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3/25/2017 I already own several SHARK and NINJA products
I already own several SHARK and NINJA products bought after watching late night TV over past years. All of them met or exceeded my expectations...I trust both brands implicitly..
Recently I added the SHARK ROCKET vacuum to my collection and this is my testimonial.
It arrived in a re-usable cardboard box only a few days after ordering it on line.
I was delighted to see that the several parts and accessories were expertly wrapped in clear OPEN ENDED plastic need to cut them open. I happily stored these various bags for later recycling as POOP 'N' SCOOP bags to pick up my two dogs' poop at the dog park.
TOO LATE did I discover that these bags were all PERFORATED for child safety reasons! I had not noticed this added feature and got wet poop on my hand. So CAUTION...use to store grapes in the fridge only!

Notwithstanding their claim of NO LOSS OF SUCTION...and despite my many fevered attempts...I could not overcome my ED...even after adding raw liver into the mouth of the intake tube!.

As for straightforward vacuuming I hire my mother to clean house for me and she was 100% satisfied with its performance including the removal of pet hairs AND both my dogs. No more pet hairs! No loss of suction as promised. Just the loss of my miniature dogs.

Unfortunately I had to fire my mother as I discovered she was STEALING from me every time she cleaned my house...every four months.

1/23/2017 I bought a shark so called ninja , in 2015 the
I bought a shark so called ninja , in 2015 the vacuum crapped out in 8 months amazing right after warranty went out , and they say I owe them 249.00 and took the assholes 2 years to let me know there was anything owed , and they sent it to a collections, and that's how I found out , and after reading the people unsatisfied with a shitty product they should be put out of business , mine kept overheating and would stop working period, piece of shit, do not buy there product its total garbage, and there service and call back is the worst, they wait for time to pass to charge interest and late charges , to make up for a crappy product, I'm disabled and not able to pull rabbits out of a hat to feed a company that will not stand up and accept there product is total crap, and keep bilking the people to keep there money flowing in, goes to show cant trust a commercial that's were there money went , costs a lot of money to run an add for as long as they do, everyday , day after day to sucker people into there web of lies,

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9/14/2016 we are on our 2nd shark vacuum our 1st one broke,
we are on our 2nd shark vacuum our 1st one broke, shark sent us a new one at no cost and also paid for shipping fees. today i called said i needed a crevice tool because i lost it, i was asked if it broke ithought for sure i would have to pay for it, i was thinking damn i should have said it broke, to my surprise shark is sending me a new one no charge and paying shipping i couldn't believe it. this is by far the best customer service i have ever dealt with. thank you shark, job well done

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9/1/2016 I called Shark customer service regarding a hand
I called Shark customer service regarding a hand held vac. All they wanted to do was sell me a battery.
I expect rechargeable batteries to last more than a year. I will not be buying Shark products any longer.

Before you consider this manufacturer, ask questions. They do not stand behind the quality and durability of their product.

I have a Toro battery operated weed whacker. It is going on 10 years and battery still takes a charge and lasts the same service time length as when new!

Demand properly designed products. Sadly, this Shark cordless 12 volts hand vac is nothing but a bat anchor.

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7/15/2016 I bought the newest shark vac and it is wonderful.
I bought the newest shark vac and it is wonderful. I went to use the free steamer that came with the vac and it does not work. can I get a replacement on the steamer?

georgie Read More
2/24/2016 Shark - They never shipped my vacuum
they never shipped my vacuum and took me many phone calls and 2 wks to get refund

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2/23/2016 False advertising of a useless product - Shark
I Note the webmaster will decide what comments will be posted. I Believe that says enough. I will not bother to post my complaint of false advertising of a useless product.

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1/30/2016 We JUST bought the Shark Rocket Power Head vacuum
We JUST bought the Shark Rocket Power Head vacuum today. When we got home, your infomercial was on TV. My wife is so disappointed we didn't get the canister w/ attachments and the 5 yr. unlimited guarantee. Seriously, I had just assembled the unit. We are willing to pay the shipping charges for the canister unit w/attachments. Your assistance on this matter is greatly appreciated.


Roger Duffey

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1/14/2016 Shark - Amazing how consistent the comments are about
Amazing how consistent the comments are about their customer service, the bottom line being "we've got your money, now stop bothering us". Had a Navigator vacuum, the dust cup flap broke, and they were going to send me a new one - good for Shark. However, I went the extra mile and told them about the cord starting to fray, and they wouldn't send me the cup any more. After reading about all the Shark electrical shocks and fires, I am now thankful they didn't. However, they then said they're replace the vacuum, but only if I sent my unit in and paid shipping both ways. That would have been nearly $100. Frustrated, I called back and was told I could keep my machine and they'd replace it, no free, but at a steep discount. Ended up with a replacement that was no nearly as good as what I'd bought. Tried the email approach because there was so much to relate, and the last line of their reply was basically that they'd done all they're legally required to, so don't try again. Called back to talk to a supervisor and was told one would call me in 2-4 hours. That didn't happen, so I called again a few days later, and one did return my call. I went on for five minutes about all my problems, and her only comment was "I'll pass that on". When I started looking online to fine corporate contacts on the off chance that the higher-ups were unaware of their horrible customer service, I found numerous sites like that, with all the same complaints, so they really don't care about their customers.

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12/28/2015 Not impressed with quality of Shark Products
I have purchased 3 Shark products over past 5 years. The vacuum cleaner was great for one year than cord started to spark and became a fire hazard. Handheld steamer was used 8 times at most. Bought to sanitize but only give a hot steam. Vacuum and steam product the biggest piece of junk of all!! Worked 5 times. Called them and was told I would get a replacement. Was told I would get a callback. Did not happen. Not impressed with the quality of their product. All three seemed great first couple times, but they stop working. I bought a Dyson Animal and is still a champ.

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12/17/2015 Shark vacuum -Shockingly Bad Customer Service
I purchased a shark vacuum -I was getting small shocks when I used it-I then noticed a sign at bed bath and it said recall to call a number listed-I called and a lady told me that was not on the recall list so use lotion on my hands when I use it!!!!! I thought I was hearing things!!! the MOST STUPID thing I ever heard-THIS IS HOW THEY STAND BEHIND THERE PRODUCT? I WILL BE GOING TO BED-BATH AND TELL THEM WHAT I WAS TOLD
if no satisfaction I will be telling everyone on FACEBOOK and TWITTER about SHARK PRODUCTS.I never got shocks from any other vacuum I owned
I was also told a SHARKS REP would contact me?? well, guess he must have died! or was shocked by a vacuum

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11/19/2015 I tried to call Shark at 1-617- 243-0235
I tried to call # 1 617 243 0235 but it said the office is closed oct 11 to oct 12 for thanksgiving holidays thanksgiving is in now, I want some very important information on shark lift away I love to order one unit. but I like to talk to a company rep. about my concerns nd price of units I was on the internet QC has model v33197 with 8 attachment what the difference between v33197 and v33186 is all units same horsepower. please contact me at I am looking forward of buying a shark, thank you

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