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Sonic Electronix is based in the heart of Southern California in the Santa Clarita valley. Founded in 2000, Sonic Electronix has always strived to become the one-stop shop for consumers of electronics. When we claim we're "the X-Factor", we mean it! The Sonic Electronix mentality to "e-tailing" is to provide honest, pure advice and competitive prices. Our sales representatives are neither swayed by a commission-based system or by bait-and-hook selling. We want you to have an outstanding experience from the time you order up until the time you need an upgrade! Come to Sonic Electronix for great prices and a great attitude from your dealer. We want you to save money, time, and stress.

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1-661-257-9993Hint Needed - Please Comment


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6/29/2015 Sonic Electronix - My name is Jerald Simmons, I ordered the Boss
My name is Jerald Simmons, I ordered the Boss MC400 motorcycle speaker and amp the 24 of June received it today 29 June. It was not for a motorcycle, it was for an ATV. the mounts on the speakers will not fit a motorcycle. I called and spoke with someone and was not satisfied with the answer I received. I was sent an RA number to mail this wrong item back. It cost me $15.31 to send it by UPS This was your ( Sonic Electronix ) mistake by sending the wrong item. I ordered the same item from another company and they paid for the wrong item to be returned. This is not a very good way to do business. You need to look into the shipping dept.. I was told when I order this item that the mounts fit on the mirrors on the handlebars, they don't fit there.

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