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8/16/2014 Sensodyne - Both products (protect and whiten) have such a
Both products (protect and whiten) have such a strong and lingering mintyness that I need to rinse for several minutes. It hurts. My gums are fine, according to dentist. Is there a more mild tasting paste?

MargeuxRead More
3/24/2014 Sensodyne parodontax for my sensitive gums - Amazing!
I was using parodontax for my sensitive gums. Before, my gums always swell,, need antibiotics or visit my dentist for check up. But with this amazing product, am thankful coz my gums are no longer swelling. Am worrying i cant find this brand anywhere, did you change the name? Please help me find this product.

ElizabethRead More
10/13/2012 Sensodyne - I was very excited about your new pump product
I was very excited about your new pump product which I purchased. However, the pump doesn't work very well, if at all. It takes a great deal of pressure to get any toothpaste released. This is difficult for someone with arthritis. Shaking doesn't help either.

I feel I should be reimbursed.

DebraRead More
10/10/2010 ive been using sensodyne for the longest time .
ive been using sensodyne for the longest time . it helped me tremendously and solved my sensitivity problems . as your line of products evolved my confidence grew as well . thank you for such a product . i can eat and dring without any hesitation. i would like to see a sensodyne mouthwash or an oral rinse . i will be eagerly waiting .

anthonyRead More
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