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Sara Lee is a US corporation that makes breads, cakes and other food items. Sara Lee is selling their baking unit to Grupo Bimpo a Mexican Corporation.

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1-800-323-7117 Review Needed Please Comment


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3/2/2016 Sara Lee messed with the French Cheesecake desert?
Why have you people messed with your French Cheesecake desert?

Several years ago, the size / volume of your product was basically cut in half and the price raised. Now the recipe has been fudged with cheaper ingredients, thus the taste has changed dramatically - For the Worse !

This product used to be "So Good" to the taste buds and now it's really BAD ! ! !

David Read More
8/26/2015 Sara Lee - Please take off the grass artwork on your packages
Please take off the grass artwork on your packages. When I look at the package from afar in the kitchen it looks like the bread has molded because of the grass artwork on the bottom of the package. After I picked it up several days and thought the same thing I thought you should know this.

Love the bread buy it all the time - keeps so well and long.

Sandy Read More
2/11/2014 Sara Lee Honey Wheat Bread last loaves were dry
I have always bought your Honey Wheat Bread and have been really happy with it. It cost more than other bread, but it was worth it. It always stayed fresh. The last 4 loaves I bought have been on the dry side and I had to cut off the crust. I can not continue to buy it if this is how it is going to be. I would be better off the buy the cheap store brand bread and use it for a few days and throw the rest to the birds, at least it would be fresh for awhile.

Cynthia Read More
7/26/2013 I have purchased Sara Lee products for years.
I have purchased Sara Lee products for years. We especially liked the Honery Wheat up until a few weeks ago when I noticed that the consistency was not near as good as we had experienced and the bread did not stay as fresh as before.

Today I purchased a package of Sara Lee cupcakes (8 in a package). I ate one after dinner tonight and was very disatisfied with the taste. I told my husband that they
tasted like you would expect the cellophane packaging they were wrapped in would. Needless to say I won't be purchasing Sara Lee products. I really hate to complain because we have enjoyed and purchased them for a long time and hope that following some quality control by your company we can return to being loyal customers once again.

Carol Read More
11/11/2012 We have purchased Sara Lee bread at our local
We have purchased Sara Lee bread at our local Maynards store in Fairfax Mn. over the years. The product is consistantly good quality and priced competively. We purchased two loves and in the center is a trace of flower. I am not complaining, just thought you would like to know what's happening with your product. Dealing in high voulume has special challenges and I feel it is important to let a fine company like Sara Lee know about this minor situation. The numbers on the loaves are 303 0817 1640 best by N11
Select Cottage Wheat Bread. Thanks for the fine products.....

Wayne A. Higgins Read More
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