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Servicing Phoenix, AZ Sky Harbor International Airport. Off airport parking company with fast, friendly, safe and efficient parking service. The largest off-airport parking provider in Phoenix, family owned and operated. Shuttle service everty 5 to 7 minutes at Terminals 3 & 4. Corporate business discounts, monthly parking discounts and leisure travel coupons available.Call Robin Gordon at 602-275-5094 for more information. <

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1-602-275-5094Review Needed Please Comment


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11/10/2011 Sky Harbor Airport Parking - I have had very poor customer service from sky
I have had very poor customer service from sky harbor east econo parking manager Scott Carney. after explaining my situation on losing everything i own and being stranded in Alaska... my vehicle was still in parking..HE HAS IGNORED MY E-MAILS AND MY BROTHERS POHONE MESSAGES FOR OVER 30 DAYS,IT IS HARD FOR ME TO GET TO A PHONE AND I CAN ONLY BELIEVE HAS TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF MY SITUATION.. VERY POOR CHATACTER AND CUSTOMER SERVICE...

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