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12/25/2016 Sonic Drive In - saw in gainesville fl where you would be closing
saw in gainesville fl where you would be closing at 11:00 pm christmas eve is selling a few cups of colored ice more important than your employees having christmas eve with their family.ALSO YOUR TV ADS SUCK

FRANK Read More
9/5/2015 Sonic Drive In - Groesbeck TX Sonic
I have tried talking to talking to him about what was going on at Groesbeck tx sonic he don't wanna listen to me so what do I do please help and call me.

Aaron Read More
6/8/2015 Sonic Drive In - need to make a caramel apple
need to make a caramel apple blast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

joshua Manning Read More
4/21/2015 Sonic Drive In - I waited for over 45 min. to get my order and
I waited for over 45 min. to get my order and still did not get it. I then had to wait for a mgr. to get me a refund back to my debit card and that still has not shown up as a credit on my account. Do not go to the store in Laplace, la. service is bad and food has been bad also.

john Read More
8/7/2014 Sonic Drive In - Since the 1/2 price milkshake after 8 pm started
Since the 1/2 price milkshake after 8 pm started this summer the milk shakes are runny and our order is always a mess! Also I ordered a Sunday tonight it was it didn't even fill 1/2 of the container. ....I told the car hop I had never seen a Sonic Sunday made this small! His response was " corporate is all over us" I won't be ordering ice cream again ...I am feed up the last time we ordered shakes and they were runny like soup I asked why the shakes were like that and sent them back the car hop told me if I want a thick shake I need to order a thick one ! What? Ok......
I took a picture of the poor looking Sunday to show customers support but it took me 20 min just to find this sight and there isn't a way to add a attachment.

lisa Read More
5/22/2014 Sonic Drive In - im so damn offended by the poor excuse for a human
im so damn offended by the poor excuse for a human at the chouteau okla., just before 1130 A.M. on 5-23-14 i stop to get lunch, after setting at one drive up for appro. 10 minutes with no one asking to take my order, i moved to another with same results,after moving to the third one and appro 17 minutes later a male voice ask me what i wanted, i told him i had been waiting over thirty minutes to place my order, he informed me in a shitty voice there were only two of them and do i want to order or not. i told them hell no and i left, this isnt the first time this has happened here but by god it will be the last, to hell with sonic and to hell with the piece of crap server at the chouteau. wish i had recorded it and turn it in news media.

Leon Read More
1/20/2014 15 minutes to get a drink from Sonic Drive In in Olathe, Kansas
Really disappointed at the time to get a single drink @ 8:00 pm on a Sundsy night. 15 minutes. Really?

138th & Black Bob, Olathe, KS

Tony Read More
1/13/2014 Sonic Drive In - The Sonic in Electra TX is horrible. The service
The Sonic in Electra TX is horrible. The service is so slow all they have is high school kids working at night with no kind of guidance. The orders are always wrong and we are always waiting for 15-20 minutes at the least for the wrong food. Such a shame, I love sonic, but I think I had the last straw with this one!

Renee Read More
9/10/2013 Sonic Drive In - Love Sonic,most,the Coney Dog & ice cream
Love Sonic,most,the Coney Dog & ice cream desserts. Live nearby one! I use the Library near my home,(Moyock,NC.) unable to Download coupons for Sonic as Computer is filtered. Would really love to have some,how do I acquire them? Cause this is how I SONIC! Can you send me some? MANY? Thank-you

Margaret Read More
9/4/2013 Sonic Drive In - Sonic in Hannibal Missouri: Customer Review
Hannibal Missouri: As I indicated to the nice gentleman on the phone as we pulled away from the restaurant with three of the four meals we ordered and paid for (two of which were not even right . . . and the fries were stone cold) - the service would have to be much better to rise to the level of "disappointed." After opening the bags and seeing that the entire order was screwed up, there isn't even a window that a customer can go to get things sorted out. You have to push the button outside and wait . . . and wait . . . and wait. After a total time in the drive through and waiting for a non-existant server of almost 30 minutes, we had to get back on the road. My experience there was without a doubt the worst I have had in recent memory, and the quality of the food makes McDonalds seem almost gourmet. I would advise anyone traveling through that town to spend their hard earned money elsewhere, or just go hungry. Either way you will be much better off. I doubt my comments will show up on the board, as it appears that only the happy clappy reviews show up.

Tim Read More
9/1/2013 Sonic Drive In - I love Sonic food but sometimes the staff are rude
I absolutely love tour food and especially the Reses Sonic Blast. I normally go to the Sonic in Collegedale, Tennessee. The employees are Great! and so id the food. Today I went to the Sonic on Shallowford Road, Chattanooga, Tn. Been there a few times, however, the employees are rude and not patient. Also the ice cream in the Blast is very grainney. I also never get what I order and have to get them to redo it, and that seems to piss them off. I thought you should know.

Vicki Read More
7/7/2013 Sonic Drive In - 07-06-2013 I Was At The Portales New

I Was At The Portales New Mexico Sonic Today 07-06 2013 At 20:03 And Ordered A Strawberry And Shortcake Shake And I Got A Strawberry And Chocolate. This Is The Second Time This Week This Has Happened.I Speak Very Clear And The Girl Was In Too Big Of A Hurry To Get It Right.They Do Not Give Their Names So I Do Not Know Who Took The Order. But There Is A Big Difference In Strawberry / Shortcake And chocolate. They Were Not Very Busy At All About 5 Cars.I'm Not Sure If I Even Want To Go Back To This Sonic Or Not.Nothing Is Ever Right.

Joyce Read More
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