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9/29/2013 Disappointed in Samsung DLP
I have been a sanding customer for years
& am so dissappointed in my dlp tv
I have replaced the lamp
Twice in 2 yrs once 2 months ago and now have
These multiplying dots. Now my tv is unbearable
To even watch. If there is nothing that they can
Do to rectify , than I promise u I will
Never by sanding products ever again.
& will not allow my family & friends to either
Honestly I feel as though I have been taken advantage of
And I know that obviously I am not alone in
Sham. I have seen countless others that are in the
Same boat as myself. People don't just have extra
600$ laying around to throw at another tv
Every 2 years. Give me a break. Or atleast
Give me what I pay for

Dissappointed steveRead More
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