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Sears is the famous American retailer. Sears now includes another large US retailer, Kmart. Sears Stores feature home goods, clothing, electronics, tools, yard items, and auto centers.

Sears Corporate
3333 Beverly Road
Hoffman Estates, Illinois 60179 USA

M - F 24-7

More Phone Numbers
Tech Support: 1-800-469-4663 1-800-697-3277
Sears Stores: 1-800-549-4505
Sears Credit Card: 1-800-917-7700
Sears Mastercard: 1-800-669-8488
Kenmore: 1-888-536-6673
Sears Commercial One: 1-800-599-9712
Delivery: 1-800-732-7747
Installation: 1-800-326-8738
Parts: 1-800-252-1698
Repair: 1-800-295-4809
Computer Repair: 1-800-877-8701
Craftsman Club: 1-800-682-8691
Sears Cleaning: 1-866-362-8631
Sears Home Improvement: 1-877-682-0991
Home Improvement Credit: 1-800-366-3817
Shop Your Way Rewards: 1-800-991-8707
Outside USA: 1-208-822-0001
Puerto Rico: 1-800-437-3277
en Espanol: 1-800-377-8634
Corporate Phone: 1-847-286-2500
Corporate Fax: 1-847-286-8351

Email Addresses:
Sears International
Sears Outlet Customer Service

Phone Number

1-800-469-4663Press 0 at each prompt, ignoring messages.


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9/23/2016 Sears - BEWARE of the repair technicians and the

BEWARE of the repair technicians and the customer service department and hoping to make ANY sense of repair scheduling!!!!!! I had a frig being serviced which needed parts... Was considered an emergency appt. it took two weeks for the parts to come and the appt being made! I had an appt today. The window was 1-5( with a reminder the night before). I emptied the frig the night before and was told there would be no leaking... Unplugged the frig early morning and left doors open as instructed. It leaked all day... Anyway it got to be 4:45 so I called Sears . The recording told me I was showing an appt that day for 5:15-7:15! So I asked to speak to a representative. I was told the tech was running late. I had gotten NO phone call to inform me of this! And I would have never scheduled an evening appt! I had to juggle a few things and was forced to wait for the tech. Well 7:05 rolled around and I called again and spoke to representative who was very nice but when he checked with the tech, I was informed that the technician finished his route at 7pm!!!! NO CALL NO NOTHING!!! I requested an appt first thing the next morning and was told it couldn't happen but they could come at 1-5 again. I informed Sears I wasn't available in the afternoon and was then told he could fit me in on the 27th!!!! 5 days later!!!!! I asked why my appt wasn't a priority since I was left in the lurch with NO phone calls after being rooked around all day long.... He couldn't help so I asked for a supervisor. I waited 50 minutes on HOLD!!! The supervisor contacted routing dept but they were CLOSED! Of coarse they were after 8 pm , after I waited on hold for soooo long. So she informed me that she would send a "note" to the routing dept to contact me in the morning and "see" if someone was "available" to make the appt in the morning at my home!!!!! My question is: WHY is a customer who was disregarded all day with a legit appt... That got delayed to an evening appt.... With no communication.... Waiting almost 8 hrs of her time...... Told to be FIT IN to a schedule? SEAR should be accommodating ME!! I should be the priority!!!!! I was the next appt!!!! Needless to say I'm twisted!!!! I now have to call again at 7 am and go through this allllllll againnnn!!!!!! Why do I have to BEG for an appt I already had???? Just be careful out there!!!!! And never mind all of the food in my freezer is gone and I will have to deal with the leaky frig all night!!!!! Horrible customer service and horrible communication!!!!!!! Seems their time is more important than mine apparently!!!!!!

lisaRead More
9/20/2016 Sears - Here ya go. My girlfriend bought a refrigerator
Here ya go. My girlfriend bought a refrigerator at the Birmingham Sears Outlet for her Mother. The unit was delivered at the wrong time, thus her Mother, 81 did not see that the doors were installed incorrectly because my girlfriend wasn't at the time when the unit was delivered. Attempted to call the Manager after being shifted back and forth from one company and then again back to the Sears store. The manager did not call back when she was told that he would. When my girlfriend finally made contact with the Manager he twice insulted her i.e. saying the word "AND" twice. He belittled her most assuredly because Sears had their money at that point. When I attempted to get to the bottom of why this Manager was rude to her, I was hung up on a different male associate sales person. They have most assuredly not heard the back from me. Of course, I make sure to other people to NOT buy anything from Sears nor will myself.

DougRead More
9/16/2016 Sears - Worst customer service ever.......I can't believe
Worst customer service ever.......I can't believe I have been put on hold three times and after giving all my information to each agent THREE times total they have disconnected me! Grrrrrrrrrrr

NancyRead More
8/17/2016 Sears - I bought a mattress and had it 30 days and
I bought a mattress and had it 30 days and couldn't sleep on it..I kept rolling to the middle of the bed, I went in to see what I could do and was to I could exchange it BUT would have to pay a restocking fee of 15%, I just wanted some sleep, so I said lets get this done and bought a better mattress which they were going to deliver the next day...when I stripped the mattress in prep for the NEW one I saw the problem the mattress was sagging better than 4 inches in the middle after only 30 days use. I took about 20 pictures of the sag from every angle to prove I was telling the truth and sent them to the mattress customer service dept.and asked for the restocking fees back because they sold me a defective mattress...when all was said and done, I was told they don't care about there customers happiness only their paperwork in the proper order..

LouisRead More
7/23/2016 Sears - Due to my age (it is difficult for me to get
Due to my age (it is difficult for me to get around) I chose to research what washer and dryer I wanted cost accessories measurements etc. I then called the local Green Bay Store to purchase and have it delivered. My delivery date was a Sat. which worked well and I cleared my calendar so I would be home. I did not receive a call for delivery time by 8:30 PM the night before so I called customer service. I was told that the order was held up in the fraud department and I was unable to resolve the issue at that time. Sat. morning back on the phone and I was given to this department and that department, no one was able to resolve the issue until I came to Savanna in Customer service who told me my order was resolved. I then contacted the delivery department to set up another date and was unable to do that, computer had not yet been updated. I suggested that Customer Service call the investigation department to find that all was resolved, which she said she would do with me on the phone. I was given to delivery expecting that I would have a date, no cannot schedule, back to investigation------now I have a very good credit score and my card is paid off every month, what is the issue I kept asking-----I spoke to Fernando, back and forth----I finally got Christian who told me the truth which is that the supplier did not get the product to delivery in time. So this had nothing at all to do with me I spent hours on the phone and finally found someone who told me the truth----now I will need to have someone here to receive the order if it is not delivered 1st on Monday which I did request. I find it VERY frustrating to be jerked around particularly when a number of people I spoke to I found difficult to understand. due to their location. I called the store back as well asking for their assistance nothing they can do I was told.

I will NOT order anything, or purchase anything from Sears again---There must have been a better way for this to have been resolved. I was in tears by the time I finally resolved this issue which required that I do the resolving.

It is my hope that I do get a call Sunday night with the time and that I do locate someone to receive it. I am much too old to go through this ordeal. Thus my company rating is NOT favorable.

I also never received an email receipt for the purchase.

BobbiRead More
7/19/2016 O 7/8/16 I purchased a rocker/recliner from sears
O 7/8/16 I purchased a rocker/recliner from sears in Florence, KY. I tried to get info about the foot-rest position Since then I have got exactly no info. I have gotten the old pass the buck run a round from every dept. including Sears and the manufacturer. Due to this , I will never purchase ANYTHING from Sears again.
Their "customer service" STINKS!!!

RobertRead More
7/14/2016 Sears - 0 stars. The products do not stand up and are
0 stars. The products do not stand up and are often defective when we get them. We have a brand new spreader that we got last fall and never used it and it does not work. We bought a new refrigerator and freezer
that are supposed to sit next to each other and they started falling apart before they had been used two years. That is just a few of the things that have gone wrong. On top of that you can not get any help. Nobody knows where the # are located. Just a few of the problems we have had. By no means inclusive.

CharlesRead More
NEVER EVER, ORDER A SIDE VENTED DRYER, CAUSE YOU WILL NEVER GET IT. Today was the 4th delivery date to have my dryer delivered. Once again, I received a call saying the dryer delivered to the warehouse wasn't vented as ordered. Supposedly it will be delivered tomorrow.
I'm confident IT WON'T HAPPEN. Their promises are a joke. Their customer service department and their warehouse delivery team are the tag team from hell. I can only hope that someone with an IQ that exceeds their shoe size, will reply to my comments.
I've spent thousands of dollars at Sears in the last 15 years and I won't spend one penny more.

Another dissatisfied customerRead More
6/25/2016 I will never do service with sears again. 3 weeks
I will never do service with sears again. 3 weeks ago I scheduled a repair for my front loader washer. The repairmen came the next day. He was here about 15 minutes. He said a little hose was clogged. I watched him run his finger around inside. A little bit of wet stuff was in it and he said "that's the problem" I told him it was such a little bit of stuff. He said well maybe it's further down, but he closed everything up and said problem fixed. My washer is doing the same. I called Sears on Thursday and asked for someone to come out the next day. I had wet clothes in the washer and water all over the floor. I was informed (by a person I could hardly understand) that the soonest they could come out was a week. I said that was unacceptable and asked for a supervisor. I was on hold for 25 minutes and again spoke to someone that I could hardly understand. She told me the same thing. I asked to speak to her supervisor and she said, that was not a procedure that happens. I asked for another supervisor and was disconnected. I called again. During that call the man told me that if we could hang up a supervisor would call. Unfortunately the person called my cell phone and I was unaware of the call. I finally took the appointment a week away. I told him that water was standing on the floor behind the washer and that I could not pull it out. After a week there could be possible floor damage. He said well if there is file a claim. I am so disgusted and frustrated. My washer is sitting with a tub of wet items and I am waiting for next week for the repair.

KayRead More
5/11/2016 Dealing with Sears was the most frustrating
Dealing with Sears was the most frustrating experience. I received a patio set for Mother's Day from my children which was supposed to be assembled upon delivery. The day of,delivery it rained so I was told by the delivery service that they could not assemle it, but to call customer service for scheduling the next day, which I did. They said that someone would call me that night to schedule assembly. Of course, no phone call .. No one came.. Called again. Was told at they would,come on Wednesday. Took day off, waited for phone call. You guessed it, no call. Called customer service again. Was old nobody was coming. Had to arrange for private co.
to assemble. When it was purchased we were guaranteed installation.
After a long dialogue with CS, I told them to come pick it up, I didn't want it.
Even arranging for pickup was a problem. Now I have to wait and see if the pickup happens on the designated date. WILL NEVER DEAL WITH SEARS AGAIN?

JaneRead More
5/5/2016 sears is such a disappointment. When I was a child
sears is such a disappointment. When I was a child Sears was at the top of the heap. Quality and customer service. Now its a sad joke. I tried to order a pair of sneakers on your terrible website and it wouldnt let me check out ,,I just got run in circles,,,, go to cart,, click proceed to check out,,, join or check out as guest, click guest, back to cart, click proceed to check out, back to join or guest check out,. after this about 10 times I figured you were making me join ,, so I did. Same results. Try to find customer service online. NO, just a stupid page of questions and answers of no help. Horrible. I doubt I will shop at Sears anymore. Now I have to work on getting all the emails to stop.

MichaaelRead More
4/27/2016 Sears - On April 21 we purchased a refrigerator from your
On April 21 we purchased a refrigerator from your outlet. I'm very disappointed at the level of service we received. The salesperson was more concerned about the extended warranty that we chose NOT to purchase. This seemed to irritate her. We were not informed we needed to purchase a new water line to connect the icemaker. It was not even suggested.
We went the next day to buy one from the store at Hulen Mall they informed us that when a service tech was in our area we'd receive a call to hook up the new water line. Well it's been a week and still nothing.

C.ReyesRead More
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