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12/12/2016 Sleepys - Only reason I am writing is because of Daria the
Only reason I am writing is because of Daria the sales associate! She should be commended for her service. My husband and I went Saturday to buy a full size mattress for a surprise birthday present for our 3 year old so . We bought our mattress in Newburgh, NY store with Rei but bc we we needed it ASAP for the surprise room makeover she checked and poughkeepsie store carried it in stock. We drove 40 min to get our $225 mattress. Lorraine the saleswoman welcomed us and took our receipt and we walked into the back and VERIFIED our mattress to our invoice. We loaded up and left and set up our sons mattress. After opening the mattress we realized that the mattress wasn't the one we paid for. I looked up the tag on the mattress and t was the $80 mattress. I immediately called the store and spoke to Keith the manager. I made him aware of the issue which he was fully aware we opened the mattress bc he asked. Told him we couldn't make it back in that night as we live over 35 min away and it was close to closing time and we had a party to attend and he assured me that they open tomorrow @ 12 to come in and he would make Lorraine aware of the problem and we could switch it out. We arrive to the store @ 12 the next day when they opened and Lorraine stated that they mismarked the bed. She was helping another customer so Daria another sales associate helped us. Well as soon as she heard the bed was opened they wouldn't accept the bed bc it's policy they would have to pick it up at our home. Spoke to Keith who then denied telling us to come in and that he didn't know bed was opened which was a lie. 3 hours later due to there sales associates mistake of giving us the wrong bed and 2 managers blaming my Husband and I for not checking the item # on the bed and leaving the store with the wrong item we had to purchase another bed so we could actually leave with our right bed and the wrong bed as well bc again they wouldn't accept our wrong bed back. This is the worst and 2nd bad exp town was I've had with this company and will never shop here again. Even though they threw in a free mattress cover the inconvenience is just ridiculous. Daria the sales associate was nothing but kind, patient, accommodating and just so helpful. If it wasn't for her we wouldn't have gotten anything done and mind you this wasn't even her problem at all. The person whose issue it was only wanted to call the police bc I was talking to "loud." I'm sorry u basically stole my $ and gave me a shit bed that I didn't pay for I paid for a much better bed and then wouldn't refund me or take your merchandise back and give me what I paid for. Very disgusted with this place and I highly recommend everyone go elsewhere. Daria is amazing so if you do go please ask for her. Management should definitely commend her for dealing with this debacle. I also am writing to corporate regarding this. Not only did we have to spend more money just to take our right mattress home now we have to wait 7 days to get a refund with xmas next week. When this wasn't our issue in the first place. Utterly absurd and when I called corporate I was blamed not your associate and all I got was attitude. We should be compensated in some way a free mattress cover just doesn't say anything for all of this inconvenience and run around.

Jessica & GreggRead More
9/7/2016 Sleepys - We went to the Sleepy's across from the Golden
We went to the Sleepy's across from the Golden Ring on Route 40 near
Rosedale. We went in and there was no one else in the store. The man working was nice at first, said he could hold the mattress if we put cash down. Well we did not have any cash, and we don't do credit cards. We left for cash and a truck to take the mattress home, but when we got back he became very nasty and said he sold all of the mattresses. We weren't gone for very long. I would like to know how this company stays in business when the salesman was down right rude. Not everyone carries credit cards or cash on them. So guess what we went somewhere else and got a better deal and the salesperson was really friendly.

williamRead More
5/29/2016 Just bought a mattress from Sleepys, and after it
Just bought a mattress from Sleepys, and after it was delivered I went to make up the bed, and instead found mouse droppings all over the floor, after cleaning that up checked under the mattress itself and found it to be infested with mouse droppings. Called the company and they were willing to give me a new mattress the next day unacceptable have no other bed to sleep in. They came back today with another mattress and would not bring the new one in without first taking the old one out and cleaning up the mess. Got back on the phone and was then told I signed a contract saying I must keep the old mattress for thirty days, I dont think so that is a health hazzard, and I have several medical issues and dont need to add anymore. We have since talked to several more people without getting any satisfaction. The last person we spoke to said he will look into the matter and get right back to us, that never happened. So I have a mouse dropping infested mattress in my bedroom with the door closed. I am very disgusted, dissappointed and frustrated, at this time with no results at all. Therefore, I am requesting this mattress be taken out of here, and my money returned with a full refund at once, Will be contacting my lawyer, as well as the better business bureau and anyone else I have to contact to get this resolved at once.

JoAnnRead More
9/21/2015 Offended Sleepys offered us a firm mattress because we are overweight
On 9/20/15 while the salesperson/manager was showing my wife and I a mattress, he said this certain mattress would good for us because of the way we are "built". He followed with it would give a little extra support because over time it will start to dip. We were offended by the "built" comment due to both of us are overweight. I would like a representative to get back to me regarding this matter.

SalRead More
8/29/2015 Sleepys Salesman in Brandywine town center is rude
Salesman in Brandywine town center store in Wilmington Delaware was condescending and rude in his response
To my questions. I walked out

J. PopeRead More
4/28/2015 Sleepys - Very inappropriate & unhelpful staff in
Very inappropriate & unhelpful staff in Mechaniscburg store.

LisaRead More
3/17/2015 Sleepys - We purchased a mattress that started to sag in
We purchased a mattress that started to sag in under a year - we had someone come out and inspect and were told it was normal wear. Within a couple months it sagged more. So we called and asked for another inspection and to dispute the "this is normal' wear. Sleepy's then sent us a home kit to measure the sag - we sent in the report and followed up with two emails. It has been almost two months and we have heard nothing. This mattress is terrible and it seems Sleepy's is just trying to find a way out of the warranty. To have a mattress sink this much this quickly is not "normal"

lisaRead More
8/11/2014 Sleepys - I purchased a mattress and box spring, and it has
I purchased a mattress and box spring, and it has started to sag in less than 6 months. I called sleepys and they told me some would inspect the mattress. This person stated that my mattress had sinked one inch. I called customer service and I spoke to Patience. She told me that the mattress needs to sink a inch an half. No one has gotten in touch with me, I told the rep I wanted to speak to manager,which never called. I am going to get in touch with the BBB.

Janis McWilliamsRead More
8/5/2014 Sleepys - Regardless of the outcome of this comment,I will
Regardless of the outcome of this comment,I will never do business with SLEEPYS.I bought a mattress and box spring from the store on the Silas Deane Hwy in Wethersfield Ct. was supposed to get a refund of 42 dollars and 52 cents.The manager,Scott Z assured that I would get a check in about 10 days.NEVER GOT IT.I called customer service talked to someone named STEVE,extention #7763.and explained the situation,and he said the same thing,about 10 days.NEVER GOT A CHECK.Talked to a lady namedDiane on 7-17-14,she said the same thing in about 10 days.NEVER GOT A CHECK.Talked to a lady named Sharon extention #7279and she told me that I would get a check the 1st or the 4th of August.NEVER GOT ONE. talked to Sharon again yesterday 8-4-14 and she said she check on it and call me back which she did and told she would me back in the morning of 8-5-14 and I'm still waiting.I am 88 yrs old a veteran of 2 wars ww2 and the Korean and I don't need all this run around.I cannot believe that a company as large as Sleepys is so cheap that they cannot correct this situation,or that the employees don't know what they are doing. I suppose I'll get an answer IN 10 DAYS.This Mattress was bought under the account of my daughter in and my son,EILEEN/MICHAEL BEAULIEU

UrgelRead More
5/6/2014 Sleepys - I wish to be contacted by someone at the corporate
I wish to be contacted by someone at the corporate level. I have a complaint to register and am willing to discuss this with a representative before taking this to a legal level.

sharon Read More
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