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6/9/2017 Sears Delivery - I was told my treadmill would be delivered between
I was told my treadmill would be delivered between 2:45 - 4:45 on a Friday. Was delivered at 6:00. Then told it would take an additional 45 minutes or so to assemble. We had a prior engagement and told the guys we had to leave. I called the next morning and was told it would be delivered the following Monday. Then I get another call telling me it would be the following Thursday. The people in customer service were rude and did not care about anything I had to say. I do not understand since it was their error in scheduling that I was not a priority for next day delivery. All said and done I was emailed that it will be delivered on the following Monday. (Three weeks from purchase date). Sears needs to get together with everyone involved and get their scheduling on track. Be a little nicer to people that buy their merchandise.

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12/20/2016 Sears Delivery - Waited all day on Saturday 12/17 (paid extra for
Waited all day on Saturday 12/17 (paid extra for the Sat del), called around 6:15pm for a del scheduled by 6:30pm, was told because of weather they couldn't deliver. Stopped by the store the next day found out no deliveries were made on Saturday - too cold. So in other words, the delivery guys had day off and customers were not even given the courtesy of a call advising they wouldn't be showing up. Scheduled another time for this upcoming Thursday and today alone we've had 4 different schedule changes with the only one "confirmed" being tomorrow during the day, when we can not be here -btw we didn't confirm that one. Speaking with the Philippines is a nightmare to boot. Apparently next delivery date is after Christmas. If Sears is intent on creating the absolute worse customer service experience, they have actually over-delivered - it's the appliances that are under-delivered!

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12/5/2016 Sears Delivery - I purchased a bed set on October 12. It was to be
I purchased a bed set on October 12. It was to be delivered to us on October 25, so I took the day off to wait for the delivery. It was delivered on the day promised, but it was damaged. i was promised a new set would be delivered on November 1, so I took that day off. The delivery people never showed up. The bed set was finally delivered to me on November 3 (which I again had to take off). Sears promised me I would receive a $50 dollar credit for all the trouble I had to go through to finally get my bed, but to date they have never given me the credit. I called them on November 8 because I had not received the credit, and they promised me I would receive it in 3-5 business days. I then called them on November 18 because I had not received it; and they promised me I would receive it in 7-10 business days. Now it is December 4, and I still have not received the credit. I have come to the conclusion that Sears is a totally untrustworthy store.

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11/28/2016 Sears Delivery - I will have to say they did call us about 30
I will have to say they did call us about 30 minutes before they delivered our freezer and arrive at the end of the given time 8:45-`10:45am however they were about to leave when luckily we turned around and saw that there was a 5 " dent in the center front! He was nice and sent a picture to his boss. They tell me Sears will be in touch with us to see what "soon" means. We were told by the 800# to call our sales person and advise her of the issue.

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11/21/2016 Sears Delivery - I began a layaway on August 5,2016 when I started
I began a layaway on August 5,2016 when I started the purchase there was a huge mix up with the sales associate "Dawn" who was a dream in a nightmare. When I noticed that my deep freezer was not on my receipt Dawn made the necessary corrections but that led to me having 2 separate receipts and 2 separate delivery fees because I spent over 4 hours in the store (they were short staffed) and I taking my time to make an educated purchase. When I made a return trip to the store to make my biweekly payment I asked for a manager (Koren) was there and attempted to handle (the double delivery fee) now Koren re-rung my order (she neglected to put my washer on the receipt. Now a month goes by and I'm making my bi-weekly payments on time. On October 7,2016 I again go into the Lincoln Park location to make a final payment and arrange a delivery date. the date was set for October 10,2016 I take the day off of work to receive my delivery, on this date I received my range (scratched and dented), my refrigerator, deep freezer and dryer (gas) not electric like I ordered, but no washer, I speak with the delivery folks and they refer me back to the store, Upon reviewing my receipt low and behold (Koren) the manager never rung a washer ok fine, For the inconvenience a Sears rep gives me $200 in reward points, I use those reward points to put the washer that was neglected in the layaway, on October 21, 2016 2 weeks later instead of paying on the layaway I choice to just get it out. I was told that my delivery date would be 12/5/2016 ok more that 6 weeks away but ok. I then tried to call Sears to make sure that when they came to deliver my washer that they would be picking up the gas dryer and replacing it with a electric one, this began a thunder storm of bullcrap. I was hung up on 13 times, I was told by a representative to shut up and to go to a second hand shop to make my purchase. Now, all I wanted was a washer and dryer that matched, the one I took a few hours to pick out. I was told that the money from my washer would be mailed to me on 11/8/2016 it is now 11/21 and nothing. I still have their dryer in my basement brand new never touched they (delivery) arranged to pick up all of the items on since I can;'t have what I want what I've paid for I do not want anything. 10/25/2016 but they showed up on 10/*26/2016. I have been purchasing with Sears since I was 18 years old I have never been so disrespected, mishandled, and mistreated in all my life. Sears should be ashamed and yes I have reached out to the news simply because I HAVE PAID THE BALANCE OF MY LAYAWAY AND I STILL DO NOT HAVE A WASHER AND DRYER. THIS NIGHTMARE is so much longer I have shortened it for internet viewing. Just call me sad &dirty in Detroit!!!!!!!

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11/9/2016 Sears Delivery - I had a window time frame of 4:15-6:15 pm 11/8 for
I had a window time frame of 4:15-6:15 pm 11/8 for my range, bench, and dryer to be delivered. Didn't call until 9:05pm asking if I wanted to reschedule. Im pretty sure they were not happy with my answer since I took that day off for the delivery. Showed up at 9:54 installed my dryer and claimed they could install by gas range after trying for 10 minutes. Claimed I needed to call a plumber to loosen the gas connection. I think it was the fact that they didn't have the "gripping tool" they needed for the job. They were whispering if it was on the truck or not both went to check at separate times. When they realized it was not they came back and said I needed to call a plumber because the gas line was too tight. Well, after speaking with a couple plumbers today they call bluff. I spoke to three different Sears Representatives and the earliest anybody can come is 11/12. Thank you Sears and your delivery team for inconveniencing me once again and making your mistake a low priority. I paid for a service and its put on hold for 4 days.

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10/24/2016 Sears Delivery - My purchase was great. Salesperson Kim--excellent.
My purchase was great. Salesperson Kim--excellent. But the delivery is a nightmare. A year later and I have no refrigerator. They lost it? They question me on how long it has been. They need to find out what happened to my refrigerator instead of blaming me because so much time has passed. Don't know if I will buy from Sears again. We have been great customers in the past in the appliance department.

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10/21/2016 Sears Delivery - Had a delivery today they came on time but refused
Had a delivery today they came on time but refused to lower the washer and dryer into my bulkhead. We told them that we have always taken out our stairs for every delivery we have had in the past. the problem is the bulkhead is too low for the appliance to get in the basement without ruining it. one time they broke off the top of my washer. so to avoid that we took out the stairs. They refused to do it. Also they were supposed to remove the old ones and just leave them in the yard. The salesman forgot to write that on the instructions. All in all they sucked to put it mildly. My husband suffers from cancer and this was not the experience he expected. So now we need to get someone to help us . Thanks Sears.

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10/4/2016 Sears Delivery - Horrible service!I was promised delivery for 9
Horrible service!

I was promised delivery for 9 am, that I would be ther first drop off, as this was the second day that I've been trying to have my refrigerator delivered (I bought it from Sears). The first day the guy couldn't figure out how to cut the water off going to the old refrigerator.

So I called this morning, because the delivery never came. I was informed that the drop off was scheduled for between 2-4 pm. So this made me upset, because I cleared my morning for the delivery. I told the woman (at 9:30 am) that I wouldn't be able to get to my house until 2:30 pm.

I got a call at 2:10 pm, from the delivery men, that they were 15-20 min away. I told him then that I would be at my house by 2:30, he said they were only allowed to wait 30 min. That's fine I should be there by 2:30. As I'm pulling up, they were pulling off. I tried calling the number back no answer.

I called the company, was on hold for 10 min, the woman went on and on about how they were waiting and that she couldn't make them turn around. I asked to speak with a manager, she said that I could not because the manager was in a meeting. I asked for a number to reach the manager. She said that was not possible.

This was the worst experience. I may start screening the stores I purchase from if this is going to be the delivery company.

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7/27/2016 Sears Delivery - bought a dishwasher had it deliver on june 9 2016
bought a dishwasher had it deliver on june 9 2016 did not fit went back to store and bought a new one it is july 26 they were to deliver new one and remove old one ihave talked to delivery 7 times i am shocked to learn that when i call delivery they are located in the phillipines its a descrace that these jobs are not in the usa i have bought 8 appliances at sears but this is the last appliance i will buy from sears

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7/25/2016 Sears Delivery - purchased a whirlpool frontload washer and dryer
purchased a whirlpool frontload washer and dryer and a staking kit, the staking kit was never delivered. I tried calling Sear Customer Service and explained the matter but to no avail. Sears Billed My credit Card for the staking kit, I know I can protest the charges but its such a long tape that I will take the loss. It is sad, a big company like sears, a matter like this cannot be resolve expeditiously. It would appear that the customer service reps don't know what they are doing or cannot handle complaints.

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6/29/2016 Sears Delivery - Bought a washer for my aunt. Cost 85.00 for
Bought a washer for my aunt. Cost 85.00 for delivery. Was told everything would be hooked up. Delivery was 11 days from purchase but she had faith in Sears. Hot water not turned on. She cannot do it and I don't live close. Long story short. Do NOT use Sears. Use lowes or Home Depot. HORRIBLE SERVICE.

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