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Secure Horizons is medicare supplement health insurance provided by United Healthcare.

USA Corporate Office Headquarters<

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1-800-228-2144 Say "prospective member".


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6/17/2014 Secure Horizons - 6/17/2014 Have been dealing with CS about
6/17/2014 Have been dealing with CS about claim dated 9/2013. can not find anyone to help settle this with provider. Have talked to six different cs reps in that time. Have been oh hold at least 30 minutes each time and got no help. this is not even a large claim. will be changing ins. ASAP!!!! along with letting all my friends know not to get UHC. I am also writting a letter to AARP to let them know how the company they indorse has NO CUSTOMER SERVICE DEPT. There is no rateing low enough for this company. My blood pressure rises just thinking about this claim and Ins. company.

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4/2/2014 Secure Horizons - I have been on hold now for 19 minutes - I work at
I have been on hold now for 19 minutes - I work at a doctors office - and have to let several calls go to voicemail. The wait information is horrid. It is LOUD and I have no way of turning the volume down. I can only imagine with all the money they are saving from having a customer service crew, that the CEO of AARP can take his/her family on some very nice vacations. At our expense.

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1/4/2014 I had AARP Secure Horizons, United Healthcare
I had AARP Secure Horizons, United Healthcare. Im now with another company. You take 36.00 from my checking account.

Could you please stop. I no longer have you for my health ins.
Thank you, Barbara Hestilow

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10/10/2012 Secure Horizons - OMG, this comapny has the worst customer service I
OMG, this comapny has the worst customer service I have ever had to deal with....there is no customer service. My mother has SecureHorizons and all I wanted to do was notify them that she would be moving from one county to another and what was the proceedure to do this so that there would be no loss of coverage. I was given the biggest run around. 3 different numbers and passed around several times at each number and each person telling me there wasn't anyone who could help me. When I asked to talk to a supervisor I was given the same reply, "there isn't a supervisor here so you will have to leave your name and number and someone will call you back". I needed an answer now. My mother was being released from the hospital and moving away from her primary doctor. I needed to make sure I could get her care if she needed it. I still don't have an answer. I am so glad I found out about this company now, so in a few years when I am looking for a Medicare Supplemental insurance, it will not be with Securehorizons!

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8/14/2012 Secure Horizons - I have been tring since last Feb 2011 to get
I have been tring since last Feb 2011 to get Secure Horizon to pay for a pre approved PET Scan my husband had, I always get a different Cus. Ser. person and a different reason for non payment - I am beyond frustrated and not sure who to call anymore to resolve this problem. I have talked with 16 different customer service people from all over the united states HELP

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11/1/2011 Secure Horizons - Since Mid October 2011 I have been receiving
Since Mid October 2011 I have been receiving automated voice messages from a person reporting themselves to be from either Secure Horizon or United Health. The call have now increased to at least one early a.m. the other just before 8 p.m.
My phone number is on the do not call list.
I called 10/31/2011 1-800-950-9355, Secure Horizon remaining on hold for over 25 minutes before hanging up. I called again this time in under 15 minutes spoke to a representative whom assured me she had no idea why I am being called by an automated voice. Placed me on there do not call list assuring me the calls would cease, they have not.
I have not used the insurance, nore prescription medication as the out of pocket pay down is much more than my Doctor charges for his visits and at 4.00 prescriptions offered by many pharmacies why mess with an inferior insurance company. My opinion. I am now searching for another insurance provider that will not make it there duty to invade my private life with ongoing daily phone calls. One that I can use for medical issues.
Poor service is my summary of this company.

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10/24/2011 Secure Horizons - We are experiencing the same lack of service as
We are experiencing the same lack of service as BRS Eureka MT. We talked to Deanna, employee # 163241 at Customer Service, the supervisor on the floor and when we asked for her immediate superior we were told that she is it. Nobody is any higher than she. When asked who she would call if she had a problem she told us that that person is in India. Deanna claims the provider is using the wrong coding on their claim but she doesn't know what the correct coding is as only the "provider line" deals with codes. Can you spell run around? It will be interesting when we go to this year's informational meetings when we ask the sales reps how we are supposed to handle this type of poor service.

Dave New Port Richey FL Read More
10/19/2011 Secure Horizons - You folks are just getting started with this
You folks are just getting started with this bunch! My wife and I have been trying to get a claim paid for a full year - Yes a full year! We have called everyone short of the chairman of the board and he is next on the list. If we have to drive there I will get the check we are owed - maybe if we all drive there, rent buses, or trains, well you get my point. These people are as bad if not worse than the Pentagon. We have been given every excuse short of "The dog ate my homework"! We have call the regional office and a very nice lady tried to help us and she didn't even work for Secure Horizons division. But at least she tried. We don;t know what to do next, but I will call the CEO. I did call Jamie Dimon, CEO of Chase. Hey they put their pants on the same way. Here is his name Steven Hemsley CEO United Healthcare Crop 300 Opus Center Minnetonka, MN 55343
THE PHONE NUMBER IS 612-936-1300 - FAX 612-936-7752. This should be correct unless they moved and didn't tell anyone. Wouldn't put it past them! BRS Eureka, MT

BRS Eureka MT Read More
10/13/2011 Secure Horizons - still on hold after two calls and twenty minutes a
still on hold after two calls and twenty minutes a piece per phone call still on hold, come on cutomer service!!!!!!

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4/28/2011 Secure Horizons - I mailed a payment of $16.30 to pay my Account for
I mailed a payment of $16.30 to pay my Account for this year in full.The Check# was #.Please if you would email the following information to this email address for me. He has been paying the amount due for me.He should also be on my authorization for me.
Thank You

Louise Freshour Read More
2/28/2011 Secure Horizons - Woops!Maybe I shouldn't have switched out of
Maybe I shouldn't have switched out of Kaiser Permanente when I turned 65 and got my Medicare benefits. It's probably just my HMO group..Scrips Costal Medical Group, in San Diego, CA.
Will Secure Horizons/United Health Care follow up like Kaiser did when I had issues???

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2/17/2011 Secure Horizons - there is no fax number s on the card
there is no fax number s on the card

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