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SKECHERS USA, Inc., an award-winning global leader in the lifestyle footwear industry, designs, develops and markets lifestyle footwear that appeals to trend-savvy men, women and children. A billion dollar company, SKECHERS? success stems from its high-quality, varied product offering, diversified domestic and international distribution channels, and cutting-edge print and television advertising.

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9/1/2016 Skechers USA Inc. - why would you not put your customer service phone
why would you not put your customer service phone number on your web site? Since lots of people have problems getting on to the site and really want to buy something?

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8/10/2016 Skechers USA Inc. - I ordered two pairs of shoes, with a promo code
I ordered two pairs of shoes, with a promo code that didn't work. I'm also a Elite member, which in the past I've been able to get the second pair at half price. Neither worked!! No phone number to call! Doesn't seem like very good customer service to me? Very disappointing!!

Darlene Read More
4/29/2016 Skechers USA Inc. - I have 3 pairs of Sketchers, the last pair I
I have 3 pairs of Sketchers, the last pair I bought at Kohl's on 3/4/16, thought they would be as great as the last two pairs I've gotten. These shoes pickup every rock I walk on and it's just not right! Can't even go out of my house because the driveway is mainly peastone but even trying to walk anywhere they pick up every rock, it's like wearing tap shoes when I come into my own house with tile and wood floors, I am very disappointed these shoes are not cheap! I don't make a lot of money but I like your product! Hope I will hear back from someone!

Christine Read More
12/13/2015 Skechers USA Inc. - how do I make a return to Skechers?
Trying to return a pair of shoes. They are too small. I have reordered a larger size. Cannot find a phone number. Please, how do I make a return?

Linda Read More
9/29/2015 Skechers USA Inc. - I bought a pair of Sketchers through a vendor on
I bought a pair of Sketchers through a vendor on E-Bay, I wore them one time & the sole of the shoe came loose, I contacted the company in early July & was told to return them, I heard nothing from them until I contacted them in late august, they told me that they could not repair or replace them since they were too old, The shoes still had the sticker on the sole with no wear, had they gotten right back to me, I could have returned them to the seller, but they took so long that the window for returning them to the seller had lapsed, so I asked that they be returned to me, it is now the end of another month & I still have not received the shoes back, plus they will not respond to my requests for assistance, this is the worst customer service I have ever dealt with. I advise anyone who is looking for a pair of shoes to buy from some other company.

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9/28/2015 Skechers USA Inc. - online ordering will not allow one to hit payment
online ordering will not allow one to hit payment button unless you agree to the company saving your credit card information!!! If you call to have your card removed from the company files they refuse to remove your credit card. They will only add another credit card!!!

Miss Kyle Read More
9/2/2015 Skechers USA Inc. - Skechers twinkle toes worn 8 times and they will not light up
I bought my daughter a pair of the twinkle toes and she has only worn them about 8 times. The shoes will not light up anymore. The whole reason I bought the shoes was because they are supposed to light up! There is no way of exchanging or getting my money back. I am very disappointed.

leyna Read More
7/1/2015 Skechers USA Inc. - Trying to return a pair of shoes; the website is down
Trying to return a pair of shoes; the website is down; so I decide to call the 800 number; as I'm in Connecticut, they say customer service is open at 8:30 am, Pacific time. Really? So because of where I live, I have to wait hours to contact them, as the website is not working.
Really should have more customer service hours for the rest of the Country.

Bonnie Read More
4/4/2015 Skechers USA Inc. - I have been wearing Sketchers for at least 10
I have been wearing Sketchers for at least 10 years, only tennis shoes I buy! My girlfriend found a good deal an hour away and asked if I wanted a new pair of SAME ones I have been wearing, and I said absolutely! It took her days to hook up with me, because of busy lives, and me days to put on to wear somewhere I wasn't going to dirty the new shoes right away. So I put them on to go grocery shopping and by the second store my heals were killing me! My husband asked why I was walking funny and I said these are NOT normal Sketchers! When we got home little over an hour my heal skin was rubbed OFF! Something changed, cheaper made, not the same at all. So when I looked at the receipt, I was at 31 days for return to store! Now what? I'm very disappointed in these shoes, I don't want to buy any other brand, but OUCH! I'm also looking for a refund or credit for these, through Sketchers, the store isn't going to do anything, not their problem! I will send these back to company with receipt to show just purchased! Thank you, Sad Customer??

Mandy Read More
12/1/2014 Skechers USA Inc. - I have four pairs of Sketcher Go Walks, and I love
I have four pairs of Sketcher Go Walks, and I love the comfort and lightness of the shoes. However, they squeak when I walk on tile and hardwood floors. Is there anything that can be done to prevent the soles of my shoes from squeaking? Otherwise, the shoes are perfect.

Linda Read More
10/23/2014 Skechers USA Inc. - QUIT MAKING THE TWINKLE TOES. Twinkle toe shoes
QUIT MAKING THE TWINKLE TOES. Twinkle toe shoes are literally LIFE THREATENING! Do you realize these shoes trigger seizures for people with epilepsy. My 6 yr old is always dealing with her seizures. We dont need seizures being triggered when we are out and about, at the park or even at school over some stupid shoes. She has enough seizures without them being brought on by random flashing lights. And parents, Consider my child and all the other epileptic kids, and dont make your kid walk around wearing a trigger and being responsible for a class member going into a grand mal seizure. Its totally avoidable!

Kimberly Read More
10/21/2014 Skechers USA Inc. - I miss the companies that guaranteed their shoes.
I miss the companies that guaranteed their shoes. I hoped Skechers was one of those companies. I work in a restaurant and really need to be able to rely on my slip-resistant work shoes. I've used Skechers for the last eight years, at least. I'm getting older so my needs have changed, plus I noticed that the work shoe style I've bought every two years were starting to hurt my feet. So I went with the new shoe style this time but still with Skechers, of course. They didn't last but maybe ten months. The slip resistance is now nonexistent, and unsafe, the sole of the shoe is coming away from the shoe and I have identical rips in the bottom of each so I get water in my socks every time I step in water, which happens quite a bit in a restaurant. I just called your customer service line to see if you all were willing to help a loyal customer. I was told I would have to send the shoes off to find out if they qualified for replacements. That means I would have to buy work shoes in the meantime. I don't have that much money to basically throw away $65 every few months. I understand you can't just give away free shoes every time someone calls to complain but come on...VERY DISAPPOINTED. I told the rep Diana that that was not much help to me and I would have to go with a new company in that case. She laughed and said, okay. This may not be her fault but it could be someone above her that doesn't have a lot of confidence in your shoes either. If you sell a good quality product you should guarantee that product. Or at least be willing to help out your very loyal customers.

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