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The business directive of Sierra Trading Post is offering our customers the best service and value - providing quality name brand clothing, footwear and outdoor gear at outlet savings every day.

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1-800-713-4534Review Needed Please Comment


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2/26/2009 Sierra Trading Post Inc. - In case this is somehow useful I would like to
In case this is somehow useful I would like to share my experience with other people:

I made an order on their website with one of my credit cards of a single item of a moderate amount (around USD 400.00) and they managed to hold my order with excuses and other unsatisfactory explanations for ONE WEEK. At the end I had to cancel the order due to they kept insisting that the billing address was not matching my card which is absolutely false. Either they lost the business for their incompetence or because they had other reasons (e.g. perhaps the item was out of stock)I had to get the item somewhere else! And with the same card and billing address!!

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