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Founded in 1987, the Minneapolis-based company delivers total sales of $691 million annually, and has 30 U.S.-issued or pending patents. The company was recently ranked by Furniture

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2/9/2016 Select Comfort Corp. - On November 9th 2015 I placed an order for a King CSE
On November 9th, 2015 I placed an order for a King CSE bed I was informed that it would be a 9 to 12 week delivery time for UPS ground. I financed the bed and never heard anything from Select Comfort. I received the credit card from Synchrony and a bill for the charge of the bed and I still did not have the bed as of 02/09/2016. I contacted Select Comfort and was informed that the bed was shipped and UPS confirmed it was placed on my deck with noon at home in late December. I received no email or phone message of the delivery. I contacted UPS and filled out paperwork of not receiving the boxes I then contacted Select Comfort again, only now I needed a police report filed which took 5 more days still no bed. I did file report with no problem I email and faxed the report and then called Select Comfort yet once again now they must research and call me back (wonder how long this will take). In the mean time, Synchrony Credit card company wants a payment or it will mess up my credit for a bed that I still DO NOT HAVE OR KNOW WHEN I WILL HAVE.
This has been one of the worst Company's and Customer Service I have ever worked with and would never recommend them to anyone. Today is 02/09/2016 and still NOTHING.

Miss Laura Read More
12/16/2015 Select Comfort Corp. - On 12/09/15 I visited your store in Springfield
On 12/09/15 I visited your store in Springfield Pa. to purchase a new bed for my wife for Christmas. At the time I placed the order #95000291401 I requested the bed be shipped to my business address. Your sales rep. said she was having trouble adding a ship to address but would contact the company to complete the request. Today when I returned from work my wife had a box containing the mattress pad and pillow, which I was told I would receive at no charge but when I looked at the customer order to put the order number on this comment I see I was charged $34.98 for the pillow. As you can guess I had to explain the package and ruin the Christmas surprise I planed. I am VERY unhappy with the way I was treated by your company and employee. I would expect to receive an email explaining your failure to satisfy a repeat customer. I will also be calling customer service to voice me concerns.

Joe Read More
8/22/2014 Select Comfort Corp. - The customer service department stinksI had a
The customer service department stinks

I had a problem with adjusting the bed. I was transferred three times, got three different answers, had to be a contortionist to find a serial number and needed a PhD in engineering to figure out how to correct the problem

The bed was not even one year old. The store made their money and did not care

Never buy this product again.

Howard Read More
2/27/2014 Select Comfort Corp. - My feedback and my review on Select Comfort - 2014
This is the only place I could find to express any feed back so here it is. Last Monday the 24th of Feb. My disabled wife and I were at the Superstition Springs mall shopping for a new down pillow for her. We had looked at a few stores without luck. We walked by your store {No. 251}and saw that you sell pillows and stopped in. Your sales person Brett was very helpful and took time with my wife. They talked she told him about her pain and how important a good pillow was to her. She picked out one and we bought it. As he entered my info into your system he asked if we might be looking for a bed. We told him that we were going to purchase a massage chair for her but he could put us on your mailing list because we had a 15 year old one of your beds and were very happy with it. If you have a killer sale or floor model or last years model sell off. we might be interested. As we were leaving he told us he did have a floor model at a very low price. I asked him while standing in a room full of beds which one is it. He said the one right in the front of the store. We stopped and looked at it and my wife said "what no remotes just the up down one the box". She was pointing to a box on the floor that looked like a compressor with a large hose to the bed. Brett said "no that's to the heating and cooling on the bed". My wife asked "you mean this bed has air conditioning?" He said "yes something like that it heats and cools". My wife said " sold I'll take it' go see how much. my massage chair can wait". He came back with a price in the mid 800s and it was re boxed in the back and he would help me out to the car with it. We could take it right now. We own a Prius and with her power chair there was no space anything that big. I told him to get the paperwork all ready and I would be back after I dropped her off at home. I returned a short time later to pick up our new bed. We got almost all the way to the pay sign and go. I made a comment about how much my wife was going to enjoy the cooling mattress. Just then Brett looked at me and told me you're not getting that you're just getting the mattress underneath that. I asked him again in shock and he confirmed what he had said. The whole point of this was the cooling mattress. I had told him that we were happy with our present mattress when he first asked if we might be interested in a bed earlier.I knew I was about to blow so I stepped out into the mall and called my wife. She was just as shocked as I was. The entire conversation, deal, holding off on her massage chair was based on getting her A/C to sleep on. We did not need a new bed. The problem was she had just spent the last hour deciding that our bed is old, it's going to break down, it's been over 15 years, it's just time. In order to made up her mind. Now this "bait and switch" happens. She was confused and embarrassed and said what is usually said when this is done to people. She asked"well what would everything cost?" I asked Brett told me about $2700.00 but they could finance it over 24 month at no interest for about $110 a month. My wife is disabled, I have to care for her, I have no credit, so that smoke flew out the window. I told her and in a sad hurt voice she told me "you make the call." I could have walked out but that would have destroyed the only real choice she had made in a major purchase in years. So I did the only thing I could do. I bought a mattress that I did not need or really want to keep my wife from feeling any worse than she already did. Tuesday morning we both woke up sore. I added some foam from our old pillow top mattress {this one doesn't have any padding but a one inch of waffle foam between the air chambers and the top} and it helped some. Wednesday was a little better. I know getting it right will take time. I do not have a problem with your product. I've been using one for over 15 years and it still works great. My problem is with your sales staff pulling a trick like this. All you did was take advantage of a disabled person. We talked at length about the heating and cooling on the bed as we were being sold. No Mistake. No Misunderstandings. This was done this way by design. Had I not made a direct comment about the cooling bed I would have gotten home and then with the no return, no 100 night trial, you bought you got it and I would have been much more upset that I am now. And I'm plenty upset now. I got tricked and guilt-ed into buying this bed and I am stuck with it and I'll live with that. This was wrong on so many levels. I know this will probably not be approved by the webmaster. I don't think I'll get a response or E-Mail. Maybe some 10% off coupons in the mail. Who knows. Someone has to tell you because if you do in fact care. You need to know. I'm only giving you one star because I like your product but this mess will cause me and mine problems for a while. Remember she could have had a massage chair that could have helped with her pain. Instead of a bed she did not need.

Chuck Read More
1/25/2014 Select Comfort Corp. - Need a frame for a select comfort mattress - smaller than queen
I have a queen mattress that I have used in my mobil home for a couple of years.
I now want to use it in my home. I forgot the name you called it, but I believe
it was just a little smaller than the regular queen. My question is do you sell
a frame for it?

Roger Read More
12/24/2013 Select Comfort Corp. - I purchased my select comfort single approx. 20
I purchased my select comfort single approx. 20 years ago. Although I can change my settings I still have a small "canoe" that I deal with and wake up most mornings with lower back pain. Do I need a new mattress?

Tom Read More
9/20/2013 Select Comfort Corp. - Beware of the bedding! I have issues with both the
Beware of the bedding! I have issues with both the Pima sheets and the comforters. The sheets do feel great, but they tear so easily and are also quite wrinkly. We have them on three beds, and all of them have tears. We do allow our Labrador on the bed and perhaps it's the claws, but we've always done this and our prior sheets did not tear. As for the light-weight comforter, which was recommended for year-round use in So. California, it's cover fabric must be a very loose weave (low thread-count?), because we have dander-like down everywhere! You can't move the comforter without seeing tons of down floating in the air. My boy wakes up in the morning coughing and I'm beginning to think it's the down. We do have the beds, too. My husband likes the adjustability. I find the bed very comfy myself. I do hate that you must inflate the bed to 100 in order for it to look good made. (My husband is heavy and, adjusted for him, his side sags incredibly making the bedding sink in and look terrible.)

TerriB Read More
6/6/2013 Select Comfort Corp. - We purchased our second bed last fall, after 17
We purchased our second bed last fall, after 17 years with first one. The sheets in the store were recommended as we had purchased the adjustable bed. Clerk said the new sheets would not "pop" off when the head was adjusted as the regular ones would. I went ahead and spent the approximately $100.00 for the Pima Cotton set. I alternate the new ones with my JC Penney brand (Cost about $70.00). There is no difference in the fit, On the other hand, the sheets look terrible--the border will not even iron out flat--it rolls up and will not lay down. I have queen size pillows for the queen sized bed and the pillow cases are two inches more narrow and will not even cover the end of the pillow. Also they look terrible with more of the border twisting, etc. I am so disappointed with them. What can be done about them?

Lou Read More
6/4/2013 Select Comfort Corp. - I bought a double bed air
Select Comfort Corp. -
I bought a double bed air mattress with two air chambers, so I have two controls for it. I lost the directions on how to deflate it. I was wondering if you could send me the directions for it. my email address is:

If I were to purchase a new one what would that cost be? the model I have is EFCS-2

Thank you for your help, Betty Kreie

betty Read More
5/31/2013 Select Comfort Corp. - question ? I have a Select Comfort .How do I
question ? I have a Select Comfort .How do I deflate it? the model no. is EFCS-2.

also how much did it cost? want to resell it. was a gift from my folks and no longer need it.

Thank you.

betty Read More
4/21/2012 Select Comfort Corp. - Recently, one side of our queen bed was slowly
Recently, one side of our queen bed was slowly deflating. It would take three days with the slow leak. The bed was 17 years old so my wife and I were planning to purchase another Select Comfort. When I called them the lady asked 'why did I choose S.C?.. Previous purchase that we were happy with, I answered. When asked 'how old is your bed', I answered 17 years. She responded by reminding me that the twenty year warranty was still in effect. I had forgotten about the warranty. SC sent me a new chamber and thereby saved us the price of a new bed.
I can't say enough nice things about S.C.. Compare their customer service to AT&T and you will never buy another brand of bed. Hats off to Select Comfort.

Francois Read More
4/2/2012 Select Comfort Corp. - I just had a great experience with Customer
I just had a great experience with Customer Service. I called and spoke to Amanda. The pump quit working on my bed and I was in a lot of pain. I have Multiple Sclerosis and my husband is diabetic. The sleep number bed has been INCREDIBLE for both of us. It is versatile, easy to use, we just love it. Anyway Amanda took me through some steps that allowed me to get the pump back in working order and allowed me to once again adjust the bed to my comfort level. I don't know if this will fix the problem permanently for the air pump but for the time being it is working and that's what counts. Sorry to see complaints on here. We have gone thru 5 beds in 22 years of marriage because we never could find one that we both were comfortable with. Select comfort has solved that problem. The only complaint i have is that with the king size bed you have the middle divider and it makes it impossible for my husband and i to sleep close to each other.

Rhonda Read More
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