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11/4/2016 Samsung TV - I have been unable to access the red button
I have been unable to access the red button service for quite a while. When I rpess the red button a window appears saying "Your TV needs an update to access this BBC service. Update your TV Apps through your app portal or store (and TV firmware if required). Then yellow button with MENU beside it.

When I do press the yellow button the TV returns to the original channel I was on (eg BBC1) and I am no longer able to switch channels without turning the TV off and then on again.

I managed to speak to a Samsung worker several weeks ago who was unable to help, but said she would ring back. She has not.

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3/23/2016 Samsung TV - i bought a 42 inch Samsung less then two years
i bought a 42 inch Samsung less then two years ago. the warranty of course is out. while i was watching it last week it just went bang boom and went dead. no power, no nothing. with the repair costs these days i can probable buy a new one cheaper the having this one fixed. i can't afford a new t.v. can you help me?

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10/26/2015 Samsung TV - Samsung Unattended faulty television
Unattended faulty television which is still under warranty. I bought tv within 8mths it got spoilt. Till date, there's no response as to repair.

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7/24/2015 Samsung TV - Do not Buy Any Samsung Product
DO NOT PURCHASE ANY SAMSUNG PRODUCT.........I just bought a Samsung 78" TV spending $6000 and the TV would not load the Apps and would freeze the screen and I have to power cycle to get it going with hit or miss luck. Called Tech service, and I don't want to start on that because every time you call they just keep giving you ticket number and is like GROUND HOG DAY, and they have no clue what is going on. They sent a service Tech to my house and was wrongly guided by the Samsung Tech to replace the main circuit board which the field service agent did and now the TV doesn't even load the SmartHub and my TV is a sitting duck on the wall. Come to find out it is a Engineering issue with the Tyzen software and the TV needs to be replaced now because samrt hub does not load. It has been frustrating 4 weeks in a row that I literally spend an hour every time I call Samsung. In case you are wondering which model I bought it is UN78JU7500FXZA. Here is what I found on the web posting from one of the Customer Service Rep

I am writing the anonymously. I happen to work for the executive customer relations department of samsung. Everyone in these forums is always complaining about how horrible our service is, but they honestly do no know how restricted we are with things we are limited to do within our power. Believe me, i take upwards of 40 - 50 calls a day of people who have time and time again gone through repairs on units, been waiting for callbacks, gotten the run around all the time, and i honestly do feel sorry for people when they call us. But there are several things you have to realize when you call us.
1. We work in a 3rd party call center. Samsung's name is not on my paychecks. We represent their products, but do not work for them. And there are a few different buildings that have executive relations department agents in them. So just because you get ahold of a "craig" one day or a "barbara" the next day means that we know who that person is, because sometimes we don't. I know personally unless i know the specific agent who was in the file previously and i know how they work, i don't trust much of what is typed in a file. I always try to verify my own research to assist people.
2. When you call 1 - 800 samsung, the call goes to our general service level agents. They do not have the ability on their level to extend warranties, or handle anything other than repairs, and personally, some of them do not even have the brain capacity to do that right. I spend many hours of my days trying to correct files that have gotten " escalated" to my department. So please, if you are sent up to ecr, we are trying to help you. . (Or at least i try to) .
3. When you call 1800 samsung, and request a supervisor, if it is the normal day time operating hours for our dept between 9 am and 7pm eastern time, you will be transferred to the ecr dept. We are not supervisors, we are agents that handle requests for escalations. And we do in most cases have the authority to help someone depending on the situation. If you call during a time of the day, or on the weekend when our dept is not open, the service agent will make a voc file (3000) which goes into the general ecr queue. Please realize, on a day to day basis there can be as many as 1000 files put into that queue. And there are only 2 agents in my dept, in my building that go through those files. So, your best bet is, trying to call us during normal operating hours if you want to speak to someone.
4. People have to realize, that if we went through and extended everyone's warranty to cover repairs, samsung would be a bankrupt company. Ecr is certainly within our ability to extend warranties for people who are slightly out (I. E. 90 days) , or for those that have had multiple repairs (I. E. At least one previously within that last 6 - 12 months) . So please, if you call up to us, and you are 3 years out of warranty, and have never had the unit repaired, spare us your cursing at us. We are not the ones who made the policies, we just enforce them, we are the messengers. If i had the authority, i would gladly cover a repair for you, but in that case, it could be my job, and i don't need to be unemployed.
5. Yes, we do get scored on call quality and call times. I don't like rushing people off the phone, but my job quality depends on it. So if i am being brief with you, its not bc i don't care, or im being rude. It's because that if i don't meet the average handle time for my calls, that could also be my job. So please, bare with us.
6. If you have contacted samsung within the past month, you may have been made aware that we have been having severe computer issues. That reason being, we upgraded to a new system, and believe me, that agents you are speaking to are just as frustrated as you. We had very little training on this upgraded system, and most of us, including myself had our hitches along the way. That being said, the waiting times to get through to our department have drastically increased. You usually didnt have to wait more than 5 mins to get through, and i know this bc we have a system up at all times that show how many calls are waiting and for how long. Now the waiting times can be as long as up to 20 minutes. All agents are trying to get to the cx's as quickly as possible. So please, when you get on the phone, we know how frustrated you are. . . We are almost at times feeling the same way.
7. We know how bad some of our servicing centers are that service such things at blue ray players. . Believe me. Time and time again i get calls about how people received units back damaged, or they have been waiting a month, or the service center lost their unit. Believe me, we know. And i sit there and wonder most days why samsung still continues to use their services after so many complaints. But, once again. . We don't make the contracts, we are just the messengers. . . Don't take it out on us. . . Those who call us up and are nice to me. . Tend to get alot further.
8. Don't get on the phone and start demanding this and demanding that, and being all over rude. I pride myself on my very very small number of supervisor calls, bc i am for the most part a very level headed person, and i know my job inside and out. I do know how to talk appropriately to people, and if you treat me with the same respect that i give you as soon as we get on a call, i can guarantee, i can most likely assist you within that time, no supervisor needed. Not everyone in my department can say that, but not everyone has a 92% call quality either. So please be kind to your ecr agent. It will get you alot further.
9. We know about all the problems with our units. . . Especially dlp tv's. And i get just as frustrated as you when i get a call from someone who is 2 years out of warranty, with a dlp and it has completely broken, isnt turning on. . . And has been diagnosed as needing a new light engine from a service center. . That is not a cheap repair. . . And my department is not authorized to assist. We know about all the problems with these units,. . I deal with them all day, everyday. But until samsung decides to make a recall on them. . . We have to keep making people angry, and yes. . . It does suck. But if you are having a dark vertical band running down either the left or right side of your dlp unit and it was made 2 or more years ago. . . Give samsung a call. It may be a light tunnel issue, and we are doing free of charge repair for those.
10. If you are out of warranty, do yourself a favor and avoid the lower level tiers. They can't help you. Call 1800 - 522 7341 to go to ecr. And please. . Please. . . Please. . . Before you call us, find a copy of your receipt!!! And when you have an agent on the phone, ask them the steps of uploading it on the samsung website. . . That is the quickest way for us to view it. . Because if we don't have your receipt, we go off of the date the unit was manufactured (Which populates by the serial number) . Samsung does not keep track of serial numbers and where they were sold. We do not have that info in our system. So the only way to verify your warranty terms are with your receipt! Keep them for everything you buy! And if you already have a service file set up, you can upload your receipt to us in a quick easy step. Scan it into your computer and save it as an image file. Go to www. and go to support. Under support you will find repair self tracking. Click on it and go to the page. Choose option 1 to enter in your transaction number (Which will be either a 3000 or 400 number) and your phone number you provided us when you called. Click continue. This take you to the file. Scroll to the bottom of the page, click upload purchase receipt. Browse your computer for the file and hit attach. There you go, its send to samsung.

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12/23/2014 Samsung TV - My Samsung smart tv has been giving me issues.
My Samsung smart tv has been giving me issues. The smart portion of my tv does not want to come on. I have contacted them and the tv work well for 2 weeks but now it won't work anymore

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10/29/2014 Samsung TV - My children bought us a 39 in. LED flat screen
My children bought us a 39 in. LED flat screen for Christmas last year. The first couple months it worked great, but all summer & fall so far......the picture screen goes out. Sometimes when we're watching it, it will just go black, but the sound stays on. Sometines, when you turn it on, you have to turn it on & off several times to get a picture. This is the first flat screen we've owned, & the kids bought a nice size so my husband could see better. Our old Zenith was only a 27 in. Can you help ????? The wires are all tight !!!!

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10/6/2014 Samsung TVI have a plasma 58 inch TV build on
Samsung TV

I have a plasma 58 inch TV build on June 30, 2012 that exhibits the Chinese electrolytic capacitor failure Class Action Suit problem. Now out of factory warranty. Does anyone know what recourse I may still have to have Samsung respond to the problem? I would never had known about the massive, widespread problem with these model televisions if I didn't google for information.
Can I still get Samsung to respond even if my size model wasn't in original class action?

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7/25/2014 Samsung TV - Have a 52" samsung smart tv wall mounted. Having
Have a 52" samsung smart tv wall mounted. Having trouble with our surround sound....i.e. surround sound no longer working...just buzzing. Is there a setting I can go to in order to fix this. Tried talking to a service representative....could not understand anything he was saying....would like some hellp from someone who speaks english. The tv is only 2 years old. any help available?

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7/17/2014 I have a samsung TV Model LN32D450G1GXPE and tried
I have a samsung TV Model LN32D450G1GXPE and tried to receive digital TV . My question is does this model support digital TV?

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4/30/2014 Samsung TV - i need the height and width of the 75 inch tv to
i need the height and width of the 75 inch tv to determine if it will fit into my wall unit and if i can still use my bose analog sound system-thank you

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9/15/2013 Samsung TV - When using smart hub on my 55 inch tv I can no
When using smart hub on my 55 inch tv I can no longer get videos to play on either amazon or Netflix. I can see all and can even play trailers but when it comes to movies no luck. This is a relatively new issue for me as I have had the tv for 6 months now with no problem. At this point I have given up and figure one day the updates will synch up in the meantime just a lot of finger pointing and too much time wasted trying to resolve so my kids can watch shows!

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9/15/2013 Samsung TV -40 inches-LED model no 40B6000VV,
Samsung TV -40 inches-LED model no 40B6000VV, model code V4A 40B6000vvmxl bought 3 years ago now developed a problem. Sound Quality deterirated. It is more metalic and screeching . Customer care service is requested to take appropriate action. E mail address

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