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Smith and Wesson Corporate Office Headquarters HQ 2100 Roosevelt Avenue
Springfield, MA 01104

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1-800-331-0852Review and Hint Needed


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8/24/2016 Smith and Wesson - Contacted Smith & Wesson concerning a spent casing
Contacted Smith & Wesson concerning a spent casing ejected backward striking my daughter in the left eye brow just above her shooting glasses. She is right handed and only half a box of shells had been fired through this weapon.The next round jammed and I returned it to the store where I had purchased it from. As there was still a live round in the chamber, they didn't feel comfortable working on it but they did offer to send it to a gunsmith who I have dealt with but he had told me in the past hat he was not a pistolsmith.. I was able to get the unjam the hand gun and went back to the store and showed them that it appeared that the firing pin on the live round had been struck dead center in the groove between the primer and the case, They told me that it looked like it was caused by an ejection rod and to try some different brands of ammo. I had already tried 2 but I loaded up 2 clips of a different brand and half a clip of another.They cleared the gun erratically falling to the side an backward, with one falling into my left shirt pocket. The handgun will be returned to S & W. I called customer service asking if they would give a gift card or something to help defray my costs for fuel and ammo, they offered nothing!!! I would like to mention that I have other S& W and have had no problems with them but today I will buy another brand until this one is returned and the I will start selling all of them, not so much because of their product but because they don't seem to care that my daughter could have lost her eye sight and a gift card is to much to ask for. .

StevenRead More
1/29/2016 Smith and Wesson - I needed the takedown tool for a Walther. I
I needed the takedown tool for a Walther. I called the S & W # and was answered on the second ring. I told the service rep. what I needed and he told me that he would transfer me to Walther because they handled their own parts. Between 5 and 10 seconds later I was talking to the Walter service rep. I told him what I needed. He asked for my mailing info. and that he would have one out to me within 3 days. No charge. The fact that there is continuity between the two companies for the benefit of the customer is commendable .

Harv MillerRead More
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