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7/18/2013 Sensa - You are so right! I was placing an order for the
You are so right! I was placing an order for the free trial 60 day sample of SENSA. I have heard many good things about the product. When I got to the shipping section, the Priority Shipping, the little circle next to it was already blacked it for $9.95 .. I was okay with that total ... that's what block told me the total was. As I scrolled on down, I was offered other items which I declined! Then I came to the last one before final check-out that asked me if I wanted to go ahead and order my 1st month's paid order, I was given the option of No, Thank or YES. I clicked the No, Thanks button and went to check-out. Much to my surprise, I was charged for the month's supply, plus the shipping! I promptly got on the phone and called Customer Service. I started out being sweet as sugar .... always do when there is a problem, figure that's the best way. But when the that young man with the weird name that I never understood began telling me I CHOSE PRIORITY SHIPPING (when I would have been perfectly happy with regular shipping), but the site would not let me click the regular shipping button .... so I went with it. I am happy to take the blame when something is my fault and I will be the first one to say I made a mistake .... in this case, I did not. Maybe not all customer service reps at SENSA are like the guy I spoke to (and he refused to let me speak to a supervisor), I certainly hope so. He told me a credit had already been submitted for my debit card ... hope I can trust him on that. If anyone orders online .... be very, very careful ...better yet, call in!

Lori HaynesRead More
1/13/2013 Sensa - you people are scam artist, you are taking money
you people are scam artist, you are taking money out of my account when I cancelled five months ago. Now, suddenly I go into my account and 45 dollars was withdrawn to pay you for what??/ If you don't put my money back into my account ASAP, I will continue to denounce this company and will it be worth it. I will be talking to someone in customer service monday because right now everything is closed. I hope this manner is taken care of right away. you have my email address, please use it to right your wrong.

carolyn paigeRead More
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