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11/28/2013 Shell Service Stations - I'm complaint. By shell gastation at 12300 N May
I'm complaint. By shell gastation at 12300 N May avenue Oklahoma City Oklahoma 73120
Because the pomp number 2 & I think pump nombre 8 dont give receipt from transactions with debit card .
& several times I've been in a hurry and I need the receip because not all the time the veihicle is mine .
And I have to be in line just because the pomp doesn't give receipts and the clerk says that I have to stand on the line
Because she has to runned as normal transaction !
I always gave plenty money on my card & If I use my card
Is because I need the service quick . Otherwise I wouldn't use it
And I used cash instead as normal transaction .
I don't like 7eleven quality products but their pumps work faster and better
And I've been customer of shell gas stations for too many years !
So plese update the pomps to make the credit & debit card payments
Procedure quick & easy .
Don't you all think so ?

EduardoRead More
7/28/2013 Shell Service Stations - I am complaint the employee was crook the cash
I am complaint the employee was crook the cash register problem. I told him I want a gas $8.00 but not $80.00 but he told me my debit card is decline it and same time he put the wrong figure on $80 to the cash register instead of $8.00. That employee(unknown name of male person) need to be remove immediately as soon as possible. The date of 07/27/2013 Saturday afternoon 3:55 PM the service station name is CARMEL CENTER SHELL, 7 CARMEL CENTER PLACE, CARMEL, CA 93923. Anyway you don't have customer service 24/7 for Shell
Station service problem because there is no manager to work that day problem. It is not
right there is no SHELL customer service or SHELL SERVICE MANAGER ON 24/7 because that employee will continue to crook the other customer (like me)today and Sunday problem.

I already check my bank debit customer service(after I left the service station)told me my debit card is good not decline because the bad employee of Shell Service Station put
the wrong figure $80.00 on cash register before he swipe my debit card number problem.

WilliamRead More
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