companies manufacture under different names, so if don't want another SAMSUNG, look at all the name brands they may sell under. The quality of many companies is going down, the servicing stinks and warranties are questionable, Continue to FIGHT for better treatment from these companies.

Terry Read More
7/8/2016 Samsung Canada - Bought SAMSUNG 55" Model Code UN55ES6820 on
Bought SAMSUNG 55" Model Code UN55ES6820 on October 16, 2012. Smart TV great picture etc. In July 2016 the picture and colour started to fade from the right side of the screen. SAMSUNG said we were SOL as the warranty had expired. Phone calls to SAMSUNG CANADA (over seas in PHILLIPINES) and no help whatsoever. We are in the process of buying two more televisions and will not buy a SAMSUNG again as this is unbelievable. Service man said screen(panel) needs replacement and is not worth the another television was his advice. This was from an authorized SAMSUNG dealer who was recommended by our PHILLIPINE contact. We currently have another SAMSUNG at home also and does not matter to our PHILLIPINE contact. So our two new televisions will not be SAMSUNG and we will say to anyone thinking of buying one of these televisions to think twice. Even the extended warranty will probably not help you......inferior parts as you will see if you do some research....overpriced and no service. What a piece of junk!!! So if you want to buy it get the extended warranty and see what good that will do for you! Again, What a piece of junk!!!!
Ontario, Canada

Bill Read More
1/8/2016 Samsung Canada - Bought over $6,000 worth of Samsung appliances
Bought over $6,000 worth of Samsung appliances 2 yrs ago with extended warranties. The fridge door bin broke off and two shelves are cracking already.So much for buying what I was told was the best. When I tried to use my warranty surprise doesn't cover that. tried phoning Samsung and was given a person who doesn't speaks English in some foreign country. not once but twice.Finally broke down and bought one from appliance parts dealer in town,$71 later for one bin made of plastic.Never ever have I had a fridge shelve break. Have a 12-year-old Frigidaire downstairs that I replace with this thing and still solid, Samsung you have no customer service what so ever and I'm so disappointed with your company I will stay clear of your products from now on. To have been able to talk to someone about this and maybe come to an arrangement of some kind would have made such a difference.Poor job Samsung

Paul Read More
11/4/2015 Samsung Canada - I recent purchased a Samsung 6s phone
I recent purchased a Samsung 6s phone unfortunately it would not stay connected to wifi. I went back to SaskTel which they changed out the sim card with still having issues I called tech support. they had told me Samsung was notified of these issues but did not know when they would be resolved and he strongly suggested I went back to an iPhone.. so I did but iam truly missing the Samsung phone so I called Samsung for support. unfortunately whomever I spoke to was very hard to understand I wanted to know if this was a true fact and if there was anything that they could do for me.
can someone please let me know if this is indeed a true fact that the samsungs are having issues and are unaware of when they will be fixed. thanks

Dee Read More
8/13/2015 Samsung Canada - Bought a SAMSUNG front loading washing machine 6
Bought a SAMSUNG front loading washing machine 6 years ago when we were moving into our newly built home. Never been really happy with its performance. Never seemed to wash properly, no suds, water seemed to trickle in and the smell at times made you jump back when the door opened. Have since kept door open but still smells. Came home to find the laundry room flooded this past weekend from a wash load. Called an appliance tech who serviced SAMSUNG. He was SHOCKED to find a huge piece of metal had bore a hole in the drum.This piece of metal was in the bottom drum where it connects to the pump. Not the drum that rotates. This had obviously been in there forever as it had calcium build up on it from water deposits. It is too large a piece to have worked its way up from the outside. 4 inches long by one and half inch wide and it has I can only describe as a spine down the middle and a wing affect to it but broken into 3 pieces. Of course we are out of warranty and have to buy a new machine..a top loader this time and not a SAMSUNG. I wish I could get an address and I could send this metal piece to them. If anyone knows the address I would appreciate it.

stache Read More
3/18/2015 Samsung Canada - Just having my kitchen renovated, bought new
Just having my kitchen renovated, bought new appliances including Samsung dishwasher and gas stove. Due to some timing conflicts the appliances arrived before they could be put into the kitchen. When they arrived I took a quick look around dents or markings, they looked good..they were left with all wrapping etc. When we were ready to install the oven...the plastic and tape was taken off. Big side panel was not attached to the oven...the other side was bulging out and the vents at the back were bent. Needless to say couldn't install it so called Samsung...since I did not call within 48hrs of receiving it they could do nothing. They wiped their hands of it. I was told they could do nothing and for me to contact the store to see what they could do. When I mentioned the lack of after purchase customer service she hung up on me. Does that mean I have a $3000 piece of garbage sitting in the kitchen? Any ideas as to what I can do?

Woody Read More
3/10/2015 Samsung Canada - so... I purchased a Samsung dishwasher in Nov
so... I purchased a Samsung dishwasher in Nov 2014. It has been repaired 3 times for the same issue. Samsung has agreed to give me a new machine which I hope works properly. I am extremely happy with this... however I was informed this morning that it will just be dropped of at my door. I have to take old unit out and install the new on myself. since I have a broken leg I have to hire somebody to do this for me.... this is not right!!!

steve Read More
2/24/2015 Samsung Canada - we purchased a Samsung has been
we purchased a Samsung has been repaired 3 times in 4 months for the same issue and it needs to be repaired what point do you replace it???

steve Read More
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