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Sears is the famous American retailer. Sears now includes another large US retailer, Kmart. Sears Stores feature home goods, clothing, electronics, tools, yard items, and auto centers.

Sears Corporate
3333 Beverly Road
Hoffman Estates, Illinois 60179 USA

M - F 24-7

More Phone Numbers
Tech Support: 1-800-469-4663 1-800-697-3277
Sears Stores: 1-800-549-4505
Sears Credit Card: 1-800-917-7700
Sears Mastercard: 1-800-669-8488
Kenmore: 1-888-536-6673
Sears Commercial One: 1-800-599-9712
Delivery: 1-800-732-7747
Installation: 1-800-326-8738
Parts: 1-800-252-1698
Repair: 1-800-295-4809
Computer Repair: 1-800-877-8701
Craftsman Club: 1-800-682-8691
Sears Cleaning: 1-866-362-8631
Sears Home Improvement: 1-877-682-0991
Home Improvement Credit: 1-800-366-3817
Shop Your Way Rewards: 1-800-991-8707
Outside USA: 1-208-822-0001
Puerto Rico: 1-800-437-3277
en Espanol: 1-800-377-8634
Corporate Phone: 1-847-286-2500
Corporate Fax: 1-847-286-8351

Email Addresses:
Sears International
Sears Outlet Customer Service

Phone Number

Phone Hint
1-800-469-4663 Press 0 at each prompt, ignoring messages.


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7/12/2017 Sears - No wonder you are going out of service - no real
No wonder you are going out of service - no real person answers the phone only an animated recording. I have American Home Shield home insurance and they (AHS) gave our service request to Sears (Las Vegas) NCC to fix our GE Monogram Refrigerator and when the service representative came to our house TODAY- after we've been waiting to have service to our appliance for 5 days the Sears Repair person said 'they do not service GE Monogram and we'd have to call AHS ourselves since Sears doesn't work on our model refrigerator. I can't get a hold of AHS on the phone and can't issue another repair request because the Sears request shows COMPLETED. I feel Sears Repair should call AHS since they did not let AHS know they don't work on this model. And the Sears repair person said "NO - we had to call AHS"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gloria Read More
6/21/2017 Sears - Wish I could give a 0 rating. Customer service is
Wish I could give a 0 rating. Customer service is the worst. I purchased a water heater from Sears 3/2014 and have had nothing but problems. I called Sears 4/2017 for a leak issue and tech changed the release valve. We continue to have problems with leaking, as the issue hasn't been resolved. WHY IS MY HEATER STILL LEAKING SEARS? The tech that changed the valve did appear he wanted to be there that day working.

Today, 6/21/17, we woke to NO HOT WATER. Smelled gas and called the gas company. PECO detected a leak at the hot water line and advised me to call the installer (SEARS). Had to deal with unsatisfactory customer service who scheduled the earliest appointment of June 30, 2017. REALLY SEARS, over a week without FREAKING HOT WATER- UNACCEPTABLE. I left a message at Corporate and demanded to speak with a Manager. Manager indicates I will receive a call within 24-48 hrs for an appointment earlier than June 30, 2017. So until than I have to boil water as if in the Stone Ages.

I have purchased many appliances and exercise equipment from Sears throughout the years; but after this poor service, I will NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM SEARS AGAIN.

Christine G Read More
6/17/2017 I have brought Sears appliances for 30 years and
I have brought Sears appliances for 30 years and have been very happy with them. Now the refrigerator after 25 years has stopped working so of course brought a new one on sale. Delivery was scheduled for Thursday (refrig)
went out on Sunday (brought the new one same day) it is now Saturday and still no appliance. Did receive a call on Thursday late to reschedule for Sat. Scheduled for 9-11 am received a call rescheduled to 10-12 noon, received a call sometime today. It is now 3pm and still no appliance. I do not understand where customer service is????? I guess times have really changed. If I ever need another appliance I will shop elsewhere. JR

JoAnn Read More
6/13/2017 Sears - I have spent most of the day trying to get a
I have spent most of the day trying to get a question about my Craftsman Air Compressor (919.167242) answered. After being disconnected several times and being told there is not a tech department at Sears that can help me, and being sent from on phone number or web site to another I am fed up with Sears. I still do not have a answer.

Pierre Read More
6/2/2017 Sears - Worst customer service I've ever experienced.
Worst customer service I've ever experienced.

Ramona Read More
6/2/2017 We purchased a refrigerator from our local sears
We purchased a refrigerator from our local sears store about a year ago. We recently ordered a new water filter for it on our Sears MasterCard and were charged twice for one filter. My wife spent nearly an hour on the phone this morning and never did get anyone she could understand and never had the problem resolved. We are getting very irritated by the customer service of this Company! We used to buy all our household appliances from you guys, but if something doesn't change you very likely will lose a lifelong customer!

Joe Read More
4/7/2017 Sears - We bought a Kenmore stove in September and have
We bought a Kenmore stove in September and have had nothing but problems with this stove, from the convection oven fan sounding like a helicopter, to the stove constantly smelling like oil. We have had a service tech out who stated there is something wrong with the oven and told Sears so. Sears WILL NOT honor their factory warranty and replace the stove. They have not shown up twice to our home when scheduled appointments without calling. And the last time we were transferred literally three different times and disconnected each time, had to call back over a 2 and a half hour period. Guess what....we still have the stove and NO ONE from Sears will talk to us. What do we do now???? We are at a loss!!!

Very Very Disappointed Customers NEVER AGAIN Read More
1/13/2017 Sears - OMG. Apparently you can't get your questions
OMG. Apparently you can't get your questions answered without scheduling a service call. Which is $79. I have a 10 year pld washer that broke. All I wanted to know was how much the new part would be. If it's expensive, I'll just get a new washer (not a Kenmore with this customer service). I can't move the washer to get a part number and the door is locked so I can't get it that way either. Without a part number you can't look anything up. This is so frustrating.

Upset Read More
1/9/2017 Sears - I purchased a birthday gift for my Grandson
I purchased a birthday gift for my Grandson on-line. I called the next day to cancel the order which was being processed. A foreigner answered. After numerous "excuse me, can you repeat that", I finally was able to understand that it was not possible to cancel the order. What a joke. I asked the agent for the phone number to Customer service as I had been transferred from another department and it took a good 4/5 minutes for her to find it. This will be my last transaction with Sears.

Mike Read More
12/30/2016 Sears obviously is very disorganized these days.
Sears obviously is very disorganized these days. It's a shame because they used to be so good. I always went to Sears as my first choice but I can't anymore.........Lately I can count on something being screwed up.
I recently ordered two pairs of shoes from One for myself and one for my wife. Mine fit and my wife's did not. With paperwork in hand my wife went to a local Sears store to return the one pair just one day after we had gotten them. The paperwork said we can ship them back OR take them to a Sears store. The store did not want to accept the return. They said the number on the box didn't match the number on the receipt.........well- if you were looking at the Men's shoes - no it wouldn't match the women's shoes. Poorly trained people and mangers!! Finally they agreed to refund $37.66 of the $44.99 purchase price....... why that number I don't know. My wife just accepted it to be done with it. So we lost money on this adventure and I don't even care. I'm done with I learned my lesson and lost a few dollars along the way. The people at customer service speak very poor English and make you repeat information over and over.That's after you are on hold for a half hour and get transferred from person to person. Sears is in trouble and I can see why..... The once mighty great store cannot get anything right or easy. It's too bad.

VLRO Read More
12/16/2016 Sears - Worst place ever to do business with stay away
Worst place ever to do business with stay away

Bob Read More
11/17/2016 I bought a washer from sears was told it had a
I bought a washer from sears was told it had a $100.00 rebate call the number the store gave me They said i can not get it call the store ask why told me I should of read the tag better I went with your fast talking person told me

Bernie Read More
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