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1-888-539-7474Press 1; at prompt press 0.


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4/23/2017 Sirius - The music is great. They have good promotions.
The music is great. They have good promotions. What they don't tell you is you have to pay more for their premium package to get the station as you want. It's like basic cable and cable. I could not understand the customer service person At all. I'm not sure what he did to my account.

DanaRead More
4/13/2017 Sirius - Terrible Customer Service. Renewed online then
Terrible Customer Service. Renewed online then nothing worked. Could no access my account online to see what was happening. Called and was told I had changed my subscription. Fine , why could I not access my account online, no answer. Cancelled will not do business with a crap company. Sad part is I had service for 7 years

ScotRead More
4/10/2017 Sirius - horrible, horrible, customer service
horrible, horrible, customer service

steveRead More
11/17/2016 Sirius - I live near Puerto Vallarta MX and just recently
I live near Puerto Vallarta MX and just recently renew my subscription and with in 1 week have no service, I have tried to refresh my signal to no avail.tried to call but could not get through.Either you you answer this e-mail or cancel my subscription.

AlanRead More
7/18/2016 Sirius - I tried with out success to talk with a rep that I
I tried with out success to talk with a rep that I could understand and get an explanation from. I have had 4 different quotes on subscription prices thus far. Not one would offer me one time billing. none knew how to direct me to get this subscription turned on in a recently bought used vehicle. I begged to speak to someone skilled in American English. I never heard from one person I could understand or relate to . I am so tired of this language barrier. why would any reputable company continue to upset thousands of would be customers for lack of communication. Are these employees working so cheaply that they make enough to offset all this lost revenue. I will never turn another Sirius radio on till I can speak with understanding to an agent and get a finite price in an orderly way. I hope they go broke if they will not get this resolved. p.s. I have three vehicles equipped with these radios. Wendell

WendellRead More
5/25/2016 Sirius - WOW really poor customer service
WOW really poor customer service

susanRead More
4/30/2016 Sirius - Where are these telephone service reps located?
Where are these telephone service reps located? India? Very strong accents, very difficult to understand, inordinate delays placing you on hold repeatedly while they "check the account" and then providing billing information that is incorrect. If you want this to continue to be a going concern, then find someone who can understand and speak English and can respond with a modicum of common sense. Extraordinarily inept service. Finally, in frustration and somewhat piqued, I asked the contact person where he was located? Suspicions confirmed. India.

Not a good system.

WilfredRead More

JUDYRead More
10/13/2015 Sirius - I just want to compliment sirrus for bringing back
I just want to compliment sirrus for bringing back the escape channel and I hope there are no plans to eliminate it again

Dan PocekRead More
9/26/2015 The concept of Sirius is great the reality of it
The concept of Sirius is great the reality of it sucks. The customer service is terrible. They are trying to con people in to believing they are getting a deal. No real set prices, they will repeat a sentence that's been rehearsed over and over again. No person is available from the USA. I wonder where the contact person is located.

VickiRead More
9/9/2015 Sirius was good, but customer service stopped me from ever using them again.
I have had Sirius for the past 14 months after buying a new car. I recently decided to cancel my service and called the customer service line. It said there was a 17 min wait and they would call me back and I wouldn't lose my place in line. They did call back in 17 min and told them I would like to cancel service, the rep told me it would take about 4-5 minutes and I said no problem. She came back on the line and said she was waiting for the computer to generate a cancellation code and would be about 1 more minute. 19 minutes later another guy comes on and says how can I help you and I told him I was pissed and waiting for Cancellation code so he transferred me back into the cue for the next 30 minutes. I finally went online to chat with the agent and was able to get it completed. I looked at my phone right before I hung up and it had been 1 hour on hold. This I feel was intentional so I didn't complete the cancellation process they could automatically bill me again.
The service was good, but customer service stopped me from ever using them again.

ImjethroRead More
6/26/2015 I am very frustrated with Sirius
I am very frustrated with Sirius. I have had this service for years except when I have had to discontinue it for issues like I have experienced today. Nov. 16, 2014 I renewed my XM service for 6 months for $35.95 with specific instructions to not automatically renew my acct. when it was up for renewal through my credit card. To my surprise when I opened my credit card bill today I was charged $109.36 for XM service that according to my credit card bill began on May. 16. I have never been notified about this by XM. I called numerous times before speaking with someone concerning this and was told that bills were not sent out unless you subscribed for 12 months. I expressed by displeasure at what had happened and requested that my service by cancelled. At this point as always I was offered better prices but again it was insisted that I renew for 12 months with automatic credit card renewal. I asked to speak to customer care and was told that you don't have that.. Supervisors address the issues but of course they were all on the phone but might could help me after a minimum wait of l5 minutes. I had already called many times before speaking to any one. Bottom line I requested that my service be cancelled. Representative said they would refund.$84.99 and charge me $24.27 because automatically renewed May 16. Almost as much as I paid for 6 months in Nov. I guess Sirius charges what they want when they want with no respect for customer care. I have reported this instance to my credit card company as fraud because to me that is what it is. I can't get a live person to talk to on the phone. I trust that Sirius is respectable enough to respond to this complaint.

JoanRead More
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