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Sixt is germany's car rental agency that rents cars, trucks, and vans worldwide.

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3/7/2017 Sixt Rental Car - I am trying to cancel a reservation and they give
I am trying to cancel a reservation and they give options on the phone to change a reservation or modify but for cancelling you need to go on a website... very inconvenient if you are on the road? I try anyway, and it asks me for a security code which is long and hard to read on my document, anyway, I try entering it and it gives me an error message. I check the website to see if I can actually talk to a real person and there is no way. So I have no idea how they can conduct business when someone is not able to cancel easily? very illogical, I think I will find a more user friendly company. At this point I am on hold for 15 minutes hearing some abnoxious song "FEEL THE MOTION" and if it goes on for another 20 minutes I am ready to jump out of the window... why can't they make it easy to cancel? I don't think they took my credit card, so I am probably safe to just blow them much for trying to be considerate and cancel rather than not show up. My rating is just about the lack of customer help in person.

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7/26/2016 Sixt Rental Car - I have a car rental with Sixt - Confirmation
I have a car rental with Sixt - Confirmation number is 9841239476 - I read the rules about only able to drive to Georgia. I plan to drive with the rental van to Pennsylvania . I noticed the rental agreement stated I would be charged $ .050 a mile.. I booked the Rental for Aug 2,2016 thru Aug 10, 2016.. Please email me back as I have called to rental company on 700 East Sunrise Blvd and I leave messages to call me but no call back.

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7/14/2016 Sixt Rental Car - do not go there in fort laurdale fll.the worst car
do not go there in fort laurdale fll.the worst car rental picker up car at 10 ;p.m took it back filled up gas it used three dollars .tire pressure tire need air they put air in it still not working they gave me the time ever they do not have one so to get a car I had to pay one hundred more .

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12/26/2015 Sixt Rental Car - Sixt Absolutely the worst customer service experience!
Absolutely the worst experience!!! The branch in Venice, Los Angeles should be closed down!!! I don't like to complain, nor do I like to tear into people because I choose to believe that people go to work with the same intention and that is to do a good job.
I was treated so poorly by the so-called branch manager that I honestly started to hyperventilate!!!! I have used Sixt
rental many times....and many of my experiences have gone from excellent to adequate.
This is a service business! You will start to loose market share and your customers if you continue to hire staff that is rude, indifferent and incapable of solving problems. And get yourself a real customer service department!!!!
I am so angry and upset at the tremendous fail of my experience that I will not re-live it....though I would like some action taken. Make your company better, hire quality people on the front line and in your customer service! department!

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11/1/2014 Sixt Rental Car - We made reservations in Miami to pick up a car
We made reservations in Miami to pick up a car after a cruise Sixt totally screwed up the reservation and didn't have a car for me. All they could do for me is say sorry. And have a nice day. We ended up walking a mile or so with our elderly disabled mom to a couple other rental agencies until we found an agency that had 1 vehicle available for the day. Not recommending sixt to anyone They did nothing to help correct the situation They ruined the day for all of us

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10/28/2014 Sixt Rental Car - Worst experience ever with a car renal compnay!
Worst experience ever with a car renal compnay! Was told by the manager that i should have read the "small print' and they could not help me in any way. I prepaid for a luxury convertable in full to recieve a discount as they told me. Come to find out everyone pays the same price. Another lie and scam. I specifically told them that it was a special occasion and i was renting their highest class car and i wanted to make sure it was cleaned properly. They said they would make a note....nothing done car dirty, windows filthy andthe tire proessure was off!!!!! i had to fill the tires in the rain myself !!!!!!!!!!!! The worst part was the attitude and the suprise $1500 retaining that was NEVER told to me. i was so angry I could not even breath. The 2 customers before me met with the same retainer no rental. They were so angry and of the 4 people that checked in every single one of them had no idea of this fee! Want a rip off and a bait and switch! I did my part, i paid in full their price...they didnt do anything they should of! Worst experience ever....DO NOT RENT FROM THEM EVER!!!!!!!!! This is not over!

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5/22/2014 I rate Sixt Rental Cars 5 Stars - 05.22.14
After reading some of the comments from other customers, I can't believe I rented from the same company! I rate them 5 stars!! My rental was in Seattle and for 17 days. The new Volvo was ready as soon as I signed the paper work at the rental desk. Returning the Volvo was as simple as driving up and checking with the check-in agent. I have been renting cars in the US, Canada and Europe for the last 30 years and Sixt was one of the best! From now on I will use Sixt when they are available!!
John Dauenhauer

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12/30/2013 Sixt Rental Car - My party of four adults arrived in Munich Central
My party of four adults arrived in Munich Central Train Station on Sept.20,2013 to pick up our Sixt car rental which had been reserved in the USA prior to our travel.A young lady asked the driver of our party to pay in Euros,which he did after he used an ATM nearby.She then asked me for my credit card for a "security deposit." I objected, but she said the card would not be charged unless there were damages,so I had to comply.No one got our car for us. We found a man who was working in the garage to locate our car and do a "walk around" with us.He wrote details about the car's condition and gave us his home phone number to call with any problems.The GPS system needed to be activated. He assisted us with the GPS as well.We returned the car full of gas and in good condition to Vien on the 29th.I had no idea that my card was charged until I got a bill from my credit card company. The card was charged $771.98! We had paid that amount on the 20th to get the car! This is fraudulent! We trusted Sixt to be an honest,ethical business partner which they are not! We hope they will restore their name with us.

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9/18/2013 Sixt Rental Car - Not very good customer relations. After I
Not very good customer relations. After I received two confirmations that I could pick up my car at the Dun Laoghaire "office", not only was there no car, but no office. The actual office is miles away. The company did have a car for me, but at Dublin Airport. The rude gentleman at Dun Laoghaire said it was up to me to get there--not his problem. When I later made a complaint with his bosses, they emailed me saying the problem was that I arrived by train instead of ferry. I have no idea why how one gets to a rental location has anything to do with whether or not the car promised would actually be there. I eventually rented the car at the airport, and I got there by bus.
I don't know why everyone at the Irish SixT Company, from office worker to upper management, is so unfriendly to their customers. Their prices were cheaper, but since I basically lost most of a day of my vacation, it definitely was not worth the savings.

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7/15/2013 Sixt Rental Car - My first experience with Sixt was fine so of
My first experience with Sixt was fine so of course I wanted to give them the business again and continue my relationship with this business. Big mistake - held my deposit like everyone else for an extended period of time which was unnecessary. Brought the car back with a full tank of gas-I had just filled it all the way up several miles away from airport. They said it was slightly low I said couldn't be I just filled it, not to worry till my credit card was charged additional 17.60 are you kidding me they couldn't have squeezed in a buck!

Lost my taste completely for Sixt now, I rent cars frequently and for that I'll use another rental agency.....small and narrow mind for a business trying to grow in the U.S.

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6/6/2013 Sixt Rental Car - I rate this car rental one of the worst..they
I rate this car rental one of the worst..they charge my credit card twice I needed answers so called there customer department I being on hold ove half and hour . Bullshit on top of that it took them 5. Days before returning my deposit!!!

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11/15/2012 Sixt Rental Car - He hecho tres rentas en Sixt hermosillo y en esta
and made ??three Sixt rent in Hermosillo and unfortunately this last time I had a sudden, a rim of vehuculo was completely destroyed, pedi advice to the branch where you rent the automobile and at any time on three occasions that call I was treated, saying they were taking clients, buy the tire burst and returning them to discuss the fact that I was told that the insurance did not cover this type of damage despite insurance is zero deductible comprehensive coverage besides this the vehicle you rent for 7 Ford focus days was a 2010 or 2011 model which I gave a yield of no more than 8 km / lt which seemed logical to me not what the person at the center Hermosillo office told me that was normal because of the driving habits at the end of a not very nice person told me that if I could do something revise parabonificarme 50% of the cost of the tire without anything and also make sure not to close the contract on the day of delivery if they should wait a more day, I understand that I am a customer that they rent a fleet of vehicles every month but in the end I am a customer and which deserves the same attention as any client so the reason for this release is only for awareness Sixt that mistakes are made and should be a way to fix them, thanks in advance for your attention. the number of conrato to which I refer is the HC 13,311 at office downtown Hermosillo, Son. Telles Rutilio Mexico, Marco Antonio Telles

He hecho tres rentas en Sixt hermosillo y en esta ultima ocasion desafortunadamente tuve un imprevisto, una llanta del vehuculo se destruyo completamente, pedi asesoria a la sucursal donde rente el automobil y en ningun momento en tres ocasiones que llame fui atendido, argumentando que estaban atendiendo a clientes, compre la llanta que se revento y al regresar les comente el hecho a lo que me comentaron que el seguro no cubria este tipo de desperfectos a pesar de que el seguro es cobertura amplia cero deducible ademas de esto el vehiculo que rente por 7 dias fue un Ford focus modelo 2010 o 2011 el cual me dio un rendimiento de no mas de 8 km/lt lo cual no me parecio logico a lo que la persona encargada en la oficina de Hermosillo centro me comento que eso era normal debido a los habitos de manejo al final de una forma no muy amable la persona me comento que revisaria si podria hacer algo parabonificarme el 50% del costo del neumatico sin asegurarme nada y ademas de no cerrar el contrato el dia de la entrega si no que deberia esperar un dia mas, yo entiendo que no soy un cliente que les rente una flotilla de vehiculos mensualmente pero al final de cuentas soy un cliente y el cual merece la misma atencion que cualquier cliente por lo que la razon de este comunicado es solo para poner en conocimiento que en Sixt se cometen errores y deberia haber una forma de solucionarlos, de antemano gracias por su atencion.
el numero del conrato a que hago referencia es el HC 13311 en la oficina centro de Hermosillo, Son. Mexico

Rutilio Telles, Marco Antonio Telles

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