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9/9/2016 Sleep Number - I have been a customer for 8 years. Purchased
I have been a customer for 8 years. Purchased model 5000 that is now the most popular p5 model. No fancy bells and whistles, but not cheapest bed either. Nice pillow top. I had severe back problems before the bed and after one night on the bed I saw dramatic improvement. Recently I through my hip out and had to use a cane to get from kitchen to bedroom. Laid in bed and woke up the next morning with no issue and no cane. The bed is fantastic for me. So far I have only had to replace the controls because on my side, the dial did not light all numbers. I called customer service expecting to have to pay for a new control. I had a lovely conversation and was told that because I had the older model with lines to the control, they would replace it with the newer wire free model and that since I had two, they would send me charge. That was about a year and a half ago. Today, I am calling to ask a question about the warranty if I give the bed to my son. I am on hold and reading these bad reviews. What a shame so many people did not have the experience I had. Customer service is taking very long to get back to me. Maybe it has been outsourced since I had my experience...whatever the problem, it is a shame it is not corrected. I have been touting this company and many relatives have bought this bed and even the top line and have been pleased with no issues so far. Wish they would hire more competent people to handle customer issues. Such a shame...and I have been on hold for 18 minutes and Zach just picked up. I had a lot of questions and he answered all of them. I even asked about new models and differences and he answered them too. The warranty does not transfer. The wait is inexcusable, but I am very happy with the product.

MaryRead More
4/28/2016 Sleep Number - Worst mattress we ever had. Paid way too much for
Worst mattress we ever had. Paid way too much for such a crappy matress. Their tv ads are not what you get. Do not fall for it!

BuddyRead More
2/20/2016 Sleep Number - I hate that these are actually true but
I hate that these are actually true but I can confirm. I own three sleep number beds and LOVE them. However purchasing the bed and getting delivery is not good at all...too painful for making such a big purchase.....

amyRead More
2/15/2016 Sleep Number - My $10,000+ mattress (etc.) purchased a couple of
My $10,000+ mattress (etc.) purchased a couple of yrs ago at Hulen Mall in Fort Worth ,TX and guaranteed for 20+ years will not allow me to lower my head. I cannot sleep. Please help me immediately at

SallyRead More
1/28/2016 Sleep Number - I have been on the phone for 20 minutes at a time
I have been on the phone for 20 minutes at a time to get to a customer service human being. I finally went to a store to get help. NO HELP there, even the store cannot contact anyone. I finally reached the RETURN department after being shuffled around and MATT said he would call me at my home (I was in the store) but he has not called me. I have now been on the phone 17 minutes. Plenty of time to write this review. DO NOT BUY THIS BED. THE MOST RIDICULOUS COMPANY I HAVE EVER HAD TO DEAL WITH.

leahRead More
12/16/2015 Sleep Number needs to go back to customer service
It seems like Sleep Number needs to go back to customer service 1A. It wasn't a problem for them to take our money, but it certainly becomes our problem if we purchased a defective bed. Two years ago I purchase my first bed for $10,000 and last year we bought another for $8,000. I can buy a car for what I paid for the bed. It is impossible to get a hold of anybody. The first contact took me well over 56 minutes to get somebody. They promised to take care of everything. The second attempt, I simply could not get a hold of anybody on the phone period. The third attempt I was able to "chat" with some, I believe his name was Vlad. I promised I would get the defective place in the week. Guess what-haven't heard a word. Next attempt, telephone call no success, tried to have a "chat"-they're too busy. This definitely sounds like a company going out of business. My $10,000 bed's MEMORY FOAM(really-a bed mattress has a memory) has deteriorated immensely and now I can't sleep at night because the memory foam has Alzheimer's. I guess the next step is to pursue my legal rights. THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE I HAVE EVER EXPERIENCED IN MY 68 YEARS.

BillRead More
12/14/2015 Sleep Number A Company in disarray
A Company in disarray; after they cancelled delivery dates 4 times, the bottom portion of the bed was delivered. Now it is going on 12 weeks and not heard a word about the remaining part of the bed. They also stated they would credit $200 off for the inconvenience, that's yet to be seen. I cannot comment on the overall quality of the product, but the frame portion is well built and rigid. I made sure to get a good frame that supports through the middle to prevent future sagging. Let's hope the air mattress portion lives up to the reputation.

BobRead More
12/4/2015 Sleep Number - VERY UNCOMFORTABLE and SO VERY EXPENSIVE for a glorified air mattress
December 2015....
Sleep Number, from the mattress, to customer service, to availability, to ease of access is without question the MOST HORRIBLE PROFESSIONAL COMPANY I have ever had the unfortunate opportunity to deal with. The entire company "Hides" behind, "I don't know" and "I cannot help you." I truly hope this comment reaches the web-site. This product is SO VERY UNCOMFORTABLE and SO VERY EXPENSIVE for a glorified air mattress. I cannot believe, after all the research my husband and I did, we settled for a sleep number. Such a HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT!

StaceyRead More
11/18/2015 The customer service for Sleep Number is the worst
The customer service for this company is the WORST!!! The website is able to place an order, the "chat" feature can also place an order, however, anything else requires a phone call to the customer service department. I have been on hold for over one hour!!! Multiple contacts to the chat room, emails sent, still response! They are "too busy" to call me, but think that my time is not as important as theirs, as they want me to sit and patiently wait for them to answer the phone!! Hold the phone!! Someone answered the phone and had to transfer me to another number....I am back on hold again!

LisaRead More
11/18/2015 Sleep Number - We purchased a 4500.00 bed. Slept on it 10 days
We purchased a 4500.00 bed. Slept on it 10 days and packaged it up. Got the Return labels per policy. They said would take aprox 21 days for for refund less shipping. We are now into week 3 OVER the 21 days!!!! Call after call, finally got someone that said it was approved for refund but someone "FORGOT" to release it...still waiting into week 4. If this was your money i'd bet you'd have it. Do was have an issue of standing behind your advertising???

kelleyRead More
10/17/2015 Sleep Number - Worst service of any company I have ever dealt
Worst service of any company I have ever dealt with. Great at selling a bed but that's were any rational service or help ends. Rescheduled five times with various excuses and levels of rudderless. If you enjoy frustration and the worst service ever then buy one. You will be sorry.

EdmundRead More
10/3/2015 We THOUGHT we had a good experience at the sleep number store
We THOUGHT we had a good experience at the sleep number store, then the nightmare began. Delivery schedule #1 called, giggled & said, "oops, your bed's not even ready. Sorry." AIRHEAD. Scheduler #2 called. I explained that we work & delivery had to be after 3:30 pm. He said he'd put in a request & get back to me. He never did. USELESS. Scheduler #3 called. I explained the whole thing to this guy, including we needed delivery after 3:30. He also said he'd put in a request but he "can't guarantee Nuthin' " I asked what that meant. It meant there's still a 4-hour window so it might not be after 3:30. What good is the request then? He repeated the phrase "I can't guarantee nothing' " at least 6 more times. I told him we'd figure something out and call back. My husband had to take the day off to take delivery.
We were told that the full-size bed would fit into our existing bed frame. It did not. Also, we paid $1200 for the flex feature. (raises your head.) In the store, you can raise one side and leave the other down. We were NEVER told that the individual sides like that weren't available on the full-size model. Now, because of that $1200 feature, we can't even return it! What a scam! INCREDIBLY FRUSTRATED doesn't begin to describe how we feel.

DonnaRead More
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