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4/1/2016 Sears Credit Card - I just spoke to a customer service representative
I just spoke to a customer service representative about a billing problem that I had, and she could not have been more helpful.

betty Read More
1/15/2016 Sears Credit Card - The credit card fraud department is the worse. I
The credit card fraud department is the worse. I tried to do a change of address and they would not take my drivers license or any bills with my new one on it. They said they're going to mail me a letter with their letterhead then the need to fax it back. How in the heck will that prevent any thing. I'm a honors at CSU, after dealing with this company l, I feel dumber. I still don't have my charge, but t I do see why this company is losing customers, never again will I shop here.

Jacquese Read More
1/4/2016 Sears Credit Card - Cannot believe you can keep your name good when you treat your customers so poorly
I just got off the phone with a very rude representative, named Sonja or Tonya. I submitted my bill $45.61 online on Jan. 1, 2016, it is not due until Jan 2, 2016. I did not get anything that said I had paid it but I thought it would not send me a notification until after the due date. Today I see it was not applied to my account, talked to a Joan first then she referred me to Sonja. I explained what I did, she saw no record of my payment, and she said she could not take the $25.00 until I paid the full acct of $70.61. I have been a card holder of Sears for many yrs, she said she needed my banking info, I gave it to her, she said there was nothing on her files that show my banking acct #, that is strange because when I do have a charge it is taken out of my account #4006, naturally I was upset, with all the fraud that is going on, she said I should not be upset, she said there were 2 different systems and she had nothing on my account. I am very very upset with the treatment I received, I gave her permission to take $70.61 out of my husband's account (that included $25.00 late fee which I should not have to pay). I was still talking to her and she hung up on me, so much for treating the customer nicely. Now I have to spend 25.00 at Sears to clear my account up, after this I will probably cancel my account with you, I cannot believe you can keep your name good when you treat your customers so poorly.

Jane Read More
10/14/2015 Sears Credit Card - Sears has the most ignorant credit card staff
You have the most ignorant credit card staff that I have ever dealt with. I went to a local Sears store and Paid a $29,00 payment that I had shorted my Sept payment. I did this in middle of September. That brought my account up to date, and yet you charged a late fee on the bill for October. $35.00 At that point my account was not in arrears. So I did not include it in the October payment Because IT WAS NOT LATE. Octobers payment was mailed on Sept 30. I subtracted the $35 for the payment because it was the account was up to date.
You cashed the check thru my bank on 10/6. Which means that you must have received the check before that date, making the account not late ( there was also a Sunday involved in this transaction.
I know Sears is going broke but don't try screw out a late payment to save your a##.

John Read More
3/12/2015 Without a doubt, Sears Credit Cards has the worst
Without a doubt, Sears Credit Cards has the worst website I have ever used. It fails at the drop of a hat and it does not allow you to view old statements without going through an absurd process. I sent them emails on the site and found that they failed to go through for reasons that are a complete mystery to me. I rarely need the website, but I am considering getting another card because this is just unacceptable.

Steve Read More
8/20/2014 Sears Credit Card - Payed o# my card but you w on close it.. lo
Payed o# my card but you w on close it.. lo close it.

tom Read More
8/15/2014 Sears Credit Card - I was told by a representative that I was an
I was told by a representative that I was an excellent paying customer. I was requesting a lower interest rate. I even paid off a $3,000.00 dollar balance. Still no favor. Im through with Sears.

Derek Read More
5/27/2014 Sears Credit Card - Sears just lost a customer because of a $4.32 belt
I just bouht a belt at sears parts&service in san Antonio tx I install the belt at my vacuum cleaner it lasted only 5 minutes and broke I took it back and the person that help me refused to give me another he blame me he stated that I install the belt wrong .Well for his information I told him that I been a carpet installer for 47 years.He refused to replace it I mentioned that I was going to canceled my credit card he didn't care so sears lost me and my family and friends ascustomers for only a belt that cost $4.32

marco a bernal Read More
1/11/2014 Not to happy with customer service from Sears Credit Card
not to happy with customer service they was very rude to me when I called them to cancel my card with them never again going to shop at sears I learnt my lesson

arod Read More
1/8/2014 Sears Credit Card - I Purchased a Christman tree on Sears.com
I Purchased a Christman tree on Sears.com, I went to the store to cancel the order and was told that I had to contact Sears.com to cancel. I called Sears.com to cancel the order and was told I had to cancel the order in the store. I went through this for three hold days before I call the credit card dept and explained what had happen and was told that it would be removed from my account within five days. We will see.I will never order from sears.com again

angry as hell Read More
1/3/2014 I got suckered into a Sears Credit Card
I, like most people, got suckered into a Sears credit card as a college student. Everything is fine until you get behind on a payment. They are sadistic in the way they harass you by calling your house from sun up to sun down, seven days a week. You call the customer service reps and try to explain to them that you have lost your job, you are trying to hold on to your house, you are trying to feed your children, etc. Other creditors you talk to are understanding and reduce your payments or let your skip a month to try to get back on your feet. But mot, Sears, oh God no! Their company will go bankrupt without my payment. In the meanwhile they are adding their huge finance charges and late fees, ballooning your balance. They don't give a damn about your situation. The people who work in their store are not any better. I had closed by account and am finally getting to the end of the balance. Little trick told me that she was having trouble scanning my old invoice and if she could not scan it in, I would not be able to make a payment in the store, because she would not be able to type in the account number. WTF! I'm standing right there, able to provide ID for the name showing on the statement and you can't type in the account number. Told her I would never shop in Sears again. My dumb self called customer service today. After being questioned like a second class citizen, and they tried to bully me into making yet another payment over the phone, they finally agreed to send me another statement...in 30 days. WOW!

Deborah Read More
12/8/2013 Sears Credit Card my negative review - They are a nightmare
Not surprised to see the negative comments posted here because the only bad mark I have on my credit was due to the ignorance of the peoples at Sears and sears credit.

Several years ago I had a charge on my credit acct for $120.00 from some nutrition store in Colorado. Now, Im in Massachusetts and obviously I don't recognize the charge so I call and try to get some info and make sense of what it is and have them remove it.
So they tell me apparently a cashier in Colorado manually punched in my acct # by mistake. Shouldn't be a big deal to remove right?
Wrong, first they didnt remove the charge after 4 months even though they told me they would. I called their fraud dept.and told them Im not paying for the charge and to remove it. Not sure why I see it on my statement because we all agree its not MY CHARGE.
They told me that I didnt need to pay the charge and that it would drop off my acct when the process was completed. The problem is my statements kept detailing that the payment was late and was charging me fees I had to call about every month to have these fees removed.

When they finally take the charge off after me insisting that there was no reason it should be on my statement, I think the nightmare of dealing with them is over right?
Nope, I get my credit report several months later and have 60-90 late marks on my freaking credit report from none other than Sears!!
Whats worse is I call them to fix it and THEY WONT!! I called and wrote to the credit agency and they told me that Sears would have to write or call them to have the marks in the dispute removed.
At this point I'm dealing with managers at sears on the phone that tell me that I was responsible to pay the charges until the investigation was complete which is of course a load of crap. I try to reason with them, "So if someone falsely charges lets say, $1,000 to my acct, I have to pay it until further notice"??
Bullshit. Thats not even legal and theyre lucky I didnt take this issue further because honestly it was a nightmare. Fuck this company and their incompetent employees, managers included.

JOEL Read More
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