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7/25/2013 Smart and Final - I recently left my wallet with all my credit
I recently left my wallet with all my credit cards, medical cards & money at Smart & Final, store #523 in Union City, California. Hours later, I answered the doorbell to find a well dressed, young man with a Smart & Final logo on his shirt. His name was Javier, graciously
asked if I was the person whose name was on the drivers license…..asked me if I was missing something….then handed me my wallet. My mouth dropped open.....I had no idea I had left it at the store. Stunned, I barely got the words of thanks out of my mouth.
Later, after gaining my composure, I phoned the store, talked to the manager and offered to reward Javier. I was told it was not store policy. I was lead to this email address.

Thank you Smart and Final for hiring such honest, gracious employees. Both my husband and I have commented in the past how helpful they are when we shop at this store, and we are regular customers. Now, we're pleased to know the employees are not only helpful, gracious…but honest, as well.

My compliments to you all.

SandyRead More
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