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10/14/2016 Sheraton Hotels - hi my name is terry allinson I'm stay in room
hi my name is terry allinson I'm stay in room suite no 236 and me and my kids freeze to dead no heat on the room I complain to the reception how could not do any thing and it was the wars nigh mare for me and the kids at Sheraton hotel Poznan Poland in fact I'm at the room now on today is Friday october 14 and I cant wait to get out fro m this hotel Sheraton Poznan nigh mare ,,,,,,, terry allinson suites 236

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11/12/2015 Sheraton Hotels - I gave Sheraton Philadelphia Downtown one star,
I gave Sheraton Philadelphia Downtown one star, because it would not let me give zero.
The front desk girl was rude. I said, " Hello, how are you?" Her response was, "credit card and ID." I got to the room, there was no hot water. The pipes had just broke, it the room was filthy. The carpet was stained everywhere, and had rolls in it. The walls were disgusting and very poor lighting.
The Sheraton as quick to take my money though. I immediately checked out. I called the bank to stop payment, and did get my money back the next day.
My question is this, " When did the Sheraton become a third world hotel?"

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10/23/2015 Sheraton Hotels - I have sent the email below to the GENERAL MANAGER
I have sent the email below to the GENERAL MANAGER of the Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel three times for a response and have heard nothing...
To whom it may concern:
Upon checkout on 9-14-15 I was given your contact information to express a concern while staying at the Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel.

My fiancé, who is a respected Real Estate Agent in her area, booked and payed for three rooms, One for us and two for her very best clients she was entertaining with a Friday night concert, Golf at the Sanctuary Golf Course and a Denver Broncos game. The confirmation numbers for each room are: 521533099, 511533099 and 691533117. Jill paid for all three rooms for all nights and each couple left a credit card for incidental charges.

Minor concerns from each couple were the quality of the cleaning each day which the housekeepers seemed to focus on making the beds and little to no concentration was given to cleaning the bathrooms. Specific to our own room the dirty towels were left by the door one day and by the desk another day.

The obvious major concern and the reason for this correspondence is the issue you are aware of given the Voicemail I received late Sunday Night after returning from the Bronco;s football game. After returning from breakfast Sunday morning each couple retired to their own rooms to get ready for the game only to find the toilets were blowing air straight out of the toilet onto her clients and none of us could shower. I reported my room to your front desk only to be told others in the Hotel were experiencing the same issue and he would send an engineer to my room, which no one ever came to our room which did not surprise me as I was sure it was an issue with more than my room. This is very frustrating as I personally was wearing a cream Harley Davidson shirt that was soiled and ruined by the black liquid coming from the toilet and one of her other clients ruined a pair of pants she was wearing when she tried to flush the toilet all of which Jill is replacing out of her pocket.

I am requesting a full refund of the $1356.48 booked and paid for through Priceline as she paid for the three rooms. There was also an apparent oversight of a Room Service charge Jill was emailed after we returned home for $66.55 charged to room 1018 which was our room. This may have been a charge by one of the other rooms but they left their own cards and clearly your organization either charged it inadvertently or to a wrong room number.

As a side note I proposed to my now fiancé (Jill Bailey) at the end of the Bronco's Game which was almost ruined by her stress of the experience that day of her and her clients and friends regarding the toilet situation and none of us being able to shower.

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11/24/2014 Sheraton Hotels - I would NOT recommend staying at the Sheraton
I would NOT recommend staying at the Sheraton Sonoma.. The people are unprofessional. They can not figure out what they are doing with your credit
Card then lock you out of your room. Then the front desk still cant figure it out.

Granted the room was clean and quiet but watch out for yourself.......

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4/8/2014 Sheraton Hotels - My name is Deborah Lisk and Saturday evenibg I
My name is Deborah Lisk and Saturday evenibg I booked a room about 3:30 pm from the time I got in my room it was a mess, it was prom night,sority,and a bike thing,which I didn`t know I called the front desk three times before I was finally moved ay twelve midnight,i was put in a room with a sofa bed,which was uncomfortable,I got free breakfast and I received 100.00 off bill so I still paid 100.00 to sleep on a sofa bed,so I will not be back.

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10/6/2012 Sheraton Hotels - I was very disappointed with the service and
I was very disappointed with the service and hospitality of the Sheraton San Diego Marina. My family visited San Diego to attend my son's Marine Corp graduation at the MCRD on August 31, 2012. We made our reservations through the military travel agency (SATO Travel) 6 weeks before the date of arrival. We requested two rooms at the same location. When we arrived on our scheduled day, one day before the other family members, we were given a room in the larger/main tower location. This room was very nice. When we asked about our other family members, the staff told us that they were scheduled to be in the other location about a mile away and that we could move there so we could be on the same floor and location. So, we moved to the other (not as nice) location so that we could be on a same and higher floor and near our family members. When we got to the other location and checked in, they told us that we would be on different floors and could not move up any higher. Even though my husband and I checked in for them since they would be coming in late. They told us maybe the next day we could move, but this never happened. The staff repeatedly stocked our room with amenities for 2 when we had 4 people in our room and our toilet would not work properly at either location. When we asked for more towels etc. we had to call a second time (hours later) to get them and then they sounded a little put out by our request. We were very excited about visiting San Diego and celebrating with family during this graduation weekend, but it would have been much more pleasant if the hotel had kept their word about the room accomodations. Everywhere we go, the military seems to be appreciated, but we felt very much like second class citizens here because we were paying the military rate. I have always had a high opinion of Sheraton Hotels, but this experience will make me think twice about staying with Sheraton again.

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9/20/2012 Sheraton Hotels - I had the worst expeience at the Sheraton New
I had the worst expeience at the Sheraton New Orleans starting with checking in on 9/12/12 by being told my reservations that I had had four 4 mos had been cancelled.
When I tried to show the clerk my voucher from the tour company, she refused to even look at it. There were only 2 clerks with 2 lines of customers trying to check in and the clerk was very rude. The evening of 9/12 when I returned to my room, I found fresh towels in the bathroom and that was it. The towels, wash cloths from my bath were still on the floor along with a half empty bottle of shampoo still on the tub. The hair dryer was still on top of the toilet where I left it along with a used glass on the sink. I had to call the front desk to have someone bring my some sugar, cream and stirers for my morning coffee since housekeeping did not replentish them. I spoke to the front dest mgr who was appaulled and offer me an adjustment on my bill, it was already paid for. She offered me breakfast, which I had already had. This experience certainly does not make me want to be a return customer to a Sheraton Hotel.

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5/23/2010 Sheraton Hotels - I would like to mention reservationist Emina at
I would like to mention reservationist Emina at the Sheraton, downtown Denver. She was very helpful in helping me with a mix up in reservations and was able to recitfy the matter to a positive situation. She was able to not only correct a really bad mix up, and to make me realize that Sheratons will be a place where I will continue to stay on vacations and business.

Emina deserves a huge pat on the back and I would definitely recommend Sheratons in future stays. I am also in Customer Service relations and I hope she is recognized for a job well done.

Tina Peterson and Maynard Peterson

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